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  1. ◄Your nick: Ralts ◄Which pokemon or character do you want: Shiny: Sceptile, Ralts, Unown-Z ◄Style/Others: a nice one ◄Text: my name and GxNo ◄Team Tag: GxNo ◄Animation: yes/no 100% yes
  2. ill reserve my spot too just in case lol -Ralts (edit I can tell I haven't posted in a while because my whole profile lol I need to def change that signature pic)
  3. i think we should put them in mystery boxes but leave them as a elusive pokeball. I enjoy the rarity of items.
  4. smeel good? last i smelt rain it smelt like some nasty ass fish.
  5. HAAAAA oops oh well rip his text box ill keep that in mind for future
  6. ha well of course the zard wasnt hatched but you know what im saying XD
  7. ha sorry i was trying to figure out a better way to do it
  8. 13/17/12/31/10/31 EDIT: fixed name (thanks awkways and Summrs)
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