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  1. I just wish the time would go off when I'm not battling. I don't mind the amulet coin timer when I'm battling a gym leader, but when I afk or just walk around from one gym leader to another, the timer just forces you to rush through everything. If the amulet coin timer was something like 30 mins that would elapse only during battles, it would be imo preferable.
  2. The amount of LC usage collected has been pretty steady since February. There hasn't been any bans. I don't know when the berry juice + recycle bug was fixed, but it has been a while now. Edit: Overall evolution of LC usage from December to August Vullaby: +28.62% Misdreavus: +26.71% Ferroseed: +24.99% Clamperl: +19.39% Mienfoo: +16.04% Grimer: +9.25% Chinchou: +7.83% Porygon: +4.27% Ponyta: +3.74% Frillish: +2.03% Diglett: +0.37% Meowth: +0.32% Munchlax: +0.12% Larvesta: -0.18% Onix: -1.76% Elekid: -2.36% Shellder: -2.88% Tentacool: -3.58% Bronzor: -4.64% Magnemite: -6.80% Dwebble: -7.54% Staryu: -9.71% Timburr: -10.33% Pawniard: -11.22% Gastly: -21.99%
  3. Well, there is still a very high correlation between the usage fluctuations of Misdreavus and the usage fluctuations of Munchlax. The last two months have been weird, but from December to June, each time Misdreavus' usage went up, Munchlax's usage followed and the same goes with when their usage dropped.
  4. For Misdreavus, its usage dropped 6.18% from May to June, went up 1.96% from June to July and went up again 10.94% from July to August. In the past 3 months, Misdreavus gained 6.72% in usage. For Munchlax, its usage dropped 2.03% from May to June, dropped again 3.85% from June to July and went up 0.81% from July to August. In the past 3 months, Munchlax lost 5.07% in usage.
  5. Since December 2018, right after the Scraggy and Murkrow bans, Misdreavus has gained 26.71% in usage and Munchlax has gained only 0.12% in usage.
  6. I kind of agree with what you are saying, but at the same time, even though the lc comp scene is indeed very small, it is still growing. With more players added to our comp scene, we should expect more strategies being developed, new cores appearing and more creativity overall, but usage is showing us each month that the tier is getting more and more centralized around the same threats. It's concerning because all we see is pretty much more of the same things over and over. For instance, today in the LC tournament, the second place finisher used the same exact team each round; diglett scarf supporting clamperl, mienfoo and misdreavus basically. His opponent in the finale used the Diglett + Clamperl combo as well and pretty much won simply because he was able to abuse Diglett first. I really believe that banning Diglett would give a more dynamic and healthy LC metagame and I wish there was more support for the test ban.
  7. Yes, yes, french players are wallero de mierda jajjaja.
  8. Your Name: gbwead Your Partner's Name: madarasixsix Your Team Name: stalltamere
  9. she can couch you, come home and face your destiny
  10. air balloon shedinja doesn't die to spikes
  11. Keep up the charade, but facts are indee facts and here is one for you: whether you guys win or lose psl, you won't earn anyone's respect after ghosting your players. If you don't care so much, why the hell do you care to quote me or reply? That's why you got sleep clause. You're welcome.
  12. So let me get this straight, you quote me just to bark at me and didn't anticipate me being a jerk in my reply. Dogs are pretty naive creatures, but cmon what did you expect? Thanks for posting your life story, in the event I need a pokemon related sad tryhard copy pasta this will come in handy.
  13. You shouldn't speak about common sense if you don't have any. I'll try to explain what is obvious to so many and yet not to you. It's not a problem that some teams get advantages for accomplishing more. The problem is that no one knew at any point that there was this kind of advantage to fight for. The fact that, all of a sudden, tie breakers will be different this season is a surprise to everyone and it's unfair because it's a surprise. You can unjustifly cry about RNG as much as you want, but that has nothing to do with the tie breaker. I said he would play all 3 tiers. Doubles is not a tier, so he would actually only be playing 2 tiers. I guess he had little faith in himself. Oh you might not have realised, but you actually didn't start playing this game yet, at least not competitively: all you do is focus on a joke format only very very few individuals care about. I understand that you only care about this shitty format, just like dogs only care about chasing balls and returning them to their masters. You may be a dog, that's cool, but since I'm not really a dog person, I'm fine with the fact that when you look up at me you can only see a clown.
  14. I didn't think it was possible, but Enchanteur managed to outscum Zhiko with these picks.
  15. At least one manager picked OU...
  16. Mkns vs Pitzzin in 10 mins since nik vs tito is delayed
  17. Please add @SejuaniSupport to the black list permanently.
  18. In case it wasn't clear, there is no plan to ban Misdreavus, Mienfoo and Clamperl. Do not worry, it was just a joke. When it comes to Diglett, I'm in favor of a test ban, but that's just me. Regarding Murkrow, I don't recall what were the main checks. Archen was a big one iirc. Now that the berry juice bug is fixed, perhaps Heat Proof Bronzor would be able to check Murkrow. What else can stop Murkrow?
  19. Why complex ban moxie, zen headbutt? why not ban dd? or ban crunch? There are many ways to nerf Scraggy with complex bans. How can a specific nerf be justified compared to another? That's why complex banning is a terrible idea.
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