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  1. All of this is so wrong, @pachima. Sure, let's go for that arbitrary 4% usage. Not 4.36% which is the reference point for the past 7 years. Let's go with 4% usage in order for Magmortar and Omastar to sneak into your analysis. First of all, let's get something clear. Sash Dugtrio is the most viable set on Dugtrio and usage reflects that. Please stop it with the Choice Band bullshit. It's playable, but it's definetly not what the main concern when it comes to Dugtrio in NU. Let's look at your list for Choice Band. There isn't a single pokemon on that list that let Dugtrio come in for free, so it's for Dugtrio to trap these mons it is absolutely not as effortless as you make it seem. Then there is a big issue. There should be an asterix next to most of these mons and some should straight up not appear here at all: Clefable isn't necessarily going to sit there passively and do nothing to retaliate agaisnt Dugtrio. Some Calm Clefable run Cosmic Power and, since it's impossible for that set to kill anything without set up first, this means Dugtrio CB can't RK this Clefable. It may double switch into it or require some u-turn/volt switch/teleport support in order to come in play, but it certainly doesn't come in for free. There is also Modest Clefable which simply kill Dugtrio with Ice Beam. And then we have Bold Clefable that doesn't care about Dugtrio at all. So please put a huge asterix next to Clefable. Zoroark doesn't necessarily fear Dugtrio, since you may not know you are facing a Zoroark. Some Zoroark are played with Choice Scarf or Sash and are extremely close to a guaranteed OHKO on Dugtrio (any prior dmg would be enough). In the case of Choice Scarf, the flinch factor from Dark Pulse adds on top of the potential OHKO on Dugtrio. Zoroak also has access to U-turn which can help it avoid gettign trapped in the first place and may also run Sucker Punch which can OHKO Dugtrio if Life Orb with a lot of investment in Atk. U-turn and Sucker Punch are not super common, but they have been played more in July tho. Anyhow, big asterix as well for Zoroark. Steelix just doesn't give a crap about Dugtrio and should just be removed from your list. Houndoom is kind of in a similar spot as Zoroak. The main difference is that it's less common to see a Sash or Choice Scarf Houndoom, but those definetly exist. Some play Substitute or Sucker Punch (which does not kill), but it's still something to watch out for. So, I agree that Houndoom should be listed without any asterix I guess. Drapion, I agree. Typhlosion, there is a decent amount of Typhlosion that are played Choice Scarf, so for sure there need to be an asterix there. Golem has way too much going for it against Dugtrio. It has Sturdy so prior dmg is required. Golem is commonly played with Custap berry, so the amount of prior dmg has to be limited. If the plan is to trap Golem in Custap Range with Sucker Punch, that means Dugtrio will be locked on Sucker Punch which is both sad and terrible. Golem also has access to Sucker Punch, so Dugtrio can't come in play against Golem with little HP and trap it. Golem also has access to Rapid Spin (2 required, so quite unlikely) which could potentially prevent Dugtrio from Traping it. Anyhow, there need to be a huge asterix next to Golem if you want to list it imo. Nidoqueen, sure. Gallade is commonly played with Choice Scarf, so it definetly isn't trapped that easily. I was also surprised to find out that there is a small portion of Gallade that are also played with Sash, so that would also help against Dugtrio. Shadow Sneak can be interesting if Dugtrio is quite low. If Gallade has already done SD, Dugtrio can't revenge kill it since Shadow Sneak Life Orb will OHKO Dugtrio. Some Gallade are also played with Substitute or Bulk Up which also makes it hard for Dugtrio to trap it. Imo, there need to be a big asterix next to Gallade. Espeon is extremely common with Choice Scarf, so Dugtrio won't be able to trap all of them. Some are also played with Substitute, so it won't necessarily be easy for Dugtrio to trap it. There need to be an asterix for Espeon as well. Manectric just sucks ass. Even if 60% of Manectric are played with Choice Scarf, Overheat doesn't even kill Dugtrio. It deserves to get trapped, so no asterix. Pikachu