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  1. doubles aint a tier
  2. and yet facts remain facts; enchanteur bested everyone he faced this season. The people claiming he is undeserving of the title are just jealy uguus. They say ZDFire or Zebra are more deserving because they won against better opponents than the ones enchanteur had to face, but they turn a blind eye at the fact that both Zebra and ZDFire lost once. If they were 6-0, I would totally agree that they deserve the title more than Enchanteur, but they are 6-1 and that should mean something.
  3. It's way too easy to justify blatant stupidity by claiming it's only a different opinion.
  4. Lol I ain't playing doubles unless I absolutely need to. Pick another tier scumeric.
  5. No one died because a girl with no name is no one.
  6. Ya, plz do. You keep saying you're going to block me, but you keep replying...
  7. Trashbois are multiplying.
  8. I thought spoilers were allowed tho.
  9. Fuck you JJ. You're a shit manager. The bet is on.
  10. fuck off trashboi
  11. Isn't there a rule about not being allowed to bet against yourself? The bet gets nullified if I am playing next week I think.
  12. Would have been cool to see a stone man as a white walker. Too bad he is cured.
  13. Why the fuck did you pick me? Now people think we're friends.