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  1. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, Stelian, gbwead, MadaraSixSix, Tawla, Lunarck, Schuchty, Jaawax, TheDrakeHope, Nahwel, Samehada, Eastsiideboy, Franchop, dinofish, Pirlo. Team Captain: Mkns.
  2. @Lvkee has decided to sub out Cristi and replace him with @CamilaCruz against @yaritanxyz.
  3. It's unfortunate for LC and Doubles players that intended to play Baton Pass, but all duels this week will be played based on the tiers set in place at the beginning of the week. No Baton Pass teams allowed in OU/UU/NU. No Sinnoh Pokemon allowed. No Misdreavus Nasty Plot. Anything that wasn't available at the start of the week is not allowed for the rest of week 7. If you have any hesitation about what this means, feel free to ask me ig or on discord.
  4. A break between the end of week 7 and the beginning of the playoffs was already plan. The break will most likely just be slightly longer than expected.
  5. @FNTCZ has decided to sub out Necroskulldark and replace him against @MadaraSixSix with @PoseidonWrath for game 1 and himself for game 2.
  6. Hydreigon in OU has many sets and each set has several counters, but there are no pokemon that can counter all the Hydreigon sets. Misdreavus Nasty Plot doesn't have any counters, only checks. There is a big difference here.
  7. If the best answer to Misdreavus needs to win a 50/50 prediction, it's not a counter, just a check really...
  8. We'll have a break for people to figure out the tiers and then we'll keep going. Edit: Actually, let's just wait to see the changelog before deciding anything.
  9. bet made during PSL 5, but paid during PSL 6
  10. Neither Cali or MaatthewMLG fished for activity wins, no worries.
  11. si EpicVerde si nope, was shadowgary
  12. Except that if Sweetforu refuses to pay Kanzo, that means both Sweetforu and Life get blacklisted. edit: It was 200k which is worth less now than back then. It was also your teammate that ended up paying and apologized on your behalf...
  13. @NagaHex and @Kamimiii have agreed to play this Saturday at 4 PM GMT. @calidubstep and @MaatthewMLG, if your player is not there at 4 PM GMT Saturday, make sure you have a sub ready.
  14. Kanzo in PSL 6 when trying to avoid paying the money he owed to people: "I think i had some bets i won but i can't even remember and never cared either, [so you shouldn't care either about the money I owe you]" Do you care now? @Kanzo
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