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  1. in ign: SirVector team name: Green Bay Greninjas
  2. I hit Platinum with a Vennu deck, its pretty good. I got 3 of them from Mai so, but not much else.
  3. oh hi
  4. Unlocked Shadow Game for Marik, a mill deck with Shadow Game is pretty legit, been quite effective in platinum.
  5. won, gg
  6. Banger


    Happy 4th

  7. Rookie of the Year 


  8. ew

    1. SirVector
    2. Bluebird


      not as rough as getting killed night one

  9. Brogdon is a god

  10. Just clutched hard af as blackmailer. Jailor whispered his role to someone so i knew who he was because u can read whispers, when he jailed me i was able to convince him i was invest by saying who he was, mayor then believed me because of the jailors will, so i used him to kill werewolf and then finished the mayor off at the end.



    tldr GOAT



    1. SirVector


      Might just be the easiest game of your life

    2. Bluebird


      Blackmailer is so unfair, spy should read maf and whispers too :(.

  12. I'll take this
  13. Draft hype
  14. won, gg kiz
  15. shocker