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  1.   I'm sorry but I don't think that the fact that something like this wasn't present in original games is any argument to deny the improvement. In fact we have many mechanisms that were not in original games (like eg. visible exact IVs) that we are very happy to have here and there is nothing wrong with having them.   Why are exact numbers in this case anything bad? I don't think it does any harm and is actually way more informative than what we have now. Right now something with 0.5% enc. is as 'Rare' as something with 5% . Or something with 95% is equally common as 50%. Because of that I still prefer checking outside websites rather than in game Pokedex when looking for a specific Pokemon. 
  2. How is it now. In Pokedex > Wild Locations of a given Pokemon we can see a column that shows Rarity aggregated into groups like  (Common, Uncommon, Rare)   Suggestion. I suggest that the Rarity is shown as percentage as well as it is divided into day  / night encounter rate.    (I made up these numbers, I don't know exact encounter rates) Motivation On multiple occasions it occurred to me that the Common, Uncommon, Rare groups are too wide and that we lack night encounter rates.   For example during last wingull catching contest some people went to Slateport to catch their wingull although it turned out later that encounters at route 103 are waay more common. Pokedex shows common for both locations, though which is kind of misleading.   It's the same for rare Pokemon where things that you need to look for 15 min to find one (like togepi, clefairy, mantine, etc.)  are labelled 'Rare' same as some other things that you meet every few Pokemons (Minun, Plusle, Illumise, Volbeat, etc.)   Similarly for day and night. Pokedex currently only shows daylight encounters so for night encounters information is very misleding. For example during day the route north of Pallet town has many pidgeys and rattatas. At night, though, there are mostly or only caterpies. Pokedex won't inform you about it atm.
  3. Welcoming that sweet bby bellossom to my shiny collection! Daym if only my pokes had more courage and didn't decide to get out with the boom it maybe could've been even cuter slakoth ;__; Well, Metronome is love tho!

    1. Hassy


      Gratz Panda, you did amazing! :D

    2. slidingpanda


      Thank you! And thank you for hosting. Metronome contests are the most fun of all, both to watch and play ^^ Wish there was more of them.

