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  1. gbwead

    WorldCupMMO Week #5

    The bracket doesn't look good. Right now, 1st B and 2nd B have a chance of facing each other before the finale. Same thing with the two teams from group D. The upper bracket and the lower bracket should ideally have a representant of each group.
  2. gbwead

    World Cup week #3

  3. gbwead

    World Cup week #3

    parke vs gbwead as soon as i'm done with my event run
  4. gbwead

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    50k since huanliu got dq
  5. gbwead

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Too late for blue
  6. gbwead

    [Sig][Tutorial] Make a userbar

    Combien pour une signature "PVEMaster" pour TBM?
  7. gbwead

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    China A vs Africa Nu: mullenyu vs MHkasers 100k Belgium vs Spain A OU: Kriliin vs Kiwikidd 100k @narutoseninvictor UU: Stelian vs Joalza 100k NU: ThePVEMaster vs Makx 100k @Kuisha Doubles: Mkns vs RealDevilLegend 100k @narutoseninvictor Peru vs Mexico Ou: LuisAnderson vs Sunamie 100k uu: lMhawk vs StrikerOak 100k nu: ZDFire vs RayUwU 100k Lc: AngelosRed vs Isperea 100k @Kuisha Spain B vs France A OU: Kanimus vs Rikoudo 50k UU: Killuminatis vs NonoPetitRobot 50k NU: JasonSparrowX vs Hopy 50k @Kuisha LC: Busso vs Jaawax 50k @Kuisha Dubs: Lluvia vs Kragy 50k @mago1993 Colombia A vs Germany Ou: Brianatackpro vs ChucKUNSO 100k @Kuisha Uu: Aurumpegasus vs blizzardGG 100k Nu: Chechof vs Butler 1k @DrButler Lc: OscarFail vs Baum 100k @Kuisha Doubles: iJualianFNT vs FunkyKong 100k Rest Of The World vs Chile Ou: beebam vs guillex 100k @Kuisha Lc: Coolio vs Redav 50k Doubles: Imabeverybest vs Sebat 50k @mago1993 Rest of Europe vs France B Ou: Razimove vs MadaraSixSix 200k Uu: Pachima vs Schuchty 1k Nu: zDaryl vs YUBELLLLLLLLLL 200k Lc: OrangeManiac vs Axoa 200k @narutoseninvictor Doubles: Parke vs gbwead 200k @Kuisha China B vs Brexit ou: HuanLiu vs Bluebreath 50k @Zymogen lc: MingKa vs Yettodie 200k double: Mamowinez vs Rendi 50k @Zymogen Bets on bold. I'm only betting with people I tag in this post next to the duel they take.
  8. gbwead

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    In gen 5 plz, no super effective Gyroball.
  9. gbwead

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    You know Togekiss can Heal Bell right?
  10. gbwead

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    The most common stall breaker set is Roost/Heal Bell/Nasty Plot/Air Slash which beat your bronzong without losing a single HP or being poisoned. The Sub set with Sub/NP/Air Slash/Aura Sphere also has great odds of beating your bronzong. It's really not a check sir.
  11. gbwead

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    But it's not a check either... just another bait on which Togekiss can set up. It would be a check if in a 1v1 situation it could scare Togekiss away.

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