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  1. gbwead

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    @dSTnE Please contact me to claim your purchase.
  2. gbwead

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    @MathewMat @dSTnE @Archon When are you available ig to claim your prize?
  3. The PSL auction will start in 1 hour. If you wish to follow the auction live, you can do so on this spreadsheet and/or on the #psl-12-auction channel on the PSL discord server.
  4. For future reference, the following table shows the tiers each player is allowed to play during this season: @TheChampionMike, please close this thread.
  5. gbwead

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    The auction is now closed. Auction winners: @MathewMat @Makarovs @Tawla @StrikerOak @Kaitha @Merckx @dSTnE @gbwead @StrikerOak @PoseidonWrath @KarasumaX @Zerooo @roberthp93 @hannahtaylor @Archon @SweeTforU @RLotus @NeonZ @SiWall Please contact me ig, on discord or on the forum in order to claim your purchases.
  6. gbwead

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    32 mins left until the end of the auction
  7. gbwead

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    9 hours and 28 mins left
  8. Just to make this decision even more difficult, here are some interesting facts: Misdreavus went below the 60% usage mark last month for the first time since February 2019, but overall Misdreavus rose in usage during the test ban. Mienfoo had its highest peak (74%) in usage ever recorded two months ago, but overall Mienfoo fell in usage during the test ban.
  9. Player sign ups are now closed. I will post in a few hours a complete list of all players. Please verify if you are on the list if you wish to be there and that you signed up only for the tiers you are willing to play. edit: IGN: LuisAnderson Tiers: OU UU NU Fluff: jajajaja
  10. It wasn't my choice to leave the tour ... but anyhow I was joking; no one is getting banned for no reason.
  11. gbwead

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Sorry for not updating more frequently, but Strikeroak made these bids before you:
  12. Team Name:SIATeam Tag:SIARegistered Players: mkns gb stelian madarasixsix lunarck tawla thebeldummaster luke crafton samehada schuchty kamimiii eastsideboy thedrakehope zymogen Team Captain: Mkns
  13. Team Name: Sia2 Team Tag: NUL Registered Players: Lunarck / TheBeldumMaster / TheDrakeHope / EastSiideBoy / zymogen Team Captain: TheDrakeHope
  14. Team Name: Car'hiboux Team Tag: SIA Registered Players: mkns, luke, tawla, stelian and gbwead Team Captain: Gbwead
  15. I vote for Diglett to remain banned permanently. LC looks like it's in much better place with it gone. Clamperl doesn't seem to be as big of an issue as it used to be and definitely requires more work to set up. There are more counter plays to Mienfoo as well imo thanks to Diglett gone. Overall, I feel LC has never been more popular; I like to think it might be linked to the meta being more attractive with Diglett gone, but not necessarily I suppose.
  16. What do you guys think of the current state of NU? I personally think Druddigon and Durant are quite uncompetitive. Druddigon has absolutely no counter play, there is no way to prevent rocks or a glare para; rapid spinners take very high dmg from spinning on rocky helmet + rough skin and all defoggers (except for emolga that can't roost in front of eq) are weak to glare. Durant hits so hard while being so fast. I don't think any of the mons, that are currently being used to deal with Durant, have access to instant recovery moves. We are stuck in a chaotic metagame where everyone tries to paralyse each other in order to stay faster than threats that can't be managed defensively. I'm not sure what could or should be done about it, but I believe Druddigon and/or Durant are very problematic right now.
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