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  1. You need to do 4 recover to get out of the 3HKO from Tri Attack and 6 recover to get back to full HP. The odds of getting a status from Tri Attack are extremely high. 1 -(0.8x0.8x0.8x0.8x0.8x0.8) = 74% chance to status When the odds of getting a status are that high with 0 risk involved, I would not say: "Hey status might come or not. It is RNG." This is not binary RNG with 50/50 odds, maybe yes, maybe no. We're talking about Tri Attack spam which breaks through P2 most of the time, that's not a guess, it's an expectation based on odds. UU Season 4 has the weakest l
  2. This has nothing to do with stall. A lot of people in this very thread that do not play stall have claimed that P-Z should be banned. Those P2 vs PZ analogies need to stop. They are so wrong. PZ ruins all playstyles. P2 ruins only Offense. There is a huge difference. PZ has been tested twice already. Enough is enough. UU has been completly deserted and no one cares to compete in that format anymore.
  3. Wallbreakers are designed to have little to counters, sure. That's not the issue and no one is disputing that. The problem is that a wallbreaker needs a good amount of prediction in order to wallbreak which is absolutely not the case with P-Z that can spam 1 single move, Tri Attack, against pretty much 95% of the tier. Idk what Heracross in NU has to do with this.
  4. I don't know if I am imagining things or if your post was removed, but didn't you ask recently for Gigalith and Slowbro to get banned from NU.
  5. true, i forgot there was a uu tournament not long ago too
  6. @Redalie is the most beautiful man in this game for sure
  7. Imo, devs should add to the PvP Mystery Boxes a chance to get an "IV ticket" to boost the IVs of gift mons, or at least matchmaking reward gift mons.
  8. AuraForce won against Lunarck 10 mins ago.
  9. P-Z with 100% win rate in tournament UU finals, but let's wait another month just to make sure it's not really broken... smh
  10. With our current usage right now, P-Z outspeeds 2/3 of the tier. The 12 mons that outspeed P-Z all get OHKO by Spec Tri Attack from P-Z and less than half of them have access to a move that can OHKO P-Z. I think it's safe to say that P-Z is an extremely serious and dangerous threat. It may not be able to hard switch on much, but it's not that difficult to get a free switch thanks to u-turn, volt switch, teleport or simply as a revenge killer. When I look at UU, I only see 5 mons that can switch into Tri Attack Spec Porygon-Z: Bronzong (Special Wall), Dusclops, Empoleon, Giga
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