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  1. Outrage has always been at 90 base power in MMO. It was never at 120 base power, so there is no precedent here to say "again". Why is it a problem that Outrage is overshadowed by D-Claw? Tackle is overshadowed by Return, that's not a big deal. Outrage not being at 120 base power could be considered at best a missed opportunity to improve the metagame, but I think it's safe to say that 120 bp Outrage would be overpowered. There is a reason why fairy type was added in gen 6; Dragon types were way too strong prior to gen 6, so it's important to keep in mind that we need to be very careful in MMO when our dragons get buffed in any way.
  2. Looking for a 5th member for the following team: Luke Madara Gbwead TheDrakeHope If someone is interrested to play with us, please pm one of us. edit: nvm found a 5th
  3. Over the past couple months, the LC metagame has been heavily centralised around the same threats; while Misdreavus' and Mienfoo's usages have risen over 60% usage, Clamperl has exerted its dominance over the tier and has forced everyone to overly prepare for it. Many consider the LC tier as the least interesting official tier partly because of the centralising issues described above, as well as in August and September Discussion threads. Several things could be done: Accept that LC is inherently unhealthy and can’t really be fixed Ban Misdreavus Ban Mienfoo Ban Clamperl or Deep Sea Tooth Ban a combination of Misdreavus and/or Mienfoo and/or Clamperl. However, before giving up on the tier or initiate drastic bans, the Tier Council believes that test banning Diglett could help break the LC vicious circle (Mienfoo + Misdreavus + Porygon/Munchlax) that represent most of LC cores and make some of Clamperl checks more viable. During this test ban, we hope and expect that: The usage of Misdreavus will drop; fighting types and clamperl should gain more checks and become less viable, so Misdreavus should not be as indispensable as it was before. The usage of Mienfoo will drop because some fighting checks should become more viable, namely poison types and Larvesta. The usage of Clamperl will drop because Tentacool and Chinchou should become more viable and Diglett will no longer be there to support Clamperl with Stealth Rocks and Memento. More LC mons become viable and played; 28 LC pokemon are above the 4.36% cut-off point right now. The mons that were previously weak to Diglett or any new potential threat do not grow out of control. Trapinch will not replace Diglett and prevent metagame development. Feel free to give your input in this thread during the test ban.
  4. It's just a test ban. If it doesn't work out, we'll come back to our current meta, but at least we'll know for sure that Diglett had nothing to do with LC issues. From there, I think it will be easier to accept banning Misdreavus, Mienfoo, Deep Sea Tooth or a combination of those.
  5. I vote to test ban Diglett in LC for up to 3 months. @BurntZebra @suigin @Senile @LKrenz @MknsZblex @Tyrone
  6. Don't worry Pachima. If Wobbuffet is played next month as much as it was played this month, it will vanish from the NU pokedex and fall into Untiered. That's like a ban, right? edit: Also, Butler will love having Pursuit users viable again.
  7. I don't think there was any UU tournaments this month. The usage collected comes only from the 4 CC of August it seems. We really don't have much to go on, so it's difficult to get an idea of what's going on in UU. For what it is worth, both Mamoswine and Bronzong have dropped in usage this month, so it's encouraging imo.
  8. If you want to compare Diglett to Dugtrio, let's do it. There are 40 UU mons over the 4.36% cut-off point. There are 28 LC mons over the 4.36% cut-off point. In UU, Dugtrio is the 39th most used pokemon (or the second least used pokemon over the cut-off point) with 4.91% usage. In LC, Diglett is the 12th most used pokemon with 14.57% usage. Based on that, we can safely assume two things: i) the pokemon pool that competitive players have access to is much wider in UU than in LC, and ii) Diglett is more present in LC than Dugtrio in UU. Therefore, compared to Dugtrio in UU, Diglett is more present in LC where players have less options, so by default Diglett is much more centralizing than Dugtrio. In UU, out of the 40 mons over the 4.36% cut-off point, approximately 22 pokemon attack on the physical side. After Gligar and Mandibuzz (even though Mandibuzz can be played with only Foul Play) Dugtrio with 80 attack base stat has the lowest attack stat. In LC, out of the 28 mons over the 4.36% cut-off point, 16 pokemon attack on the physical side. Diglett has a higher attack stat than Ferroseed, Onix and Bronzor. Diglett also has the same attack stat as Vullaby and Taillow. In UU, out of the 40 mons over 4.36%, 11 mons are straigh up immune to Arena Trap, that's 27.5% of the pokemon pool immune to Arena Trap. In LC, out of the 28 pokemon over 4.36%, 7 mons are immune to Arena Trap, that's exactly 25% of the pokemon pool immune to Arena Trap. In UU, Dugtrio suffers from 