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  1. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, Stelian, gbwead, MadaraSixSix, Tawla, Lunarck, Schuchty, Jaawax, TheDrakeHope, Nahwel, Samehada, Eastsiideboy, Franchop, dinofish, Pirlo. Team Captain: Mkns.
  2. @Lvkee has decided to sub out Cristi and replace him with @CamilaCruz against @yaritanxyz.
  3. It's unfortunate for LC and Doubles players that intended to play Baton Pass, but all duels this week will be played based on the tiers set in place at the beginning of the week. No Baton Pass teams allowed in OU/UU/NU. No Sinnoh Pokemon allowed. No Misdreavus Nasty Plot. Anything that wasn't available at the start of the week is not allowed for the rest of week 7. If you have any hesitation about what this means, feel free to ask me ig or on discord.
  4. A break between the end of week 7 and the beginning of the playoffs was already plan. The break will most likely just be slightly longer than expected.
  5. @FNTCZ has decided to sub out Necroskulldark and replace him against @MadaraSixSix with @PoseidonWrath for game 1 and himself for game 2.
  6. Hydreigon in OU has many sets and each set has several counters, but there are no pokemon that can counter all the Hydreigon sets. Misdreavus Nasty Plot doesn't have any counters, only checks. There is a big difference here.
  7. If the best answer to Misdreavus needs to win a 50/50 prediction, it's not a counter, just a check really...
  8. We'll have a break for people to figure out the tiers and then we'll keep going. Edit: Actually, let's just wait to see the changelog before deciding anything.
  9. bet made during PSL 5, but paid during PSL 6
  10. Neither Cali or MaatthewMLG fished for activity wins, no worries.
  11. si EpicVerde si nope, was shadowgary
  12. Except that if Sweetforu refuses to pay Kanzo, that means both Sweetforu and Life get blacklisted. edit: It was 200k which is worth less now than back then. It was also your teammate that ended up paying and apologized on your behalf...
  13. @NagaHex and @Kamimiii have agreed to play this Saturday at 4 PM GMT. @calidubstep and @MaatthewMLG, if your player is not there at 4 PM GMT Saturday, make sure you have a sub ready.
  14. Kanzo in PSL 6 when trying to avoid paying the money he owed to people: "I think i had some bets i won but i can't even remember and never cared either, [so you shouldn't care either about the money I owe you]" Do you care now? @Kanzo
  15. This was imo the best tag team/team tournament ever hosted. This format would be so fun instead of a 11 vs 11 mess, but thanks for hosting these events regardless.
  16. A choke for you is an opportunity for someone else...
  17. Current player rankings can be viewed on the PSL 12 Spreadsheet. I will post the official week 6 rankings once Nagahex and Kamimiii play their duels. At the end of week 7, the best player of each tier will receive an OT Kyu comp playable in their respective tier (Scizor for OU, Mandibuzz for UU, Druddigon for NU, Vullaby for LC and Hitmontop for Doubles). The contenders for best OU player are: @xXBlu3BreathXx, @Frag, @ZeknShooter and @kiwi. The contenders for best UU player are: @Zhikodark and @JasonSparrowX The contenders for best NU player are: @SweeTforU and @SejuaniSupport. The contenders for best LC player are: @YettoDie, @LKrenz, @calidubstep and @YEYOxD. The contenders for best Doubles player are: @Zigh, @Leviatharian, @Busso and @Lluvvia.
  18. gbwead

    I'm back. :)

    bad answer, you failed
  19. Giving the situation with @Kami and @NagaHex, I think there is blame on both sides. Kamimiii waited until Thursday to schedule his duels. Nagahex waited until Friday to schedule his duels. Considering Nagahex was only available during the weekend, waiting until Friday to reply to his opponent is not right at all. Neither Kamimiii or Nagahex planned a specific time for their duels. Nagahex was online prior to the deadline. Kamimiii was unable to make it for his duels prior to the deadline because of some train issue. Shit happens I suppose... Nagahex was apparently not available to play after the deadline. Life happens I suppose... MaatthewMLG knew Kamimiii was unreachable and didn't do anything up until the deadline was passed... However, he did afterwards offer Pretentious Pachirisus one activity win and to play the second duel himself against Nagahex, but Nagahex declined because he was no longer available. I think Kamimiii is slightly more to blame for what happened, but I don't believe Nagahex did a great job making sure the duels happened either. I don't believe that Kamimiii or Nagahex had any intention to dodge each other, so I will grant them an extension. Please schedule your two duels as soon as possible.
  20. @calidubstep has decided to sub out Brianattackpro and replace him with @ZeknShooter against @Elvessss and @Frag.
  21. #Week7Hype #KeepBatonPassInLC #FukDubs #couchcouchcouch #RankingsHype #unbenchima #morehashtags #midseason #tyrogue #noextensions #magostudio #puppetshowsundays #comebacks? #finishline #playoffsoon If you recorded a PSL duel, please post the replay directly in this thread. You can find your opponent forum name here. If you have any questions ask your manager or check the general thread. Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/PSL_1 Frag Squad (2) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (2) OU: Elvessss vs Zeknshooter OU: Frags vs Zeknshooter UUx2: zhiko (2) vs jasonsparrowx (0) NUx2: titinn (0) vs pachima (0) LC: Yosoyarca vs sebat LC: Yosoyarca vs cali Dubsx2: titoooo (0) vs nagahex (0) The Squirtle Crew (1) Vs The Soaring Staraptors (1) OU: Bluebreath vs Lunarck OU: Bluebreath vs Luke UUx2: Yaritan (1) vs CamilaKawaiChan (1) NUx2: ZDFire (0) vs Mkns (0) LCx2: Stelian (0) vs Nowall (0) Dubsx2: Zigh (0) vs Busso (0) Delicious Donphan's (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OU: MadaraSixSix vs Poseidonwrath OU: MadaraSixSix vs JulianFNT UUx2: EpicVerde (0) vs xLuneth (0) NUx2: Sejuani (0) vs Tawla (0) LC: Burntzebra vs Yettodie LC: Lazaaro vs Yettodie Dubsx2: Lluvvia (0) vs Leviatharian (0) No Shaymin Losing (1) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (1) OUx2: abstractt (0) vs Kiwikidd (0) UUx2: zAnderson (0) vs Makx (0) NUx2: Santiii (1) vs Sweetforu (1) LCx2: Lkrenz (0) vs YeyoXD (0) Dubsx2: Kepzal (0) vs Intimidoar (0) Deadline Sunday, 26th of January at 9 PM GMT Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP! Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread at least 10 minutes before it starts. All battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.
  22. Player one: gbwead Player two: Stelian Team name: Car'hiboux
  23. I'm fine with Roserade getting banned considering how overwhelming it has been. However, there is no way I would personally ever consider a Gigalith or Sandstream ban. In order for Stoutland, a pokemon without any recovery, to have any chance at wallbreaking let alone sweeping, it needs to often be locked and be supported by usually Gigalith that also has no recovery. CB mons are designed to wallbreak. When Stoutland holds a Choice Band, it will need to predict in order to break through walls and even with the right predictions it will struggle breaking through stuff like Sableye, Hippopotas or Metang anyways. Gigalith/Stoutland aren't unhealthy or broken imo, they are just capitalizing on the unhealthy state that NU has been in for months now. They are not the cause of NU problems and banning Gigalith might make NU slightly better, but doesn't solve anything overall or long term. The only viable playstyle in NU is offense. As long as that remains the case, it's pretty normal for Stoutland to destroy everything in its path since the only things in its path are offense oriented mons frail or bulky tanks lacking recovery.
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