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  1. Sacrozard

    Indication for couples

    i think it would be good, i upvote this. Beside they can share their funny moments, PokeMMO also shud rethink the way about how to they still keep objectives of the PokeMMO game (which WONT turn PokeMMO to something like sims or secondlife game) but i have further suggestion just if you got time to read it: >> https://pastebin.com/ykUHy9wg
  2. Sacrozard

    Y e e t Wishlist

    im staying right now
  3. Sacrozard

    Y e e t Wishlist

    https://gyazo.com/277b714504bf91cbab6fc01d13773e14 feraligatr is 5x31s and donphan is 30/30/30/x/30/21 i also have the ludicolo and rhyperior you wanted, but they both only hve decent IVs because they are too old.. pm me if you interested
  4. Sacrozard

    Pcs in Secret Bases

    agreed, also add a function to create secret base in other regions (unova, kanto) only if this is possible<<
  5. Sacrozard

    An item to stop the increase of level.

    its amnesia brace, can be purchased at gift shop
  6. Twinkle Tackle Jk Flare Blitz for me
  7. Sacrozard


    they will probably takes this advantages to made some various "bicycle" and put them to vanity side in gift shop rather than to "mount with your own pokemon" functions. but im agreed, it still looks cool. and would be more impressive if they also add other stuffs like boat, airplace, etc (just visual) to mount and no one will buy that "motorcycle" thingy anymore
  8. Sacrozard

    wts 200k bp, wtb reaper cloth 2m

    bump currently 99k bp left
  9. Sacrozard

    wts 200k bp, wtb reaper cloth 2m

    less than (cheaper) corrected
  10. Sacrozard

    wts 200k bp, wtb reaper cloth 2m

    bp shop currently : 200.144 battle points (i will update the amount if it necessary to do) all BP Items will be sell less than GTL prices move tutor costs: 20*Tutor's battle point costs for example if a special tutor costs 10k BP, so lets say i will put it for 200k pokeyen. mail me the pokemon and its amout of price, or just pm me while i go online. dont worry i wont steal your pokemons ive tons 4boxes of comps so i dont need to steal your pokemons while teaching them special move! another stuffs: yamask bold 31/x/31/31/31/18 with toxic spikes magnemite modest 31/x/20/31/15/31 sturdy no moveset(good for lc) magnemite modest 31/x/10/31/21/31 magnetpull no moveset jellicent bold 30/x/31/23/31/14 scald/recover/taunt/toxic ferrothorn relaxed 31/31/31/x/31/0 gyro/powerwhip/stealthrock/lechseed eggmove:spikes also im going to buy reaper cloth(any colour) for 2m. tq
  11. haha happy birthday bud, i will buy some tickets while you go online
  12. this suggestion mainly for those who they are too lazy to delete all messages. im suggesting to add a button that its function to delete all messages instantly (except unread and attached messages). GTL sniper shud come and upvote this thread, end your suffer of delete all those messages<< additional suggestions: edited, whynaut?
  13. Sacrozard

    NU Matchmaking

    ive tried to battle NU's with my friends via NU matchmaking but it keep says no suitable match, so i guess that nasty trick thing won't work. but hey look carefully there are bunch of dope peoples whos bring NU/UU/OU while playing in OU matchmaking, salting, so why dont u try. "neverused" does not mean it loses of their ability to competitive against better usable tiers.
  14. Sacrozard

    Pokeball changer

    need more upvotes for this suggestion cmon
  15. Sacrozard

    Ban for Porygon-Z

    pory isnt that op, its not that easy to set up thing freely in competitive play i guess, there are lot of porys counter ex:toxic stall-immunity-scarf user-fighttype-priority. (i dont know why i replied this, rather than read&ignore it)

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