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  1. zebra vs gbwead in 10 mins One uguu is going down. Which one tho?
  2. You are legit full of shit with your claim that the only rng that mattered in our duel is the one that made you lose. If you expect anyone to believe that crap when you don't even remember the pokemons you played, you're a bigger selfcentered fool than I thought.
  3. Idk man, jj is acting friendly and nice these days. Really strange. I don't think he has what it takes - for good salty drama - following his menopause.
  4. At least, he doesn't make up excuses when he loses.
  5. @BurntZebra, can you believe how poorly behaved your managers are? That's why you need me in that manager pm to make sure they don't attack your integrity.
  6. You can't. These are your rules. All the power is in @LifeStyle's hands now.
  7. You know what to do @BurntZebra.
  8. Got 3-0d by his hax.
  9. WTF edit: How? Just how?
  10. fight me
  11. He was your favorite from the start. I knew it.
  12. I didn't want to make you more biais than you already were.
  13. @BurntZebra If I win, you add me to the manager pm for a week. If I lose, I stfu completly for an entire week. Deal?
  14. you're really asking for the u mom no u dad jokes?
  15. 41k