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  1. How do I obtain cashflow?

  2. New favorite video



    1. DaftCoolio


      my favourite video is the replay of me winning the bo7

    2. SirVector


      Can you not

  3. All Star Weekend hype

  4. 961-929-911 is my ID if you want to add, played for a while, really fun game.
  5. Go to the fountain in the Home section and find the little symbol on the top right where you see the quests. You should be able to get the orbs there.
  6. Yeah serra is legit, just made her a 4 star as well. The attack buff makes my already stupid strong units even stronger.
  7. RIP Jabari Parker and rip my teams playoff contention chances
  8. Dropping ID: 6190077643 Feel free to add
  9. I versed duggler today, thats right THE duggler


  10. Giannis and you have one thing in common, that long wingspan.

    1. SirVector


      That and I have to carry everyone on the team