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  1. I feel people fail to realise that some players haven't played the ladder in over half a year and remain still in the top 100 leaderboard. Grinding the ladder doesn't have to be a daily task.
  2. Ya, I have struggled to explain my idea clearly. Basically, what I'm proposing would only affect official with small brackets, so 128 brackets tournaments would not be affected. So keep in mind nothing would change for large official tournaments and anyone that is fast enough to click on sign up could join. For smaller tournaments, anyone can still join, but a qualifying system would allow players to get a guaranteed seat. Ideally, the ladder could be used as a qualifying system by giving high ranked players a guaranteed spot. If you were around during the old leaderboard tournaments, you will remember that the first 32 players were allowed to sign up and yet we rarely ever saw more than 10 players enter the leaderboard tournaments. This imo imply that if a 64 players tournaments gets hosted, you could be top 200 on the leaderboard and still easily make it in the tournament. And seriously, getting in the top 200 in OU is nothing, a few wins and you're in it. Realistically, the ladder as a qualifying system might not be possible for UU/NU/LC/Dubs which is why I suggested looking at other ways to qualify for tournaments. I think Community Combats or 128 open bracket tournaments could be an interesting way to approach qualifying. When you play in matchmaking, you get battle points + a rank. Why not apply the same idea for Community Combats or 128 open brackets? When you win a duel in a tournament, why not get some battle points + a rank/coins or w.e as well? The rank/coins or w.e currency you would get from playing in those community combats or 128 open brackets would simply be used to give you priority when entering smaller more exclusive official where signing up is an issue. Once again, I'm not saying screw players that didn't grind a rank or the currency. They still can sign up, but they just would not get a guaranteed seat unlike players that grinded. I hope it's more clear, the idea is not to exclude anyone, but just to figure out a way a little bit more fair for tournament sign ups.
  3. Well, is playing 1 round in a shitty cc/ranked/large open tournament worse than relying on a 25% chance to win a clicking competition? If those players prefer that 25% chance of getting in tournament, then this suggestion is not for them and they don't see any issue with our current sign up system.
  4. Absolutely, if matchmaking was working for every tier, this would be easy to set up imo.
  5. Ya, for sure, new players need to still be supported through regular large tournaments and a huge bracket seems fine for those. I was thinking perhaps winning duels in CC and in those open tournaments could award players some kind of currency, like NU coins used to sign up for more exclusive NU tournaments. Imo, someone that can't get passed a single round in an open bracket or in a cc should not be allowed in a small tournament.
  6. Signing up for tournaments has always been problematic. Forum tournaments sign ups were quite terrible and automatic tournaments are now just as bad on a bigger scale. We have a larger competitive scene than ever, more people want to sign up for each official tournaments being hosted and therefore more people get left out of these tournaments. A solution could be to host only large tournaments, but that would lead to very very long tournaments and that's not really enjoyable for everyone. I strongly believe that large tournaments (128) should be available to everyone, but that smaller tournaments (64/32/16) should be supported with some kind of qualifying system, by giving guaranteed seats to deserving players. Sign ups based on qualifications is more fair because people that enter tournaments are not the fastest clickers or the ones with the best connection, but the ones that have proven themselves to be fierce competitors. For instance, if the OU ladder was used to give sign up priority to the high ranked players, people will be highly incentivize to play on the ladder and small tournaments will be more competitive with better players overall. Using the ladder as a qualifying system is just an example. We could also use weekly community combats as a qualifying system. There are multiple ways this could work imo and we desperately need a solution to this sign up problem.
  7. You truly did not understand anything about that duel if that is what you think lmao. Lmao, you're the one that spammed everywhere that you wanted to drop everything from BL/BL2 in order for everything to get tested properly, but now you want Lucario to get quick banned??? That's contradicting yourself. Me stating that Nidoqueen is good against Lucario is not contradicting myself, that's just you lacking basic cognition to understand what I said.
  8. You're right. I'll be in favor of Porygon-Z getting banned if Garchomp gets banned too...
  9. Ya, I was still tilted because of the previous match and didn't play that match up properly, but looking back SD Lucario was no threat at all; I just choked and should have calced. You're easily confused, so don't worry too much about it. A lot of things scream BL on paper and end up being simply good, average or bad. People were crying about Zoroark and Staraptor last month and they both ended up as nothing special really. People were so terrified of Blaziken that it stayed BL2 for the longest time and now it's in untiered. We're talking about a quick ban here. Unless someone can come up with a set for Lucario that sweeps the vast majority of the with little efforts, a quick ban is just not an option for me. Lucario is versatile that doesn't mean it will necessarily be broken and that's why it should be tested.
  10. Lucario can't do everything at once and can't be dealt with offensively because of that. For instance, Toxicroak and Heracross both do not care about the regular special sweeper set that relies on Fighting/Dark coverage. As for counters, I personally used to play Nidoqueen a lot in OU to counter Lucario and it never disappointed me, so even though I didn't really look into it, I'm sure it can be managed. Edit: I'm not saying I will never want it to get banned, but I just don't see why it shouldn't be at least tested.
  11. I vote for Kabutops, Lucario, Metagross and Porygon-Z to drop to UU. Haxorus should remain BL imo tho and a discussion thread on P-Z could be opened right away. I vote for everything below the 4.36% cut-off point in UU to drop in NU. I vote for Arena Trap to get banned in LC. I vote for Garchomp and Wobbuffet to get banned from OU.
  12. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, gbwead, Stelian, Jaawax, MadaraSixSix, Tawla, Lunarck, Schuchty, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL, kiwikidd, Pirlo, Evenils, Kanicula, Eastsiideboy & Pinklabel Team Captain: Mkns
  13. Team Name: Les gentils pokemon Registered Players: kiwikidd mkns madarasixsix Team Captain: madarasixsix
  14. Team Name: Pros and Nularck Registered Players: gbwead stelian lunarck Team Captain: gbwead
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