  4. Thank you, I'll check it out. :)   Edit: Yes it seems to be the problem in my themes but not in default ones. At first opening GTL next page arrow is invisible and when I change the tab as you said or even move the window a little bit the window grows bigger and button is visible now.   Hopefully it's not a big inconvenience, but I'll try to fix it whenever I get a bit more time to look into it. There's also an issue I'd like to fix that annoys me quite a lot - at the chat window, changing chat type, "Team" button is outside the popup and it's hard to click on it cause clicking works only on the very top of the button :/   These are the 2 things I'd like to fix in the nearest patch but If anyone sees any more bugs in my themes please let me know ^^ 
  5.   Is this only happening for you for vulpix theme or for all of my themes you have? Can you make sure the version you're using is 2.0.1? It should be written in version.txt of each theme. Have you tried installing the themes from scratch? Removing all old version of themes and putting the newly downloaded ones?   I'm using newest version of spheal myself and I'm pretty sure it should be working correctly.  Unfortunately I cannot check it right now since I'm at work, but when I'm home I will double check if vulpix is working as well.   Edit: I have just checked all the newest versions of my themes and they all work correctly. As I said I suggest that you maybe try and install them from scratch, hope it will help :)
  6. I see you're trying to change the theme from spheal to vulpix if I'm not mistaken. Did you download the newest version of vulpix-dark as well?   Also did you make any changes to xml files of any themes (default or spheal/vulpix) ? 
  7.   Here are some detailed steps that should be done to enable themes and mods. Hope this helps and solves your problem.   1. GUI Themes   1. Download the theme and UNPACK it to your PokeMMO installation directory to data/themes (in Windows right click the file and choose "Extract all" to unpack)     2. Start or restart the game, log into your character and in the bottom right menu click right most icon  (looking like PC monitor). The popup menu should appear. Choose Settings option from this menu.     3. The setting window should appear. In this view 2nd option is Theme and here from the dropdown menu you should be able to choose the themes you downloaded and unpacked before.       2. Mods   1. Download the mod you wish to use but  DO NOT UNPACK IT just put it in your PokeMMO installation directory to data/mods.       2. Start or restart the game and in bottom-right of login screen choose Mods Management.       3. In the new window tick all the mods you wish to use and save. Game will probably ask you to restart and after that your mods should be enabled.  
  8. Currently when a pokemon is sold on GTL we no longer can click on its icon to see the detailed summary. It would be nice if it was possible, though, so that you can analyse why this pokemon sold so fast or slow and make better pricing decision for your future listings.
  9. Currently when somebody buys your stuff you need to claim each item and Pokemon separately.  It would be nice if we could have a single button to claim them all. It seems like a simple solution that could save some time cause sometimes when you sell a lot of cheap breeders you may end up with a page or two of clicking claim.  
  10. New versions available spheal-dark-2.0.1 | spheal-dark-plain-2.0.1 Issues implemented:   1) Updated multiple views after the Christmas Update.  2) Styled new GTL window 3) Fixed the issue where after update game crashed while trading.       Download Original Version Here! or Download Plain Version Here!   Feedback much appreciated ^^
  11. New versions available vulpix-dark-2.0.1 | vulpix-dark-plain-2.0.1 Issues implemented:   1) Updated multiple views after the Christmas Update.  2) Styled new GTL window 3) Fixed the issue where after update game crashed while trading.   Download Original Version Here! or Download Plain Version Here!   All bug reports and feedback much appreciated ^^
  12. New version available lilligant-dark-2.0.1    Issues implemented:   1) Updated multiple views after the Christmas Update.  2) Styled new GTL window 3) Fixed the issue where after update game crashed while trading.   Download Theme Here!     If you notice any problems or bugs please let me know ^^
  13. Thank you ^^ Yea it seems that after last update trading got broken in my themes. I will be working on it along with restyling GTL etc. possibly tomorrow.
  14. These are amazing! Thank you ^^ There is a problem with all gen 3 Pokemon. Their sounds are mixed for example torchic family is making gardevoir family cries.
  15. Thank you for letting me know, much appreciated. ^^ The theme is not yet updated to the newest version of PokeMMO client I will be working on it soon.    Hm this actually is pretty weird. Are you sure the theme is still in data/themes directory? The update shouldn't have removed it.
  16. Thank you so much! I didnt notice this one altough i still use spheal too. I will make sure to fix that. All the bugs info like this is MUCH appreciated. ^^
  17. It's gonna take a few days cause I'm leaving for christmas and probably wont find time to update it. Hopefully Ill get this done somewhere before new year. :)
  18. Mail window themes of default theme are is in ui/pc.xml. They all have 'mail' in name so you'll quickly recognize them. Whisper window theme is in ui/chat.xml and it's called pm-box-frame. Hope it helps :)
  19. Thanks for the suggestion :)  I'll check it out and see if it looks better sometime around next update.
  20. I do not plan to change the login image in this theme.   For your personal use, if you don't like the image you can go to your PokeMMO installation directory -> data -> themes ->lilligant-dark-> res and replace background.png with whatever image you want as a login screen background.
  21. I just noticed that in original post i forgot to change the link to plain version it was pointing to old version of theme which doesn't work with newest updates. Sorry for that! Please make sure you downloaded the newest version of this theme - This one:    
  22. I think it would be a very simple and nice addition. :) Even though the items are sorted I still find myself looking for some macho brace or other item in the middle of the bag longer than necessary.
  23. Thank you :) There's not many good spheal images on the internet but if I find a fitting one I will think about this suggestion ^^
  24. It seems like you maybe try to use some themes that are not updated to work with the newest update. All my themes are currently updated so they should work fine. For other people themes it is usually written in original post or comments if the theme is working or not.
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