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  1. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, jaawax, Schuchty, gbwead, Stelian, Cosmooth, Rachoou, Kriliin, TheDrakeHope, Eastsiideboy, MadaraSixSix, Gilvy, Pinklabel, Rikoudo, IxoNoy, KrulciferEinfolk, daveN, jour, Ewahk Team Captain: MadaraSixSix
  2. OU Viability Thread

    What does Hariyama has over Snorlax as a special wall against Volcarona and Chandelure? Bug Buzz on Lax deals less dmg than Fire Blast on Hariayama if I am not mistaken. I feel Hariyama gets severely outclassed by other low tier mons.
  3. OU Viability Thread

    I can't imagine Dugtrio not being S rank especially if ttar is rated so high. I would also argue that Magnezone would be ranked higher than B rank and Starmie would be more of an A rank than A-/B+ rank if Dugtrio wasn't around.
  4. OU Viability Thread

    In that case, I'll make some nominations and comments: Mandibuzz B- rank: Very bulky mon with Roost and a decent Defog user against most walls like Ferrothorn, Skarmory, Blissey, Forretress and others. As a special wall, it can switch on most Gengar, Reuniclus and Volcarona which are all very high on the current viability rankings. I suggest the following set, but I'm sure it can be played in other ways: Milotic C+ rank: It seems to be able to handle various threaths in the tier like Gyarados, Salamence, Dragonite, Azumarill and Cloyster with moves like Scald, Ice Beam, Haze and Recover. It might become more reliable once it gets access to flame orb. Tentacruel D+ rank: I have seen a decent amount of Tentacruel in OU and imo it is because it's one of best Volcarona counter and people have been struggling to find effective Volcarona counters outside of Toxic Blissey. Conkeldur A+: I think Reuniclus is just way too good now that it has Magic Guard and for that reason I have a hard time considering Conkeldur as S rank. Wobbuffet B+: I think B+ is a minimum for Wobbuffet since it ruins most band users. It's also a real nightmare for Conkeldur, Starmie and others. Gliscor B+: Even though Gliscor doesn't have poison heal, it remains an extremely decent wall. It might not be as bulky as Hippo, but it's much faster and a fast roost can be very useful in certain match ups. It also is very decent against any Lucario without Ice Punch unlike Hippo that takes high dmg from Close Combat.
  5. OU Viability Thread

    My main issue with the current viability list is not that it isn't good, but that it doesn't make sense since it only takes in consideration the pokemons in the OU pokedex. I don't think Torkoal deserves the D rank, but stuff in lower tiers like Milotic or Mandibuzz could certainly be useful in OU despite not being OU mons right now. Cloyster also has hard counters in lower tiers. If Cloyster was so devastating in OU, I would expect to see Poliwarth and other mons listed at the bottom of the OU viability ranking because even thought these mons are pretty bad, they would still be pretty valuable against one the best pokemon of the tier. It's like putting Ttar as S rank in gen 3 while not listing Hitmontop as at least D rank, it would not be coherent.
  6. Nice try Riga, but we all know it should go more like this... veni, vidi, vastum puer eram: I came, I saw, I was a trashboi ty for the tournament tho xD
  7. I have only noticed the weather bug in Doubles, idk if that is also the case in Singles.
  8. I heard it wasn't fixed yet, but I haven't tested myself. Speed isn't taking into account when the abilities Drought/Sand Stream/Drizzle are activated. Discharge is completly negated by Lighting Rod when it should still hit adjacent mons.
  9. The new additions not working is another issue, but we would still have to deal with the leftovers bug animation, the random weather bug and the lighting rod bug. It's also lame to ask people to prepare for a doubles meta that will last at most a few weeks (until the update). Doubles will be completly different once we get the new additions, unlike singles that will change, but certainly not as much.
  10. So what is it going to be? 3OU or 2OU+1UU? Doubles still broken, so plz no.
  11. Disable Tourney Spectate

    I remember a tournament beeing hosted that way before. It looked pretty cool.
  12. Disable Tourney Spectate

    I don't mind scouting since it's inevitable if we want spectators, but what bothers me is how the spectating mechanic encourages players to counter team in an mmo where ressources are limited. The best player often becomes the one that has the most comps; that's pretty shitty and quite unfair for new players. I would love if players had to lock their team before the tournament and were not allowed to change their mons between rounds.
  13. @Crazyhell Fuck you.
  14. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Quagsire, we agree. Gligar, yes many of them are impish and therefore will now be outclassed. I like Cloud Nine, yes xD

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