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  1. gbwead

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Gigalith should stop sun teams relatively well imo. Typhlosion has a lot of answers and even counters, so Typhlosion would imo never fit offensive uber characteristics. However, those answers might just not be viable and Typhlosion might be too centralising for that reason. If people are forced to run defensive Lampent, Mantyke, Dragonair, Charizard, Flygon, Aerodactyl, Vibrava, Altaria, Slowking, Jellicent or Vaporeon in UU and if these mons are all shit, Typhlosion would be banworthy. There is just too much stuff to test imo.
  2. gbwead

    Spectating matchmaking duels

    There are so many matchmaking duels happening at the same time lately that spectating the duel of your friends can be quite difficult. It would be great if the color code friends/teammate was applied for matchmaking/tournaments in order to find friends' duels faster.
  3. Good thing you are no longer staff then xD
  4. It would be nice if, similarly to what doc did in PSL 9 for choosing his team name, the hosts did an auction for choosing the name of this PSL edition.
  5. Oh you're one of those people, in that case, fight me gen 7 LC, whoever loses must donate 500k to this season.
  6. 10 pages of hype already, but PSL is dead? jajaja
  7. True, I guess I need to write you and all the dead players off the script now xD
  8. Wouldn't the shadow-host be the one writing the script and not the one reading it tho?
  9. Me, playing Doubles, please, it's not even a tier. If I was involved with hosting PSL in any way, why would DPP be included right now and why would coaching not be allowed?
  10. The best DPP players last season were Linken and @Kamimiii. Please go away.
  11. Ya and I hope we can get rid of the dead showdown players of the community that bring the competitive scene down. Sorry that DPP sucks, but that's just the way it is.
  12. No, the french showdown PSL was created for a specific community of players which is no way comparable to the one here. It's pretty obvious after the recent seasons that the showdown tiers are incredibly weak competitively and I 100% blame the dead showdown players for that.
  13. Well the point of the event was to pander to the dead french players, so the objective wasn't the same.
  14. VGC 2018, USUM OU and some scums voted for DPP OU, so we're stuck with that crap there unfortunetly.
  15. I mean nothing is stopping the veteran mmo competitive scene to run a similar event to PSL with only showdown tiers.

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