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  1. Petition to have this glorious event moved to the OG spot of Silph Co
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvuPYTnAaVc If you wanna watch something real Had to remove the tumbnail cuz the picture included dracula among other things, which would prob give me a WP, which actually further proves the point in the video
  3. Happy nameday Kingbowser, the first of his name, king of the pokemonworld, winner of officials and protector of the realm.
  4. Gratz Nik, well deserved =) Have to say I feel a bit bad for Joey regarding that macho brace mistake, but at least the Absol went to the team And Joey, take some advice from a guy whos been in the same situation as u for a long while. I dont have the time to play this game like I used to when I in my prime, and I would prob have quit all together a long time ago if it wasnt for the people I know and the team. Just take it as it goes, log in when u can and play some tournies here and there, dont have to "quit forever" =) Although I know it can be frustrating to be limit
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