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  1. CaptainGrey

    Quick Wishlist

    Why amnesia brace isn't yet tradeable? Sounds stupid now all others items are.
  2. Daaaaaammmm finally !! Gratz for your promotion tyrone, well deserved :3

  3. yes the french get a yellow card for this. Thanks ref
  4. Nice, now send us a screenshot from koscielny hand
  5. who cares, anti game is winner anyway
  6. Joke of the match. and the guy pray after this. What a fair play
  7. Told you too much luck. Fucking shit. This is the win of anti game. Fuck you portugal you don't deserve your shit football is a shame.
  8. Portugal is too lucky today. They can't lose
  9. 20+ Like on this post and I post a selfie from me before the match on Sunday :D
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