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  1. I would able to show my opponents team before battle instead. That would be more fun and spectating wouldnt be important as it is right now. But meh.. its just me.
  2. more love for this suggestion please
  3. Winterclaw

    Basic GTL observations over 3 months

    Good listing. leppas actually increased little bit over 1400 and seen them sold 1450+ a few days ago, but 1350 is lowest i have sold since last month. Btw, hydregion 16m, should be 1.6m i think :)
  4. Winterclaw

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    what about adding HA pill parts into NU/UU matchmaking? like X wins = Xparts = 1 HA pill. This will surely make matchmaking better for NU/UU tiers and selling those pills in GTL would help economy to grow.
  5. Winterclaw

    MMO NU Teambuilding Compendium

    thanks for guide. Can you add these? butterfree QD setup tauros choice item user banette spinblocker golduck CM setup
  6. Winterclaw

    PokeMMO OU Teambuilding Compendium

    I'd like to see that special wall aero set and reason behind it to make one, i mean to wall what pokemon etc. I'm asking this beacuse i want to see how effective she can be as a defensive rather than her usual offensive roles in team.
  7. Winterclaw

    PokeMMO OU Teambuilding Compendium

    how come aero is special wall? :O Missplaced?
  8. Winterclaw


    In-game name: Winterclaw Country: Turkey Tiers signed up for: OU/UU/NU Discord name: Winterclaw
  9. Winterclaw

    Winterclaw's Shop/EV Training Service - Closed for now

    Hey there mm o/ :D
  10. Winterclaw

    Quick Wishlist

    this. and battle party option like in heldhand games. so i can be in queue for pvp while doing some other shit hunting/breeding etc.
  11. Winterclaw

    Catch Rate Revert

    what was the reason to change catch system anyway? Economics? :PP
  12. Winterclaw

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    I hate when i see veteran players mocks with newbies' problems or their play time... There is no point to post something if you are not gonna answer his question unless you wanna act like a cool guy with stupid replies. Now to your question Duo, there are many posts about catching rate these days, your best bet is false swipe/spore smeargle/breloom. As stated above already some pokemons are simply much harder to catch. You'll get used to it eventually. As for breeding, you better check money making guides here on forums. I would suggest you to do GYM runs on all 3 regions and Morimoto battle(dont forget amulet coin on 1 of your pokemons btw) that will give you steady 250k+ a day, that would be enough to spent pokeballs, everstones, braces. Also try to catch your own breeders. There is also a guide for species with 100%/near 100% spawn rate with. About BF; i cant remember when i last battle there but NPC pokemons can have HA's. So be ready to get WoW'd by a Sableye before your fastest pokemon's attack. Checking pokemons movesets with ingame pokedex is also more accurate since bulbapedia and pokemmo are not totally same. Good luck, i hope you playtime here reaches 4 digit numbers soon :)
  13. Winterclaw

    [läva] Team läva

    Happy new year team!
  14. Winterclaw

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Happy new year guys :)

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