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  1. Team KYOKI Drifting Organization.

  2. Brah. I go 0-100 Real Quick. Drift Build going well. The s14 is ready. time to go Drifting :)

  3. My main artists QuESt, Logic the young Sinatra. And Jcole

  4. i kinda wish for Tyranitar to be un banned but removing its ability, sandstorm and replaceing it with something else,  and maybe downgrading its stats to make it more balanced and less threatening if possible. thank you for considering :)
  5. Team Cloud Nine [CiX]

  6. Welcome man. Enjoy ur stay. If u have any questions feel free to ask me :)
  7. Proud Member of Team Zvis, best team ever :*

  8. 240sx, 2jz swapped :D drift build going well

  9. Sighs, can i get at least one comp team going as a build jeezus

  10. that would be really cool, and convenient to keep track of cash as well :D
  11. I have been wondering this for a while, but wouldn't it be cool and more convenient for us if in our Pokemon party (box) where it displays the 6 Pokemon in our party, if it also displayed the gender and level of the Pokemon, just like it does when your Pokemon are in PC box. I think it would make breeding and training a bit more easier to keep a track of what level you're Pokemon are :D   Thanks in advance for hearing my idea out :D  
  12. I Like Tacos ! :D

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