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  1. New versions available spheal-dark-plain 2.0.2 Issues implemented: 1) Added updated plain version of the theme. Fixes provided - Same as here Download Original Version Here! or Download Plain Version Here!
  2. New versions available spheal-dark-2.0.2 Issues implemented: 1) Fixed hotkey item counts not to go outside the box 2) Fixed Team Chat selection button being outside the box and difficult to click. 3) Fixed Bag buttons placement and made bag window higher (see 6) for screenshot) - if you prefer different size change bagsize in variables.xml 4) Fixed next page button not showing when opening GTL for the first time 5) Restyled matchmaking GUI to match this theme 6) Changed pokedex entry colors to match seen/caught/caught ot progressbars 7) Changed minimize window icon (eg. when queueing for matchmaking) 8) Changed battle GUI for hordes (enemy horde GUI was not matching the theme) Download Original Version Here! Please let me know if everything works correctly. ^^ Any feedback, bug reports and suggestions are very welcome. I will be updating plain version as well as my other themes later this week if there are no problems with this one. :)
  3. Thank you :) I'm not really planning to redesign the login screen, but if the image bothers you, you can replace the file spheal-dark/res/background.png with whatever image you like.
  4.             Thank you so much guys! So many suggestions! It will take me a while to decide what to watch next, but I'm happy I'll have some long queue of things to watch. :)   Btw, I don't mind the anime being longer than 12 ep. ;) I just have the sort of feeling that if the story is 50ep+ it usually contains a lot of fillers.   Actually I watched the Erased/Boku dake ga inai machi recently too. The way the story progressed was awesome and I really enjoyed watching it up until last two episodes or so..  but the ending was bad imo. I wished all the time that the bad guy wouldnt be the most obvious person and the reasoning behind their crimes was just meh.   I'm not sure if it's ok to derail the anime topic but... GoT sooooon anyone hyped ? :D 
  5. Can someone recommend me a good mystery / thriller, please? ^^ I haven't seen too many anime yet (mostly some popular ones). I prefer shorter ones with something important happening each episode. Some stuff I've seen and liked: Death Note, Attack on Titan,  Mirai Nikki, Steins;Gate, Parasyte etc. 
  6. Can we please have this. It should definitely help some lower tiers get more battles going. Let us pre-set our team before entering a queue and do some other things with different party while waiting for the match up. I'd really like to play some more UU, but waiting half an hour (keep getting no suitable match) doing nothing at all because I cant move anywhere with my current party is pretty discouraging and makes me leave the queue.
  7. Sure Ill mail you these in the evening :)
  8. Nice idea :) I offer - Plain Bitter (50+) - Plain Spicy (50+) - Plain Sour (50+) Im looking for - Plain dry (priority) - Plain sweet
  9. I just checked on a zubat clear of EVs and after battling a single duskull it got 1 DEF and 1SDEF EVs [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  10. I took EV yield info from ingame pokedex and that's what it shown 1 def + 1 sp. def. for duskull I never really tested what evs it actually gave cause i run away from the hordes immediately : (
  11. HOENN   Route 118 (day) - Grass 3 Electrike (8/10) = 3 Speed EVs 2 Wingull + 1 Linoone (2/10) = 4 Speed EVs  - Surf 3 Tentacool (5/10) = 3 SDef EVs  3 Wingull  (5/10) = 3 Speed EVs   Route 121 (day) - Grass 3 Gloom (5/10) = 6 SAtk EVs 3 Linoone (5/10) = 6 Speed EVs - Surf 3 Tentacool (7/10) = 3 SDef EVs  3 Wingull  (3/10) = 3 Speed EVs   Mount Pyre(day) - Inside 3 Shuppet (1/10) = 3 Atk EVs 5 Shuppet (4/10) = 5 Atk EVs 3 Duskull (2/10) = 3 Def EVs + 3 SDef EVs 4 Duskull (2/10) = 4 Def EVs + 4 SDef EVs 5 Duskull (1/10) = 5 Def EVs + 5 SDef EVs - Outside 5 Shuppet (7/10) = 5 Atk EVs 3 Vulpix (2/10) = 3 Speed EVs 5 Vulpix (1/10) = 5 Speed EVs
  12. KANTO   Route 11 (night) 3 x Drowzee (6/10) = 3 Sp. Def. EVs  3 x Hoothoot (2/10) = 3 HP EVs  3 x Magnemite (1/10) = 3 Sp. Att EVs  3 x Ekans (1/10) = 3 Att EVs    Route 12 (night) 1 x Gloom + 4 x Oddish (5/10) = 6 Sp. Att. EVs  5 x Venonat (5/10) =  5 Sp. Def EVs    Route 13 (night) 1 x Gloom + 4 x Oddish (6/10) = 6 Sp. Att. EVs  5 x Venonat (3/10) =  5 Sp. Def EVs  5 x Ditto (1/10) = 5 HP EVs    Route 14 (night) 1 x Gloom + 4 x Oddish (5/10) = 6 Sp. Att. EVs  5 x Venonat (5/10) =  5 Sp. Def EVs    Route 15 (night) 1 x Gloom + 4 x Oddish (9/10) = 6 Sp. Att. EVs  5 x Ditto (1/10) = 5 HP EVs 
