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  1. Team Tag: YO Team Name: YO Registered Players: kekgod, HydroGG, JayroZeppeli Team Captain: Kekgod
  2. Forums and discord have a pretty big language barrier. Most of the PvP english speaking community visit forum and discord, it's everyone else that doesn't because there is no point for them to do so. In the case of the chinese community, I believe very few of them have access to discord. Anyone that intends to host a big event probably needs to present that event in at least english, spanish and chinese.
  3. If someone leaves the event before it's over, that person gives away free wins which implies a dead week for many players. This is a huge hype killer for long events. World Cup is just a mess mostly because of team formation. There is no way for the host to verify if someone really comes from a certain country or not, so basically everyone signs up for w.e country. Some countries lack players, so they merge with the teams of other countries or worse the players of a certain country are split into other teams. Some countries have 2 teams while others only one team. If one team of a specific
  4. @PoseidonWrath , can you believe @Lunarck forgot to put Kanicula on the poster. Shameful...
  5. Donations are pretty much all the hype for big events. If you have a lot of events, the donations for each event will be smaller, so you simply can't have too much events at the same time and even in the year overall. Historically, only two events have been able to get significant donations: PSL and World Cup. For a new type of event to work, it needs to be very interesting and I don't think OU/UU/NU/Doubles Cups is really anything special. Swiss tournaments are super long and losers tends to just leave the event, so they give away free wins which leads to disaster. A calendar is nice, but
  6. The Dugtrio/Electrode hype is over xD
  7. Dugtrio's usage and win rate have dropped considerably compared to the beginning of the month. Let's just hope this trend continues. I agree that 10% usage is too much for a cancerous mon like Dugtrio and, long term if it stays used as much as it is now, there is no doubt in my mind that Dugtrio would need to be banned. I'm personally surprised Dugtrio is used as much as it is now. I feel people might have hyped Dugtrio a little bit too much and, now that the hype is fading, NU will go back to normal hopefully.
  8. This seems like a good amount of extra work. Not complaining, but I feel like if you guys are willing to do that, it might be best to put in place the 2019 player tournaments points system as a way to qualify for team tournaments. Something similar to this perhaps: I don't know if it would be possible to make such a point system automatic, but if that is the case it would be imo the best way for teams to qualify for team tournaments.
  9. @PoseidonWrath would not qualify within lava to play the among us qualifiers
  10. . edit: I'm tilted, I click on quote instead of edit everytime with the forum lol
  11. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns MadaraSixSix gbwead Stelian Schuchty Jaawax Lunarck Kanicula Tawla YUBELLLLLLLLLLL Evenils Eastsiideboy AwaXGoku Azphiel Enchanteur Sejuani Pirlo daveN Pinklabel. Team Captain: Mkns
  12. I wish we had more gimmick PVP events like we used to. Monotype, 1v1, Tag Teams, Little Cup, Triples, etc. Those were fun and they spice things up. edit: Triples and Little Cup can be supported through automated tournaments I believe, but other formats are not, so it would also be nice they were added as options.
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