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  1. I play Wc xOptimusPrimex vs Evenils / GL (10 mints)
  2. Me gusta la idea del tour :D espero poder participar <3
  3. Golduck, the ability of this pokemon does not work, would you know if it will be repaired?
  4. IGN: xOptimusPrimex País: España/Marruecos Niveles: NU y UT
  5. Hello communitty. I'm looking for help because I got a big problem when tried to sell my Kyu Hat. I was trying to sell my Kyu Hat to gather some money to make some competitive pokemon and events for my team. When I was wrritting the price for my Kyu Hat to upload it to GTL system the lag attacked me and I published my Kyu Hat for "320 000" instead of "320 000 000". I know is completely my mistake but I think I don't deserve that. I'm asking for your help to have that Kyu Hat back. Please If you give me back my Kyu Hat I will give you the money you paid for it + some millions as a reward. I will share the screen shot of the traggic moment. Please communnity help me with that and thank you for read me. Have an excellent day. https://imgur.com/a/HsKS9mG
  6. Jugador uno: ZiamNivek Jugador dos: Ulbud Nombre del equipo: Ulbud Huele
  7. Jugador uno: ZiamNivek Jugador dos: Ulbud Nombre del equipo: Ulbud Huele
  8. Me parece una idea genial para darle "vida" al frente batalla, aunque eso deberia ser implementado por los Staff y no por un usuario, mis respetos al Profesor Einstein.
  9. ? Donde me registro Nombre: OrigenesESP
  10. Hola, soy OrigenesESP. ¿No crees que en la tienda de regalos puede colocar una sección de compra de dinero para jugar?
  11. MUchos canales :P Suerte Many channels :P Good luck
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