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  1. I don't visit forum much but I did happen to log in today just to see a picture of Capt. Levi on the boards. You rock!

    1. Beldore


      lol thanks :)

  2. Yeah, that's a great idea... except that the game and the forum are in no way connected.
  3. update soon, comeback to life

  4. akshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshitakshit

    1. Akshit



  5. ded

    1. londark


      But you are online now

    2. Tarkin


      Just came visiting

    3. Akshit


      inverse relationship:game dies and you return...

  6. does trakin watn a avatar?????

  7. tfw long process have to upload to imgur and shit   brb   Thank you for this thread   Edit:   [spoiler] 1st screenshot ever of me getting hyper because of my first shiny   this one after I overpaid for this ugly insect and was desperately trying to get rid of it immediately after this there were like 5 people from RAIN with cool shinies standing under the ledge so I asked Alphamale to get me into RAIN too :D   after trying to get PokeBoss to show it to me for like 15 mins and in the end he did   [/spoiler]
  8. tarkin my thread will be locked soon probably so enjoy it while u can,

  9. i just want to thank you for that awesome story.

    1. Bimps1002


      i jutswatn to thakn u for beng awsme

  10. Yeah I always Surf using my Tentacool egg.
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