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  1. You pick managers, so it's up to you. Pick managers that want a manager tour, ez.
  2. Draft is fine in theory, but the issue is the draft order and, since there is no fair way to determine the order, draft for PSL is shit. Auction plz.
  3. Oh please do provide a list of active players that want to play the same showdown tier over all pokemmo tiers. Until then, what I said about the community not wanting showdown tiers will remain true. edit: My comment has been posted less than 1 hour ago, but let's not pretend that people haven't complained for a very long time about showdown tiers in PSL. Perhaps, you were too inactive to notice. edit2: From PSL 10 Week 7 thread DPP OU: Kamimiii Dead Player vs SweeTforU Dead Player DPP OU: XPLOZ Dead Player vs Linken Dead Player DPP OU: NikhilR Dead Player vs Elcoolio Dead Player DPP OU: LeJovi Dead Player vs gunthug Dead Player PSL is a competition for the community, so it's not okay for MMO players to get benched in order for dead players to feel relevant.
  4. I don't have to prove anything if the only person that bothers disagreeing with me is an inactive player. Find active MMO players that want to play the same showdown tier over an MMO tier and then we'll talk.
  5. We don't need SM OU, DPP OU or BW OU, because this is PSL: PokeMMO Super League. Most this community don't want or care for Showdown tiers. It's a joke to even consider those an option over any mmo tier.
  6. If they came up with those rules, they probably won't even want to play.
  7. I demand a showdown between Littlefinger and Varys' Little Birds.
  8. Ya, it will be super touching when she skins him alive to steal his face.
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