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  1. It's been a long while since I logged in here. It seems that all my dropbox links to my GUI themes has expired.

    I have tested quickly and all of these themes seem to still work more or less, some newly added features might not be styled though  :)


    Here are the working links for those interested:

  2. Boooooooox ! Finally ^__^

    1. YettoDie


      :D good stuff!

    2. slidingpanda


      If I had to describe the feeling, it was the best!

    3. YettoDie


      The best feeling, the best describtion, the best I ?

  3. Staff == No.1 scammers in this game. :P

  4. Why oh why pink sheep? Why are you mocking me : ( So close yet so far away...

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    2. slidingpanda


      You meant like 'Yo champ in making' hehe :D

    3. FinnTheMember


      Yo champ in making haha , yesterday was just awesome. Looking for more at future :)

    4. slidingpanda


      Thank you. It was fun, I've never expected to go beyond 1st round, tbh. :D

      For the future - idk man, I'm not much of a comp person. And you don't get shiny sheep officials everyday to get you hyped and motivated to work on a full team of a totally new meta to you. xD

      But since I made some UU team now, I can pop in and try my luck from time to time :D

  5. Bidoof when?

    1. PrinceShawn


      Oh, I was waiting for him too xD

      I'm surprised because I'm not alone. Ahah ^.^

    2. slidingpanda


      I used to use Bidoof for pickup in original games. I kind of miss it now that pickup got implemented here too.

      I called him 'Chwytak'(something like 'Snatcher', 'Grabber' in English but it doesn't have the same funny ring to it as it had for me in Polish).

      Glad to meet another Bidoof fan ^^

  6. Welcoming that sweet bby bellossom to my shiny collection! Daym if only my pokes had more courage and didn't decide to get out with the boom it maybe could've been even cuter slakoth ;__; Well, Metronome is love tho!

    1. Hassy


      Gratz Panda, you did amazing! :D

    2. slidingpanda


      Thank you! And thank you for hosting. Metronome contests are the most fun of all, both to watch and play ^^ Wish there was more of them.

  7. 1/3 of my current shiny wishlist accomplished

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    2. slidingpanda


      yes I doooooo <3

    3. Heavenrise



    4. slidingpanda


      Yay the pink master ball of cuteness !

  8. mgr inż. Panda

    1. RysPicz


      Uważaj bo te ignoranckie nubasy wiedzą, co oznaczają skróty "mgr inż." :x Tak czy inaczej- gratulacje, Bułko :p

    2. slidingpanda


      To niech się nauczą :3

      Dziękuję ślicznie :D

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