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  1. good catch @isi1993 Do you wish to replace cristi by any player worth 50 or 100k?
  2. The rosters of all Fantasy Auction participants: CaptnBaklava JulianFNT laz zigh kiwi xondex kriliin madarasixsix chuck tor cali lotus lin RDL aurum lunarck TheDH DoubleJ Suneet To determine the winner of the fantasy auction, I will either create players rankings to compare all the rosters or sum up the wins of all the players from each roster. I will check each roster later to make sure no one exceeded the 5 mil budget. I also will no longer accept roster submission as of this post.
  3. yes Also 2 hours left until the roster submission deadline
  4. Your roster will be compared to all other rosters at the end of the season. If your players got more wins, you win the event and the cash prize. No coin thing.
  5. If you want to participate in this event, don't forget to send me an in game mail like this one with 50k attached:
  6. Porfabor no lo estaba bendiendo es injusto


  7. Porfabor lo siento mucho me equiboq porfabor ayudeme quiten el ban a mi cuenta GAMERREX 

  8. 1) I agree with everything up to the bolded part. Baton pass is absolutely a tiering decision. I agree that a tiering decision doesn't have to be about a specific pokemon, it can be about an entire mechanic, move or something else. "There are 3 main categories which can result in a pokemon or other aspect being banned from a tier. These typically apply to Pokemon, but in special cases, can apply to moves or even abilities as well. These main categories are as follows: Uber, Uncompetitive, and Unhealthy." What I quoted is from our tiering etiquette. Sure uber characteristics (offensive, defensive, support) do not apply to anything aside pokemon themselves. However, Baton Pass, Evasion moves and OP hax items can definitely be looked as potentially uncompetitive. In the case of OP items, they are so considerably bad, that even though they can be uncompetitive at times, it pales in comparison to the dmg they do to the users of these items and therefore they can't be banned as uncompetitive. They are not uncompetitive enough basically. Senile's post about these items still applies today imo:
  9. I disagree with 2 things: 1. What PvP clause is that? The "OP item" clause? That might be a PvP clause, but that doesn't make it a tiering clause. My understanding is that the OP item clause has nothing to do with tiering and more to do with creating a more pleasant environment for pvp players. I am all for that more pleasant pvp environment and I am in favor of getting these items removed. 2. There is 0 balance issue with these items because these items make you lose way more than they might make you win. There might be competitive issues with these items though, but since these items are so bad because of the considerable drawback that comes with playing them, the competitive issues are minor if not insignificant.
  10. ya, i know, i am just making sure this general discussion thread doesnt turn into a tiering discussion thread because it was heading down that road with the posts in the previous page from what i can see
  11. Those items are still not broken and bad overall. I would support if these items get removed as a game design or w.e it should be called decision , but not as a tiering decision.
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