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  1. Mamoswine doesn't get taunted, can place rocks and nothing can set up for free on Mamoswine even with screens on.
  2. Return is common yes, but superpower and ice punch, not at all. As for screens, if you don't bother removing them or take advantage of turns spent to place them on the field, then it your problem. We have Mamoswine in the tier for a reason afterall.
  3. wtf is this azumarill with 700 ev in speed and 8 moveslots
  4. Gastrodon was never a counter to Azumarill since Gastrodon gets OHKO by Return. If you want to counter/check Azumarill, run stuff like Rotom-Mow, Toxicroak, Leafeon, Jellicent with Protect, Ludicolo, Venusaur, Defensive Roserade, Full Speed Abomasnow, Victreebel, Exeggutor, Whimsicott, Offensive Vaporeon, Ferroseed, fast and bulky Porygon2, etc. There are just way too many answers.
  5. IGN: gbwead Beheeyem Aerodactyl Rotom-Heat Stantler Gastrodon Lucario
  6. i changed my mind about durant
  7. We have so many checks to Machamp in NU: Spiritomb, Golbat, Gligar, Musharna, Weezing, .... There is no possible way this thing will get banned.
  8. less broken than chomp in ou
  9. My votes: Garchomp ban for fitting Offensive Uber Characteristics. Absol unbanned from BL2. edit: i changed my mind regarding durant
  10. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, gbwead, Stelian, MadaraSixSix, Jaawax, Schuchty, Lunarck, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL, Nahwel, daveN, LeZenor, Cmawesomee, Kanicula, Evenils, AwaxGoku Team Captain: Mkns
  11. @RevzSM Are you from Argentina?
  12. Hey, I have an idea that can solve everything. Dq Argentina and give their playoffs spot to Africa. Simple and fair.
  13. About this specific part. They are not exactly both taunt/setup bait since cofa can afford holding a mental herb unlike dusclops.
  14. Iirc, they don't consider it scamming because nothing is actually being stolen... You're just getting denied what is owed to you. It's kind of the same thing sadly, but not exactly.
  15. Just have people pay an extra fee to use those mons. If you want to use a lvl 1 mon, that mon needs a have all beauty contest ribbons or get "pvp particle" that you buy with bp/pokeyens. There are a lot of ways to prevent unleveled storyline mons from entering competitive events and matchmaking.
  16. UU, NU, Doubles and LC have much smaller player bases than OU and can only be considered as secondary tiers compared to OU for this reason. Right now in matchmaking, the UU/NU player base is expected to fill as many matchmaking windows (8 per day) than the OU player base which imo is unrealistic and fundamentally problematic. On top of the exclusive rewards for all tiers, will the upcoming features designed to encourage tier participation address the current logistic issues of matchmaking in secondary tiers?
  17. Argentina is to blame for all of this.
  18. lmao. What opportunity? I'm the captain of Canada and I was never told this.
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