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  1. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    @Osuki, you and mazar related? Just kidding btw xD I really enjoyed reading that drama ^^
  2. Counter to Venusaur?

    The biggest advantage Weezing has over Crobat is less weaknesses. Spdef Weezing would for instance be able to switch with more ease against Porygon, Tentacruel or Milotic. Crobat is usually a better switch against Heracross unless Heracross does Rock Slide and then spdef Weezing would definetly be better. Weezing is also a better choice if you seek to stall since Pain Split/Wow are better for longevity and Haze usually is better on Weezing than Crobat. Overall, Crobat pressures the opponent while Weezing stalls the opponent. For that reason, Crobat is imo a high risk/high reward Venusaur counter while Weezing is a low risk/low reward Venusaur counter.
  3. Counter to Venusaur?

    Spdef Weezing is also pretty good against Venusaur. I would consider it a counter.
  4. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I can't tell if your post is sarcastic or not, but to me that looks more like a reason to not ban venusaur.
  5. The first automated tournament you organize is a Doubles tournament!!! Shame on you K9.
  6. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    Introducing a new tier like RU is the worst thing that could happen to this game. It is imperative to build a strong player base around the few tiers we currently have instead of dividing the player base among multiple tiers. Players that wish to compete won't stay long if they have no one to compete against.
  7. How the fuck did that happen?
  8. [LTS] Donation Thread

    LC will probably be way more popular after the update as well; current LC players won't have to rebreed their comps to compete and LC should be way more balanced if we get eviolite. I wouldn't be surprised if LC becomes at first more popular than something like NU for instance and that's why it probably deserves a spot in events like LTS or PSL.
  9. [LTS] Donation Thread

    Iirc, when Riga and I talked, we decided to not start the event until we reach at least 36 mil of prize pool. We also need a minimum of 11 weeks for the entire event: at least 2 weeks for manager sign ups, player sign ups, the pre-season auction and the formation of alliances, 6 weeks of Round Robin, 2 weeks of Alliances Showdown and 1 week of Civil War. For this reason, we can't start before the update. If Zebra wants to host PSL right after the update, LTS would get cancelled and all the donation money would go to PSL 9 like it was mentionned in this thread.
  10. I have a dream...

    ... 2 months actually because there is a "yoyo" rule that prevents any pokemon that move up to drop down directly the subsequent month.
  11. You opened a thread officialising the death of the game lmao

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