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  1. How did they know killu couldn't play at that time and why would that force you to sub? In all of this, you had nothing to gain or lose, so I don't understand how anyone could force you to do anything.
  2. That moment when you realise you're still blacklisted from the betting thread...
  3. Let's please take a step back here. Unless I am mistaken, there has only been 2 UU tournaments so far. That's not a lot of data even though Mamoswine was played a significant amount of times in these tournaments. Mamoswine is a threat, no one is denying that. Managing Mamoswine seems like a difficult task, but I believe it's way too early to give up. When it comes to the Mamoswine + Magneton combo that I have seen mentioned, I tried it and it is effective. However, playing these two pokemons together opens you up to some serious weaknesses. For instance, these pokemons have pretty similar flaws: both are weak to fire and fighting moves while resisting electric and poison moves. The only defensive synergy in this combo is the fact that Magneton resists Steel and Grass moves against which Mamoswine is weak and that's not much at all. Ofc, two pokemons with similar flaws is not a big deal since you can add 4 more pokemon, but it does force you to teambuild in a certain direction by probably having to add something like Jellicent/Slowbro/Mantine. All I am saying is that Mamoswine + Magneton is good, but the drawback is important too. Also, I would like to add that Magneton can't OHKO, but Bronzong can with EQ, so the Magneton player is facing some serious risks when he/she is trying to trap a Bronzong. Imo, leftovers Bronzong is fine. Mamoswine is incredible offensively, but the defensive typing is such an issue for it. When looking at the UU tier, I don't think it can freely switch on anything aside from Electrode. For that reason, since Mamoswine does struggle to come in play, I feel it is acceptable if it isn't easily walled. We just need more time before jumping at each other's throat imo. Also, Shelmet is op.
  4. imagine caring about dubs
  5. Any replays where Baton Pass is broken in LC?
  6. @NikhilR I agree that Crustle, Omastar and Steelix were all the best counters to Honchrow back then. Unfortunetly, none of those have reliable recovery and some lacked utility. Togekiss has better answers in OU compared to Honchrow and gets outsped by a significant portion of the tier. Honchrow can hax anything that doesn't have shell armor or battle armor. That's why the imo Honchrow in NU is much worse than Togekiss in OU and why one deserves to stay ban.
  7. IGN gbwead IGN stelian IGN mkns IGN aurumpegasus IGN tawla
  8. I don't think P2 is a great switch. Your calc seems to be Timid P-Z, but if it was Modest it would do up to 48%. P2 is therefore forced to be full hp on the switch in and must spam recover while P-Z can spam Tri Attack waiting for the status or the crit. Like I said, I'm on the fence regarding P-Z, my gut is telling me it's too powerful.
  9. Unlike other BL and BL2 mons, Mamoswine is the only one that has never been tested. I feel it got some decent answers in UU (especially Bronzong) and, even though it has perhaps overwhelming offensive potential, it still has serious defensive flaws and will most likely struggle to come in play. I'm really on the fence when it comes to Porygon-Z, it was tested in the past. The metagame in UU was quite different back then, we have more options when it comes to special defense walls and Gigalith has proven to be viable in UU against more than just Porygon-Z. However, Porygon-Z speed tier, raw power, set up options and general coverage is very concerning. Gigalith is cool. Special defense Bronzong was okayish at best against Porygon-Z. The new eviolite mons (Dusclops/P2) will most likely struggle against Dark Pulse/Tri Attack spam from Porygon-Z and can't really prevent P-Z from setting up on them. Umbreon, Jellicent, Mantine and Cryogonal are not bulky enough. Probopass looks pretty great against Porygon-Z, but with only Tri Attack/Dark Pulse/Thunderbolt Porygon-Z can pretty much 2HKO nearly any wall, so adding HP Fighting isn't a problem. Considering Electrode is becoming more and more used in UU, it's safe to say wall strategies are not uncommon and those will probably be extremely effective at patching Porygon-Z weak defenses. Haxorus was already disgustingly broken without Mold Breaker. I believe firmly it will still be broken now. Honchrow imo isn't really broken, just very uncompetitive. There is just no wall that can reliably handle that nasty bird. It all comes down to luck. Crit or no crit. I'm against Honchrow returning to NU for that reason. Mamoswine BL --> UU: YES Porygon-Z BL --> UU: NO Haxorus BL --> UU: NO Honchrow BL2 --> NU: NO
  10. ign gbwead ign stelian ign thebeldummaster ign mkns ign kriliin ign madarasixsix ign lunarck
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