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  1. ugu plz rng got 3 wins too and i'm pretty sure either aw or aura have more points than sake/rng with the second places
  2. I don't have a sister tbh, but if I had one, I would definetly play tic tac toe with her instead of playing faking League.
  3. Please. LoL is a pleb game. I rather play tic tac toe with my little sister. Edit: DotA > LoL, always and forever.
  4. @DoubleJ must be asleep, otherwise he would have said "RESET", "HYPE" or "SASH" a thousand times already.
  5. more like thanks to Doubles being considered for some reason as a legit tier ^^
  6. i had not seen a tbolt resist yet, so I was scared something like manectric could switch in. I didn't realise that, if that happened, I just had to sacrifice magnemite and rk with Nidoqueen. WP Lifestyle.
  7. It used to be 4 I think, maybe it changed.
  8. Something important to keep in mind imo is that the pokemons that get a stat boost in gen 7 might not be the same pokemons that we have in PokeMMO. For instance (correct me if I am wrong), Dugtrio gets a big atk boost in gen 7, but Dugtrio in gen 7 no longer has access to Arena Trap since Dugtrio will be in Alola form. If we give an atk boost to Dugtrio in PokeMMO, we could end up creating a pokemon that simply doesn't exist. I don't know how gen 7 really works exactly, so I might be worried about something impossible or irrelevant.
  9. There is no pokemon restriction in Doubles. The fact that everyone can play Doubles doesn't mean everyone likes Doubles. I am glad we get Doubles community combat, it is a good addition.
  10. Nah, they #2 or #3 depending on if they have more final appearances than AW. 2016 ain't over yet tho.
  11. In World of Warcarft, there are a lot of these seasonal events so much that players don't have a lot of down town between events. Those events are usually the same each year and clearly don't require a lot of dev involvment once they are done. The number of events are probably excessive for a game like PokeMMO, but I think it gives a rough idea of what can be done.
  12. Official tournaments still need to be rare to some extent. If we have an official tournament every day, winning one would no longer mean anything. I really hope they include Doubles (32 players) and LC (16 players) in the community combat rotation at some point since that would not disrupt anything.
  13. I think I am not the only one that doesn't like Doubles, but I don't mind if some people do like that "tier". What bothers me is the initiative of this thread. By pushing directly for more Doubles tournament, this thread is also pushing for the subtle dismissal of OU, UU and NU. I am pretty sure most of our player base don't want Doubles tournaments taking the time slot of OU, UU or NU tournaments.
  14. You are missing my point about pre hoeen players. I am underlining the fact that our Doubles players happen to be pre Hoeen players, players that have plenty of Uber comps that would waste away in their PC if they didn't use them in Doubles. The fact that we don't have new players interested in Doubles, the fact that we don't have new players willing to actually spend their ressources to play Doubles, is a good indication imo that Doubles is quite unpopular compared to other tiers. edit: I'll give you a like ^^
  15. I am only saying that the development of the Doubles "tier" should not come at the extent of our main tiers that work and that people actually want. From what I can see, our main Doubles players are all old pre-hoeen players. They all have ease getting into the tier since their doubles comps are recycled comps from the pre split era. We can't assume the only reason why players don't play doubles is because there are no doubles tournaments. It is very probable that they simply don't want to play in that tier. When I look at the round 1 of an OU tournament, I see a bunch of Umbreons. When I look at the round 1 of a Doubles tournaments, I see some Chanseys and Haunters even though Blissey and Gengar are available. There is a clear disconnect between the preparation needed to play Doubles and the amount of investment players are willing to put in Doubles comps. I meant that a lot of players are just not using Doubles comps. I see OU teams in Doubles which is a pretty good indicator of how little people are willing to invest themselves in Doubles. When people are asking for equal representation between the "legitimate tiers" of PokeMMO, they are also asking for a huge influx of singles players to switch to Doubles. Every time we get an OU tournament, we don't get an UU, NU, LC or Doubles tournament and every time we get a Doubles tournament, we don't get an OU, UU, NU or LC tournament. Asking for equal representation is going against what the majority of players want. Doubles players are a minority, Oceanic players are a minority, if we start giving equal representation to everything we will end up with a pretty awful competitive scene where minorities are holding majorities hostage. Real equal representation needs to take into account popularity of each tier.
  16. I am actually glad Doubles don't get more tournaments since this lower skill based "tier" only takes away from the main tiers of our competitive scene. In order to build a strong competitive player base, it is important to not divide players with tiers like LC and Doubles that are ultimately not that interresting. In those tournaments, we see at most 5 dedicated doubles/LC players that show off their comps and the rest of the players run gimmicks. We see new players break through in NU, UU and OU all the time. However, we don't see any of those in Doubles which shows that low ressources players are just not willing to prepare for those tournaments. I don't think imposing more doubles tournaments to a player base that imo don't enjoy Doubles is a good idea. We have too many tiers and, if we start to give them equal representation, we will just end up with a divide and conquer strategy that will break the game. Despite the fact that OU is by far the most popular tier in PokeMMO, we ended up in October with 2 OU tournaments compared to the 4+ LC tournaments. This is very bad imo.
  17. Considering there is no rng aspect to the move toxic besides its accuracy and considering Toxic has 100% accuracy for Poison types, I think a complex ban would be more appropriate than a flat ban. Fake Out should also be allowed because its secondary effect is non rng reliant.
  18. For seasonal championship, I think it would be interesting to have a loser bracket invite for the runner-up of a qualifier and a winner bracket invite for the winner of a qualifier. If the winner of the qualifier 6 is mia for the finale, its winner bracket invite would go directly to the runner-up of the qualifier 6. If both winner and the runner-up of qualifier 6 aren't there, the winner bracket invite would go to the runner-up of the qualifier 1. A runner-up can still participate in other qualifiers in hopes of getting a winner bracket invite. Reserves would fight for a loser bracket invite. This might seem somewhat complicated, but I think it would spice things up. Each qualifier finale would be more interresting and players would fight for more than just 500k. The finale of the seasonal championship would also last one less round which is a good thing considering how long and exhausting the season championship can get for the players, the spectators and the staff members organising the event.
  19. Next TT, we need you for Doubles!!! Where are you noob?

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      ok ok, on parlera plus en détails sur ts

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      faut voir si ce ksos de schuchty y est aussi, car si oui je viens pas (yak!)

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  20. I think you are overestimating the harm this would do the honest players. If everyone has the same delay, there is basically no difference between live spectatorship and 3 turn delay spectatorship. 3 turn delay is very little delay. I have seen Twitch Poker players with a 30 mins delay stream and they still had tons of viewers.
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