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  1. Well, to be honest, i don't really care about the premier ball. But, i think your raffles was good, i mean, at least u giving an effort to give an 'cute pokemon' to everyone else (even idk what is it). i think, even you just provide one prize, everyone still gonna buy your raffle ticket, but providing multiple prizes will definitely attract more people.
  2. Sorry QwQ What i mean is hidden abbility :(
  3. we don't even have Hidden power yet-- why u asking for mega evolution? xD
  4. Well, i think bold volcanora is better than modest or timid? just my opinion. Just don't let any pokemon with rock move touch him, and u can won the game.
  5. someone carry me pls haha, my best score is just 11 points QwQ
  6. Btw i have another question right now, if the host does not come back, how do you know if this raffle is 100/100 or not yet?
  7. Ah i see haha, thanks for make it clear.
  8. Just for making sure, this raffle is still active, right? Bcs i sent the mail alrdy, and this forum didin't updated yet :)
  9. My first shiny is Spearow, and my seccond are Raticate.
    This world is so unfair

    1. Diano


      and i'm playing since 2012, still no OT here..

    2. Minihara


      i'm playing since 2013, and all of my shiny are common, while my new guildmates have a lot uncommon shiny :(

    3. Diano


      glad to see you in the unlucky team buddy xd :c

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