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  1. Thanks a lot, looks great. I'll send you the money soon, I'm still on vacation.
  2. Name: WBHman Team(optional): CiX Render: Medicham Donations: 50k   Thanks a lot :)
  3. Name: WBHman Team (optional): CiX Background (optional): Anything you think looks good. Render (Pokemon/Character): Metagross Additional information (optional): Donation (optional):50k Thanks a lot
  4. Hey, im free to battle on most days 4pm EST. Do you have a specific day you want to battle?

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    2. Fujimura


      hmmm cant on that time, cuz ill be on a class.

      if its 4pm on wards we can my time ofc..

    3. WBHman


      Damn, any specific time you want to do it then? We need to get our match done soon.

    4. WBHman


      Sorry bro, idk if we can do this. We might have to call it a draw unless you can battle sometime like 2-5pm PST?

  5. That would be really cool if it was implemented.
  6. Dang was going to like this but didnt have any likes left lol. Please use that umbreon  :D
  7. Text: [CiX] WBHman Animated text?: Yes Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Greninja Background: Anything that fits  Anything else? Thank you  :D
  8. Whats up amigo

    1. WBHman


      Hey Bowser, ev training like usual lol

  9. Believe and you will Achieve to dream about Cheese...   This in your sig. I love it  :D    Welcome
  10. I don't think is 1 Mil. But it's much money.

    1. WBHman


      Lol, I was kidding

  11. Your profile looks better XDLOL @ DRO

  12. Sparkie, this page is amazing 0_0

    1. xSparkie


      Thanks man! ;D

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