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  1. Nah, right now is 10 pm EDT
  2. Isnt 10 pm EST in one hour?
  3. Nah man. They are quite remarkable for managing your team on top of playing every week. Sadly, all of this will come to an end soon.
  4. There is this thing called bribes that oddly don't work with PokeMMO players but are really interresting for Showdown players.
  5. You're actually right. He had a 50/50 chance to win a Doubles duel, but now that he chose OU, he is royally screwed.
  6. I wish it was that simple.
  7. if you're so confident, why don't you ask Eric to pick VGC for the tiebreaker?
  8. Edit: Game 1: Game 2: GG @JIceJDragon. You might be trash, but you're still a good sport.
  9. Ya? Wanna play VGC right now, so I can show you how shit you are?
  10. Are you going coolio on us or are you really that dense?
  11. Eric is asking me about the tiebreaker, so that means he is preparing for the tiebreaker.
  12. I prepare only for what will happen. I guess Eric and I got that in common.
  13. HaHa poor Moetal, his manager doesn't believe in him.
  14. I might be wrong, but I thought DiDi had as much wins as iHatos.