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  1. The links should be working fine. When you click them the theme should start downloading without redirecting you to any other website.
  2. Staff == No.1 scammers in this game. :P

  3. Why oh why pink sheep? Why are you mocking me : ( So close yet so far away...

    1. slidingpanda


      You meant like 'Yo champ in making' hehe :D

    2. FinnTheMember


      Yo champ in making haha , yesterday was just awesome. Looking for more at future :)

    3. slidingpanda


      Thank you. It was fun, I've never expected to go beyond 1st round, tbh. :D

      For the future - idk man, I'm not much of a comp person. And you don't get shiny sheep officials everyday to get you hyped and motivated to work on a full team of a totally new meta to you. xD

      But since I made some UU team now, I can pop in and try my luck from time to time :D

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  4. Although it's closed you may want to give this a read: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/25309-the-mystery-box-thread/
  5. I think that this it is a sort of workaround. I think we shouldn't have to write notes about the given pokemon in its name as we do now - at all. We could, for example, use some marking symbols for that like in original games. Or, what I think could be even better -  a special tab in pokemon summary. It could be dedicated to keep all kinds of notes about that pokemon (it could also allow more characters than pokemon name). Name field as is now is kinda limiting in that matter. If we don't have to use name field for notes then there's nothing bad in keeping the fee for name changer either.
  6. I would really love that implemented, for user experience sake. ^^
  7. There was also GTL favorite tab suggested here https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/59888-mark-a-pokemon-on-gtl-to-appear-as-favorite/ Not sure if thats the same as your suggestion.
  8. This theme is updated and working with the last game update. Please make sure you've downloaded the latest version of this theme - 2.0.1 from here
  9. I think they suggest the ability to create themes in-game by adding more settings (eg. ability to change font colors and backgrounds) AND ability to save your creation as theme. This is pretty cool, you could even implement an in-game gallery of user-made themes so that one can easily share them without posting on forums.   I just hope normal theme creation (as is now, by providing code + graphics) wont be disabled - I really like to have the ability to manipulate every single GUI element separately. It definitely gives way more creative options than a couple more color pickers. 
  10. I think they might have meant to make it look more like a card not window that's why they hid the x button on trainer card. If I recall correctly from the times I was coding GUI themes this button is actually there but covered by card. They still have a lot of views to change to the new theme so maybe they will work on trainer card too :)
  11. Shiny Spheal <3  It's gonna remain a dream though cause I pretty much gave up on looking for one.
  12. That would be cool although I see a very small chances that they would like to implement it. Leppa berry money sink, yay!   Not everyone want to play tournament mode with pokes lvl 50 but that's what the standard is here. Level 30 pokemon came to be a standard for clefairy cup and these are not necessarily wild catches - these can be legit good natured, IVd and trained comps especially for this mode. :) 
  13. + ban all held items except leppa berry + scale or allow only pokemon lvl 30   Can't wait for metronome mode! :)
  14. I either gave some bad examples or you didn't really read what you quoted. Even if bad people try to use removing last '0' scam we have a means to detect it and we have it for a year or so. After both parties click ok you get confirmation window. You should read what system shows you and if after getting confirmation you still accept the trade well.. no system can prevent users stupidity sorry.   Anyways this is not a thread about trade scams in general. Lets get back to RP trading. My other examples were about trading items bought by RP. Now about trading real RP. Sometime ago there were people on forums offering to buy RP for your account and you could do whatever you wanted with these points. That kind of trade is really dangerous without some official trade system cause it is not an atomic transaction. You either have to pay like 1m to the player and hope they are legit enough to put RP on your account after they received cash. Or the other way around you may put RP on some users account and hope they will pay you for them after they already got points.   It would be cool if we could trade RP same as money via normal trade window.
  15. Bidoof when?

    1. PrinceShawn


      Oh, I was waiting for him too xD

      I'm surprised because I'm not alone. Ahah ^.^

    2. slidingpanda


      I used to use Bidoof for pickup in original games. I kind of miss it now that pickup got implemented here too.

      I called him 'Chwytak'(something like 'Snatcher', 'Grabber' in English but it doesn't have the same funny ring to it as it had for me in Polish).