4mss much more than Diglett in LC. Curselax makes it want to play a screech + reversal set. Heracross makes it want to run Aeral Ace. Medicham makes it want to hold a Choice Band, even though fake out + bullet punch kills Dugtrio anyways. Out of the 40 UU mons over 4.36% usage, Dugtrio can't even threathen that many: Magneton, Typhlosion, Lanturn and maybe, just maybe Heracross/Snorlax/Galvantula/Roserade. Out of the 28 LC mons over 4.36% usage, Diglett can threathen a good portion of the tier with only one set: Onix, Chinchou, Grimer, Tentacool, Abra, Ponyta, Larvesta and Magnemite. So despite the pokemon pool being smaller in LC compared to UU, Diglett can get rid of more threats. Also, Diglett doesn't need to be played CB or with a Reversal set to deal with the listed mons, it needs 2 or 3 moves only so Diglett can still support the rest of the team with Stealth Rock or Memento. In UU, Weavile is faster than Dugtrio. In LC, nothing is faster than Diglett. It's also important to mention that Diglett benefits from the free switches provided by Baton Pass, U-Turn and Volt Switch much more than Dugtrio in UU. For starters, Baton Pass is banned in UU, so there is no Baton Pass into a Diglett trap. There is also no Regenerator pokemon spamming U-Turn in UU, so Rocky Helmet which is hardly viable in LC compared to Eviolite or Berry Juice is more effective at preventing U-Turn spam. I could go on and on, but I hope at this point it is overwhelmingly clear that Diglett is way more centralising and unhealthy in LC than Dugtrio could ever be in UU and that's why one needs to be test banned and the other is on its way to drop to NU.
  9. It's important to understand why Misdreavus has such high usage before considering banning it. Misdreavus is extremely good, but it's not the only pokemon incredible in LC. Usage shows that Misdreavus has currently 65.89% usage and Mienfoo is right below with 63.74% usage. Misdreavus has great stats, typing and movepool that make it a huge threat, but all these amazing traits, that makes Misdreavus so good, also makes it the indispensable fighting resistance LC needs to check Mienfoo. If Misdreavus gets banned, what do we have to handle Mienfoo? As the 10th most used LC pokemon with 18.87% usage, Grimer would be the next fighting resistance in the tier, followed by Tentacool as the 13th most used LC pokemon with 12.75% usage. Sadly, U-Turn Mienfoo into Diglett is the end of both Grimer and Tentacool. If Misdreavus wasn't around, Gastly, Frillish, Koffing and Yamask would probably become more common checks to Mienfoo compared to now. However, stuff like Abra, Larvesta and Trubbish would be in the exact same situation as Tentacool and Grimer, preys for Diglett. What I'm pretty much saying here is that if Diglett wasn't in the tier, Misdreavus would not have such high usage because it wouldn't be as indispensable as it is now. Mienfoo is also the main answer to most of Misdreavus checks; Porygon (32.28% usage), Munchlax (14.74% usage), Ferroseed and Lileep have serious issues against Mienfoo. For this reason, we end up in a vicious circle where Mienfoo gets checked by Misdreavus, Misdreavus gets checked by Porygon/Munchlax and Porygon/Munchlax get checked by Mienfoo. Vullaby helps break this vicious circle by being decent against both Misdreavus and Mienfoo, but Vullaby is not enough, it's not good enough against Mienfoo for Misdreavus to not be needed and it's not good enough against Misdreavus for Porygon/Munchlax to not be needed as well. If Diglett wasn't in the tier, suddenly we would have an increased number of checks for Mienfoo (the ones previously mentioned) and an increased number of checks for Misdreavus as well (bulky fire types mostly). Then, there is Clamperl, an entire different problem that benefits greatly from having Diglett in the tier. Diglett helps it by trapping most of its revenge killers and counters. Elekid scarf, Chinchou eviolite and Tentacool eviolite all have issues countering Clamperl when Diglett is around. Diglett is the fastest stealth rock setter and memento user, so it's the ideal allied pokemon for Clamperl; Stealth Rocks ruins the common sturdy pokemon of the LC that would prevent Clamperl from sweeping and using Memento against a trapped target makes it very easy for Clamperl to Shell Smash and sweep. Removing Misdreavus will not help at all, it's one of the few Clamperl revenge killers that do not fear Diglett. Banning Misdreavus would only make LC much worse than it is now. Imo, test banning Diglett is what we need if we want LC to become better and more competitive overall.
  10. Scraggy is not just a check, it's completly broken and far worse than misdreavus.
  11. I just wish the time would go off when I'm not battling. I don't mind the amulet coin timer when I'm battling a gym leader, but when I afk or just walk around from one gym leader to another, the timer just forces you to rush through everything. If the amulet coin timer was something like 30 mins that would elapse only during battles, it would be imo preferable.
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