has a very decent chance of killing a full HP Dugtrio with Extreme Speed. So it should not be listed at all. Magmortar and Omastar were below the 4.36% reference point, so you should not list them at all, but they would still need some asterix since CB Dugtrio doesn't RK a set up Omastar and will lose to any Omastar with Focus Sash and Dugtrio will also lose to Magmortar. In summary, you list for CB Dugtrio should look like this imo: Considering Dugtrio needs either a good amount of prediction or support to trap these, I simply can't see CB Dugtrio as a significant issue in NU. Out of the 39 mons in NU (June), 4 of them will lose to Dugtrio in the event they get trapped for free and 6 more maybe (not necessarily a good gamble) will lose to Dugtrio. Now, lets look at your list for Choice Scarf: I don't have any issue with your Choice Scarf list (it's underwhelming as it should be), except for the fact that Pikachu and Magmortar should not be listed at all for reasons I already explained. Let's look at the main Dugtrio, the set people should care about. Bold part is utter bullshit for the record. The main reason why hazards should be disregarded is because most of the time Sash Dugtrio is the one setting up rocks itself, so the mon Dugtrio is trapping didn't come into the Rocks. I don't know what you have been smoking or in what era you live, but Screech Dugtrio has not been played since 2016. So, no Dugtrio doesn't Trap + kill Venusaur, no it doesn't Trap Clefable, just remove them from the list entirely. Zoroark, like I mentionned earlier can be played Choice Scarf and would just win agaisnt Sash Dugtrio since Eq + Sucker Punch from Dugtrio doesn't kill it. There is also the Sucker Punch and U-turn variants that you mentionned. In all cases, asterix next to Zoroark please. Houndoom, I agree. Drapion, I agree. To be honest, it's a good thing that a cancer mon like Drapion gets trapped by another cancer mon, it's the closest thing we get to karma in PokeMMO. Typhlosion, I agree. Golem, this deserves an asterix. Sturdy/Custap Berry can be an issue since EQ may put Golem in Custap range. Golem also has access to Sucker Punch as mentionned earlier. Nidoqueen, I agree. Espeon, I agree. The main difference is that Dugtrio can really used Sucker Punch properly when it isn't locked, so Espeon (even if Scarf) doesn't stand a chance. Manectric, I agree. Pikachu, well at least here, Pikachu is doomed vs Dugtrio since Extreme Speed can't break the Focus Sash. Dugtrio can't trap Pikachu directly tho because of Fake Out tho which mean the only possible way for Dugtrio to Trap and kill Pikachu is to switch into an electric move or revenge killign Pikachu. That deserves an asterix imo. Omastar, should not have been listed. Magmortar, should not have been listed. Even if your lists were accurate (which they are absolutely not imo), Dugtrio doesn't trap anything on these lists efortlessly. According to you, there are 42 mons above 4% usage. You listed 14 mons on your first inaccurate list. You listed 7 mons on your second inaccurate list. You then listed 13 mons on your third inaccurate list. That's an average of 11.3 mons per list which is below one third of 42 mons in NU, meaning 14 mons. There are 39 mons above the 4.36% reference point that has been used forever. In my updated versions of your lists, the average mons getting trapped would be 6 mons which is also below one third of the 39 mons in NU, meaning below 13 mons. So, there is no universe where your summary statement above is remotely true. Tbh, even thought Focus Sash Dugtrio can accomplish more compared to locked sets imo, I still don't think Dugtrio is more cancerous in NU than it is in other tiers. That's just how Dugtrio is. It traps Ttar, Magnezone, Volcarona, Tentacruel, Jolteon, Excadrill, Infernape, Darmanitan, Breloom, Heracross, Empoleon, Lanturn, Gigalith, Arcanine, Electrode, Bisharp, etc. You mentionned earlier that you think Dugtrio is unhealthy in all tiers and that may be true, but that certainly doesn't mean NU should get some special treatment. Dugtrio should be banned in all tiers or in none imo.
  2. You are correct If you talk king's rock represent a big part of wins, you're talking that less players lose with it If you're not replying to me, who is "you" refering to in your reply to my post.