  13. I really like that when I came back after many hours of not watering I could see at the first glance which plants are already dry and which can wait a moment. Please don't hide the information it was very useful D:
  14.   I'm a bit busy right now but no worries, guys <3 I'll be sure to update whenever I find a couple hours to look into it. I'd like to stress that as of now, even after update, all my themes are still usable. New interfaces added - pvp, tournament etc look like default dark theme so there is no problem to continue to use the themes.   Note to myself - Next I plan to: - make PVP and Berry interfaces look like my theme rather than default - hopefully manage to fix a couple of issues mentioned above. (chat selection dropdown + gtl next page button) - bag icons got displaced a bit so also to be fixed   If you see other things that need fixing please let me know :)
  15. The matchmaking feature is amazing, imo. It motivates me to battle (which I didn't really do much in the past) and it's great that we can practice with many people that we wouldn't challenge otherwise. I just hope they add other tiers real soon cause OU is giving me major cancer nowadays :P
  16. OLD ME -> NEW ME   At first I wanted to recreate my old character but I couldn't in CC 2.0  ( hair color was removed and none of the new ones really has the right feel to it + new butterfly wings... yea better not talk about the new butterfly wings D: ).    So I created this one from scratch. And to be honest I'm really happy with how it turned out. Although it seems pretty modest compared to the old one, I really like it. The pastel pallet is beautiful and I feel its easier to find matching accessories. ^^
  17. EV berries could be sold for BP in battle frontier for the same price the vitamins are sold.
  18. Where did the info about 10 hours come from? First time I planted some totally random seeds it took them 12hrs to grow. Next I planted some better berries lum/salac/petaya 24 hrs ago and they didn't even start sprouting... I watered them a couple of times today they're all wet and fine but they don't grow.  I don't understand why this feature has to take so much time and attention. In the current design a person like me who plays daily but only gets to play a couple of hours in the evening will never get to grow a full berry tree as they'll probably die before I even come back home.
  19. That would be 4 version of this theme to maintain. Soon someone will suggest to add it in the rest of my themes and it will be many more. I'm not going that way sorry. In general I consider the design of these themes as finished so the only changes I'm going to make will be restyling new interfaces added by updates and fixing bugs.
  20. Boooooooox ! Finally ^__^

    1. YettoDie


      :D good stuff!

    2. slidingpanda


      If I had to describe the feeling, it was the best!

    3. YettoDie


      The best feeling, the best describtion, the best I ?

  21. Thank you for your input ^^ I will definitely try to fix the team chat button cause it annoys me greatly too, but being busy lately I never got around to fix this. When the update hits live I will probably have to fix the theme again so I will remember to fix this issue too. :)   As for the chat bubbles being  white - I intentionally made them that way as it feels natural to me to have white interaction bubbles despite of the rest of the theme being dark. I think I'll be keeping it this way. :)
  22. In that case when you click one of the theme links, along with the white page a bar should appear at the bottom of your browser showing you the progress of your download. You can also check your downloads (in menu in top right corner choose Downloaded files option) to see if the files got downloaded and where they were saved.   I checked on multiple computers and the links work correctly so if what I wrote above is not working for you I cannot help you anymore. : (
  23. What browser are you using? You should check your default downloads directory because the theme probably got downloaded already.
  24. As I said the links posted let you directly download the theme files. I don't know what else can I do to help you : (
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