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  1. I've had no issue with them in farming, can't say the same for my drop rates though.
  2. IGN: SirVector PokeMMO Team: SASS Experience: Managed twice, seasons 5 and 6. Clinched a playoff berth season 5, barely missed the playoffs season 6. Motivation: Managing is a really great experience when you have the right group of players. Both teams that I have managed were a lot of fun for me and I would like to try and do the same for this upcoming season. Like any manager, I play to win every single week, regardless of the standings. I like to have fun in a competitive environment with a group that is willing to do the same. The manager role is really unique in that it teaches leadership qualities and teamwork to win every single week, and it also allows one to see the strengths and weaknesses of certain players more easily. Fluff: As a manager, I have made sure that my players are ready for each week and each upcoming week. To me, building a team that helps each other out right from the get go is absolutely paramount. I also make sure my players have many methods of contacting me easily about teambuilding or problems with scheduling a match. I have not had a problem with inactivity or lack of motivation from any of my players, so I hope to continue that good streak. I suppose I don't really cause any conflict during a season, I mainly like to keep myself under the radar and manage my team efficiently.
  3. We'll never see another player like him again



  4. me vs dolittle shortly
  5. lol
  6. opened 10 packs just now, got 3 ultra rares. stop me

    1. SirVector


      Teach me

  7. Week 2 Power Rankings, some very big jumps here.
  8. Bucks in 4

    1. DaftCoolio



    2. SirVector


      Best team in the East

    3. Ploegy


      But we still don't know who?????

  9. Free gems finally got me Mirror Wall, ty Konami.
  10. True, their 2-6 start isn't really what I expected, but still plenty of baseball left to be played. They'll probably figure it out as they play more games.
  11. Will post rankings from ESPN every week, if people want to see them. Teams that look good so far: Chicago Cubs Washington Nationals Cleveland Indians Baltimore Orioles Teams that look bad so far: San Diego Padres Milwaukee Brewers Atlanta Braves Chicago White Sox
  12. Well, you're not wrong :(
  13. Season just started, figured would be an appropriate time to make this. Discussion of all things baseball, favorite players, favorite teams and what not. Power Rankings List: Week 1: Week 2: