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  1. I also noticed a problem with the challonge for Group A. It seems Argentina has not been disqualified yet, please fix.
  2. no, otherwise taking a decision is rather simple...
  3. We know Rocky Helmet hasn't been updated yet. Obviously, Stelian won because it wasn't updated yet. Staff never said the real winner was RexB and that there was a bug. This screen simply shows that they are aware of the situation. They are probably aware now that Stelian won and still they don't come here to rectify the situation because there is simply nothing to rectify...
  4. What's complex about this fight? Stelian won. The game says Stelian won. PokeMMO has the same Rocky Helmet mechanics as gen 5 and gen 6. Staff and devs are well aware of the current Rocky Helmet mechanic. They might change it in the future, but for now this is what we have and that's our game. If you don't like how this game works, then don't play, don't host and fuck off with this non sense. I don't like DPP mechanics, it goes without saying that I'm not going to a host a DPP event and void all the matches where I see Breloom use Spore on another Grass type. Until a staff member or dev come publicly state in this thread that RexB is the actual winner of that duel, the winner remains Stelian like the game stated.
  5. the best solution is to dq argentina, you fool...
  6. What are you looking for exactly in the test? What would be the goal?
  7. The conditions do not change in that instance tho. There are no new parameters introduced in the event mienfoo gets banned and porygon gets banned too afterwards. If Mienfoo gets test banned for being unhealthy, the result of the test ban needs to show that the meta is healthier without Mienfoo. I just don't think that will be the case and that's why I'm against the test ban.
  8. LC Ban List LC Move Ban List LC Ban Abilities Arena Trap
  9. We're not there yet. And ya, we will have to reevaluate the situation. A lot will change when we get HA's. We should not tier based on what will or might happen later, we'll deal with that when it becomes pertinent which is not the case now.
  10. It's not the only mon with Dragon Dance. The fact that it also is a fighting mon is not relevant.
  11. That's my point. If Munchlax was the only user, it would be in the exact same situation. Foongus and Slowpoke have no relevant part in this discussion.
  12. 1 TC never agreed to Draco Meteor getting removed from Hydreigon movepool. 2. The Sand Veil ban is the most unjustified tiering action devs have taken with the support of TC. A shit ton of stuff is uncompetitive in pokemon battling. In order for something to get ban as uncompetitive, it needs to be insanely uncompetitive and game breaking. Ice Beam Freeze, Rock Slide Flinch and Togekiss as a whole are a million times more uncompetitive than Sand Veil in a non perma-weather metagame. For 7 years, we have seen people complain about Freezes and Flinches, but I have never seen anywhere on this forum someone ask for a Sand Veil/Snow Cloak ban. The only reason why this foolish idea came to surface is because Garchomp, a pokemon that fits offensive uber characteristics perfectly, needed to be "nerfed" and the problem with this nerf is that it had almost 0 impact in nerfing what made Garchomp actually broken. 3 Well, I was and still am against this decision. Like I said the precedent has already been set for complex bans/complex nerfs. Fortunetly, there is nothing complex about flat banning an ability for being unhealthy in LC. If Munchlax was the only pokemon in LC with access to Berry Juice, it would create some serious inbalances and prevent half the tier from getting a recovery option. Munchlax would not be broken, but in a metagame with 0 recovery available, Berry Juice would have to get banned over Munchlax getting banned. There is no need to ban Mienfoo when Regenerator is what allows it in our metagame to be so insanely strong. Would Mienfoo still be powerful with Regenerator? Absolutely. However, it would not be unhealthy or even come close to being unhealthy. Like I said, I am against a regenerator ban or Mienfoo ban in LC. But if I have to choose between those 2 options, I would choose to ban Regenerator without hesitation.
  13. So for now, your analogy is irrelevant.
  14. We can do that, but Meditite only has one ability... it's too late for that
  15. There is only one pokemon with Regenerator in LC, so ofc when we are considering a Regenerator Flat Ban in LC, there is only one pokemon that is affected. I believe it would be possible to argue that Regenerator on Mienfoo is unhealthy. LC as a more fast pace offensive tier doesn't have the luxury of good recovery options and most mons need eviolite over leftovers just to have a chance of staying alive. Regenerator for this reason is a huge advantage over all other mons of the tier. Would Regenerator be unhealthy if other mons beside Mienfoo had access to it? Probably not since the enormous advantage Mienfoo has over all other mons would no longer be so special, it would no longer be as big as an advantage. LC has more bans than any other tier. There is a serious chain ban concern in LC. I personally fear that banning Mienfoo would result in Porygon, a remarkable threat, becoming overwhelming. I personally believe that banning Mienfoo or Regenerator in LC would be a bad idea for this reason. As unhealthy as Mienfoo can be, it's probably better to keep it around because without it, there is imo a very good chance everything gets worse. Furthermore, I feel it's a shame that Trubbish, one of the best Mienfoo check is still suffering from a Recycle bug that keeps it from doing its job. Mienfoo would probably still remain unhealthy if Trubbish became more viable, but the meta would probably be slightly better.
  16. regenerator mienfoo could be seen as unhealthy because we don't have other regenerator mons to pressure mienfoo back
  17. Nothing besides Mienfoo gets Regenerator, so it's not a complex ban.
  18. A few months ago, we considered taking action against Mienfoo in LC. However, I believe the more popular solution was to test ban Regenerator and leave Mienfoo in LC with Inner Focus. What do you think of this option?
  20. I disagree. Alomomola got tons of things going for it even without regenerator: Healing Wish, Helping Hand, Wide Guard, Heal Pulse, Soak, Light Screen, Icy Wind and several other moves which are quite valuable in a doubles format. I haven't checked what else is in C rank, but I'm sure it's possible to build viable teams with Alomomola at the center.
  21. Is it possible to make ignoring spectators mandatory actually? That would allow us to talk more freely about predictions and more.
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