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  1. Hello, I recently had to create a ban appeal. Just wondering if anyone has experience with these or knows round about how long it takes to hear back from anyone. I'm currently on day 3 and it's still awaiting staff. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I just have a question, where can I post for team recruiting here on the forums ?
  3. Thank you, I actually do see you online often lol
  4. Hello, I play often. Looking for people to play with. I enjoy shiny hunting, ev training, really anything. I have a discord, I'm a game developer so I have many projects here and there. Big time gamer. Pm me your IGN and I will add you. Just looking for friends I guess lol
  5. I know right 😂 so many jerk offs on the Internet
  6. Hello, I've played pokemmo for years. Just wondering as a game developer. How would I go about joining the dev team ? Who should I pm ? I'm also a experienced programmer, C#
  7. True, but it doesn't work. The people in the chat have chosen their base language in game as English. But aren't using it. Thus everyone who choses english. Will see them
  8. Lol well I mean the game is in ENGLISH it asks what language you prefer when you boot the dang thing. Not that hard
  9. Thanks guys :D see you in the game!
  10. Welcome man, this game is amazing so prepare your yourself lol
  11. Hey guys,Im new to Pokémmo but not to Pokémon in general. I've actually played since I was 6 ... (21 now) I believe by this time im above novice (ev's, iv's all that..). I love this game, the competition, the people , but most of all just Pokémon so I get on everyday. Im really looking forward to battling everyone I can, but what im REALLY interested in is finding a legit, and active team with nice goals. So far I haven't seen any appealing goals for any team... :/ but hopefully that changes. I am a very talented artist ,hacker, and musician and look to use my knowledge towards helping others out. If anyone knows of a amazing team please point me in there direction. :]
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