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  1. Why would you say to that deluded idiot that he is popular?!? We won't hear the end of it now... That was XPLOZ. Iirc his words were "because he is a nice guy" and knowing XPLOZ that was clearly a joke Edit: @EricTheGreat, you stole their manager spot only because you were better than them at kissing jj's ass and that is saying a lot considering they were in LYLE. Don't mistake you getting chosen over them as anything then lack of judgement on jj's part.
  2. Gosh, you are useless.
  3. If you call what you are doing playing, then it goes without saying that you should not be involved in any way with PSL, since this season seems to be for elites or w.e.
  4. For starters, you are an idiot. Also, you had 0% winrate in PSL4.
  5. What he meant is why would trash like you think they are in any position to trashtalk anyone?
  6. Don't lie, we know you play more than Doubles.
  7. There is nothing elite about PokeMMO Doubles, so if we drop 2 tiers I guess rip Doubles ^^.
  8. The Swiss format seems like a good idea, especially considering the various issues that comes with tje Round Robin.
  9. how the fuck did you reply this fast?
  10. Imo, Laz and Jovi have the best chances to get picked.
  11. Ya don't. We wouldn't want you to embarrass yourself more by hiding behind your joke award.
  12. mfw eric is talking about relevance when it took a fucking miracle for him to get chosen last season as a manager and now he thinks lighting will strike twice. cmon lol.
  13. I didn't throw last week, you just suck dude.
  14. LF @LKrenz manager sign up.
  15. I don't want to manage anyways because I don't really have the time and also I don't really trust the people that I assume are in the PSL council. I also want to play VGC if it gets miraculously chosen as a tier.