  3. I never said or implied that.
  4. The item/nature usage shown is only from won games. It means that Cloyster wins 48% of its games and,out of those won games, Cloyster was played 28% of the time with King's Rock. We don't have access to the item/nature usage of lost games, so there is no way to know if King's Rock makes Cloyster better or worse.
  5. In the LC club, we have 4 votes for banning Regenerator + Recycle and 5 votes to keep Regenerator + Recycle. No matter the outcome of this vote, Arena Trap and Download will be banned.
  6. I'm not, that's why I explained to how divide these 15 players in a meaningful manner. Team Africa could easily be seperated into different teams if the player requirement per country were not as restrictive. Madagascar can probably make their own team this year for instance.
  7. The number of tiers reflects on the amount of players required for a country to participate in the WC, right? In WC 3, we had 28 teams and 6 tiers had to be played every week. Of these 28 teams, Poland dropped out after the first week due to lack of players. We also had countries like Venezuela, China, Colombia, Argentina and Peru that had two teams representing them. I was captain of team Canada and I know for a fact that we did not have 6 Canadian players on my team. We also had Rest of Europe, Rest of America and Rest of Asia as teams competing. What is the objective basically? Do the hosts want to fill a 16 teams pool bracket? In that case, we need way more than a 5 tiers format since competing teams will need be huge. Do the hosts want to fill a 32/36 bracket? In that case, you need 4/5 tiers format because last world cup we clearly could not even get 28 competing teams for a 6 tiers format. Imo, the ideal format is a format that ensures we don't end up with "Rest of ..." teams. Those are incredibly unhyped and the direct result of requiring too many tiers having to be played each week. Last WC, team Poland was unable to have 6 players rdy to compete each week, but if they only needed 4 players each week, they probably would have been able to participate. Netherlands had 6 players last WC, but because Rest of Europe needed more players to get a complete roster, Netherlands were denied their team and had to play for Rest of Europe. For that reason, I believe a 4 tiers format is ideal: OU/UU/NU/Dubs. Those are PokeMMO official tiers. It allows us to have more teams which means players are more likely to compete for a country they will want to represent and not somethign meaningless like Rest of America. As for countries with very large amount of players, I think it's pretty simple to divide them in a meaningfull manner. In all sports, we see teams from the same country compete all the time because the teams playing represent cities. So for China, instead of dividing their player base in China A and China B, why not divide them based on China regions/provinces? I don't know much about Chinese culture and geography, so it's probably best to ask chinese players themselves what division would make sense. Let's keep in mind that in WC 3, all the countries that had 2 teams conveniently never had to face each other and were spread into different pools. That's not really fair imo and it would not be necessary if for instance we had to South of Argentina facing the North or Argentina. It might be the same country but the players competing against each other represent different people and different cities. Once again, I know absolutely nothing about Argentina and I don't know what kind of seperation would make sense. If I take France for instance, if the country was divided between Team Pain au Chocolat and Team Chocolatine, I can assure you these teams would compete against each other with everything they had because these two teams hate each other and would never conspire to let one team win to boost their score. For USA, you could have Republicans vs Democrats. It really depends on the country, but there should always be a way, whether that way is geographic, political, cultural or something else, to divide a country into meaningful competing teams. Voting for a format means a lot basically since it dictates pretty much every aspect of the event, so think it through guys. I wouldn't be surprised that with people voting for 8 tiers, we end up with Rest of America A, Rest of America B, Rest of Europe A, Rest of Europe B, Rest of Asia A, etc. That would suck...
  8. There are so many different formats possible that I don't think it's a good question to ask before even figuring out if there will be showdown or not.
  9. I think staff wants to avoid any changes during PvP seasons, so that there is no disruptions during the season itself. The cutoff points for the first 2 months of each cycle make it nearly impossible for anything to drop or rise and, when it comes to tests, they pretty much always last 3 months for that reason as well. I guess it looks more "clean" and simple that way.
  10. Ban Argentina from the event please.
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