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  1. Why amnesia brace isn't yet tradeable? Sounds stupid now all others items are.
  2. 10 people in, joke of the century. I gave 100k to each people was here and I am sorry for the inconvenience. Also gave comp and money to mike for unofficials. Will apparently not be missed. Bye
  3. Lol it is not really what i heard but i can be wrong, Also there is a difference between reject someone and be disreprectfull with someone wants to join. You don't like me, it's fine i don't like you either, you don't want me in your team? well i don't want you in my tournament. I don't know if you have been traumatized in your childhood but you apparently like to humiliate and trashtalk people behind your computer (it is kinda easy ik). On those works i'll not miss you for sure so bye-bye
  4. You have to answer a little quiz to be in: 1. Who's my favorite soccer player 2. What is my favorite TV serie 3. What is the name of my mother 4. Who is my best friend in pokemmo 5. What was my favorite pokemon when i was child 6. What is the last concert i saw in live You have not the right to fail ok
  5. I want a fullscreenl of skittys when Noad is loggin on
  6. HYPE !! (OU is cancer, bat Luv you)
  7. Bump, I want more people in, come oooon, don't tell me prize isn't attractive.
  8. Daaaaaammmm finally !! Gratz for your promotion tyrone, well deserved :3

  9. yes the french get a yellow card for this. Thanks ref
  10. Nice, now send us a screenshot from koscielny hand
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