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  1. Mailed you a poke. You weren't online. Thank you in advance!
  2. I currently play this game on a blackberry. And the forced apps that make it portrait mode make my text illegible. Looking at the screen sideways while typing on my keyboard is frustrating. Please.
  3. Blue And Orange flaming skull mask.
  4. Honestly as long as I can play matchmaking and use team chat. That's all I really need.
  5. Shiny male jigglypuff value?
  6. Thanks for the short but sweet message and appreciation.
  7. It would be named, "The rise and fall of Pokemmo's greatest comp player"
  8. I have enough trouble with signing in once a week and my reward is my GTL listings don't get taken down.
  9. GBush


    Yeah, gunthug comes through. FTW.
  10. GBush


    The real question is going to be is my tablet powerful enough to run this? Lel
  11. Does yen even matter when you need a shiny OT pory asap.
  12. The time of hatching 1000 porygons seems more tedious though.
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