      Glad to meet another Bidoof fan ^^

  16. These are not the 'type' of scams I'm talking about here. What you describe has nothing to do with trading RP in particular - this scam can be done while trading anything and we already have plenty of mechanisms helping to prevent this (special price formatting, special confirmation). You just need to pay attention what you confirm.   However with trading RP as is now we don't have in-game trade system for that. In fact we cant trade RP at all only some RP items. You have to either trust the seller and give him cash before he buys something for you and hope he gives you the item and not fly away with your cash. Or the other way around you buy the item for RP and then they back off leaving you with item. It can be ok if item is generally wanted but if you're left with some ugly color vanity.. rip.   And MOST IMPORTANT - we cant trade boxes anyway :(
  17. Make this happen pleeease :) If not RP itself then at least allow the rest of non-tradable RP items to be tradable. Especially boxes. We (or at least me) have box crisis now. You should cater for women too in this game and we really like buying a lot of stuff we aint gonna use in the nearest future :P  Buying a lot of cheap stuff on GTL along with already existing breeding system that encourages collecting many breeders makes it very hard for those who only have default number of boxes. Please let us turn our hard earned yen into boxes somehow.   Pros: + Less scams, less reports, less work to do for our dear moderators :) + More monies! I'm sure that there will be more people buying these to resell, demand will be huge.   Cons: - Some people may complain that its pay to win but really additional boxes or vanities or amnesia brace don't even make you a better at battling and winning tournaments  - More pokemon left in game rather then used or sold or released. Not sure if that has any crucial consequences though?
  18. It already is in pokedex just needs a clickable header (to sort ASC / DESC as on GTL) or simply be put in the right order from the beginning. xD
  19. If they decide to go this route, then this could be easily implemented as a little popup. You can hover over some text saying 'Rare' and it would say for example '< 5%'. 
  20. Another thing came to my mind connected with this suggestion. I'm still for showing the rates in % as is but if it's considered to easy or too specific how about making it more of a challenge to get these rates.   It could work like this:   - At first for each Pokemon you met you start with the situation as is now so you see all the locations and info - Rare, Uncommon, Common - To get exact % rarity you need to explore each route and meet a given pokemon in a way given in pokedex entry.   So in my example of  Wingull once you meet it at route 103 in grass and during daylight you will be able to see that 20% rate in a pokedex info all other rates for example night rate of this entry or route 103 but water entry would still be showing ranges cause you didn't yet meet it that way.   Pros: - It adds a challenge and will be a fun activity for those types of people who like to collect/unlock stuff. Can be seen as some form of end game achievement same as catching all pokes in pokedex is. - Its an optional activity so those who were fine with just ranges and dont feel like running around checking each route can simply ommit it. - After gaining exact percentage rate it fixes the problems mentioned in original post and comments.   Cons: - Obviously more advanced thing to implement, quite a lot of data would need to be stored on server side to remember each player, each pokedex entry unlock state. - Not sure how many people will want to use it without any additional incentive
  21. I'd really like if such option was available and we could easily possibly one-click browse comps or quality breeders on GTL.   However, seeing that any person can post a listing on GTL even if they've been playing for a day or so and don't really understand what is good breeder or comp. If you let people choose the category for themselves they can categorize any lvl 50+ junk wild pokemon or story pokemon as comp cause new people rarely know what competitive pokemon really mean. Even if you put some constraint on it being fully EV'd you can't really control automatically if it was real EV training or just random EVs gained while using this poke in storyline.   I think for now using Advanced filter with setting level 50+ and setting your minimum IVs accordingly you get pretty good comp results to browse through. It's a bit painful to set it all each time and change ivs depending if you want phys/spec pokemon or whether you want sweeper or wall. But i think results are more reliable than if you let people decide what is comp and what not.
  22. Since there are quite many criteria for search it could be done in separate filter view as in GTL rather than typing all different things in one inputbox.   I would really love it if the search allowed to look for pokemon by Egg group + Level up Move. It would help immensely with searching for pokemon from which we can pass a given eggmove.
  23. Yes, but there are only 3 ranges (Common, Uncommon, Rare) which I think  is limiting our information too much. And from player point of view looking for a given pokemon for 10 min vs 2 hours is a pretty big difference. For the system though, both are 'Rare'.
  24.   That is exactly the reason I would like to see the real percentages here, actually.    I really like the idea of sorting and it would be nice to have with or without percentages shown as well.  One thing I don't undestand is why you like it so much since you hate the idea of people hunting in the same place. It will have exactly the same outcome - everyone can find the best place for a given pokemon after sorting the encounters...   I'm still looking for other staff or devs or whoever decides on which suggestions are implemented or not to give their insight on this. I'd really like to hear some convincing reasons for not showing % (if of course the rest of the staff also thinks its bad). Of course you can leave it as is with 'no because we don't give such information'  or 'no cause it does not fit MMO' reasons, but I really think only good things can come with this change. I don't see how this information can be abused in any harmful way.
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