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  1. This is a status to replace the other status on the top of my profile so I don't seem perpetually butthurt even though I am.

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    2. londark
    3. Misfire33


      I'm not dead, it's just that the other forums are. And fucked if I'm posting here, haha. Add me on Skype or somethin'.

    4. Jate


      Skype is ded too

  2. Not to be that guy, but I think you mean pejoratively. Unless you secretly want Kili's babbies.
  3. It's okay, Kili-senpai; you'll always have memories. As long as you don't forget, everyone will stay in your heart forever.
  4. Well. It's been fun. Whoever specifically decided to close OT, or whichever group decided it, I hope you step on a succession of LEGOs while late for work due to a sudden case of uncontrollable morning diarrhea.

    1. Vaeldras


      Couldn't have said it better

    2. SneaKyKhaLidA
  5. looks like we're very cheery

    1. Misfire33


      I actually was having a great day until I learned they shut down OT permanently. :X

    2. CaptainSpectacular


      I think that goes for everyone

  6. RIP my dictionary, 2012-2014 Jokes aside, thanks for posting something more clear. Can't say I agree, but it's much better than feeling like I'm part of the most mentally deficient shadow war possible.
  7. I'm not sure how wise it would be to have a subsection for a subsection that already has such a relatively small userbase. There aren't enough random game threads to clog up the section anyway; having another forum nestled into OT just makes a less active OT and a not-very-active Entertainment forum within that.
  8. Yes, we can be self-centered. I must assume, though, that instead of being offended, horrified or disgusted by words like "shit" and "top kek," most people tend not to care. I'd say the only truly horrifying thing in OT is Heimann's taste in music. As for the snark... yeah, I tend to dish it out more than I can take it. Sorry.
  9. Yeah, fair enough. Thing is, the rules aren't black-and-white, so it's all down to personal preference. Both sides have expressed their preference. Neither will likely agree. I just think that if swearing and going (gasp) off-topic in off-topic is against the rules, well, check out channel chat. Check out the rest of the forums. I feel that our rowdiness is usually provoked, and once again, it's been provoked and then pointed to as the reason for the lockdown. It just feels like an excuse to get rid of an unwanted section of the community; an excuse that relies on ignoring every other failing of the community to point to us as the straw men that do all the bad things.
  10. "Public" is not an internet forum that 20 people visit. It's mostly made up of us. Talking like friends do. I wouldn't call an old lady at a store a shitter, but I probably would if she shut down the store because she heard me call my friend one. I'm afraid your comparison is flawed. The global scale of social behavior in the 1600's, yes. We're not flinging our verbal dongs into the void, here; we're talking to our friends while you watch from the sidelines, pursing your lips like Margaret Thatcher sucking on a lemon.
  11. Thank you for actually replying, I was ignoring this thread because I thought it was more of a lost cause than Heroes by season 2. That depends! I'd slightly prefer an OT regular being the mod, but as long as the globals don't overreact, there shouldn't be an issue. As for the threads that should stay, I dunno. Definitely all of the big threads like Music, VGMs, Smash (biased), et cetera. I'd keep the rest, too. Maybe that's too much to hope for, but it's not like I see the problem with OT in the first place--moot point, I know. In the case of serious, topical discussion threads such as the two underlined above, I have to vote in favour of letting them die naturally as opposed to sneaking up behind them with a garotte wire. Any serious opinion thread is bound to run out of steam eventually, for the reasons DJ explained; everyone's already said their piece. When that happens, it usually devolves into light-hearted joking for a few pages, and dies. Just let it die. Locking it is pointless; natural selection will do its job soon, and in the meantime, people get a few good laughs. Or bad memes.
  12. Thanks, bruh. Hopefully they're reading this and actually taking it in, but I'm skeptical. Perhaps we have rustled too many jimmies. I dunno about mini-4chan, man. We're a lot less aggressive and hive-mindey and have a much lower tendency to be spontaneously racist. Comparing us to 4chan is like comparing a mosquito bite to the black plague, if the black plague was millions of impotent nerds waving their H4X0R e-peens around and calling each other [email protected] Sure, it can be fun sometimes, but I'd rather not draw parallels between a notorious hive of rowdy shitweasels and Off-topic while we're trying to convince mods to live and let post. I have a sneaking suspicion you're right about the suggestions, though. Most of them have been, quite rightly in my opinion, to just ease up a bit. Since that sort of suggestion requires actual case-by-case discretion and thought, the likelihood of implementation sits slightly between legendaries and unbiased shiny encounter algorithms. [spoiler]Please prove me wrong. :([/spoiler] that's a fire mixtape, fam u shud think about submiting it to a record labil, im sure youd be famous rite quik ~~~ yo boi Lowercase M
  13. I don't remember any Youtube videos...
  14. Did this used to be 4 pages or am I hallucinating due to post-hiding paranoia.
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