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  1. Must be why I have plenty of pokemmo friends and 80-90% of the people in this forum I have never seen or heard about in game. I’ve been playing for a long time ;)
  2. Every post I see about Einstein always involves the word ‘competitive.’ Fuck. Competitive. Thank you
  3. Also I motion if Bestfriends were to lose this election, let’s just make him president of Pokemmo. #Trump2020 #KeepPokeMMoGreat #MemesAreFun #BF2020
  4. Let’s be honest. Whoever has more dedicated voters will win xD #altsRunThePoll #BF2020
  5. pretty much everything bestfriends does. But why do events have to be the cause for me to vote for a mayor? like I said above, events are not a cause for a vote.
  6. I have 2057 hours of nothing but shiny hunting. I see plenty of people sitting in verm. ummm and they have plenty of catching contest. Id like to see more non comp stuff from einstein if he wants support from me. Im good with the same ol same ol
  7. I see this being his only term. He will run out or money in a few months. Then we will have a dead mayor till the next election xD plus just voting for a dude cause hes handing out shit, yalls some greedy people
  8. couldnt of been said better xD pretty much the point I was trying to prove with my posts, Well said Zehkar
  9. ill say it again. Its more than any other mayor would do. einstein is trying to hand stuff out to the rich xD sooooooo
  10. I told you his claim. Giving his own stuff to new players. Its up to the new players what they do further from that whether its being a pesty beggar or taking it and just going through their journey. Its more than what any other mayor would do. And Bestfriends sees it as a help. Let the man hand out free shit and "improve the poverty" if he wants. At the end of the day its the chinese that controls the economy anyways xDDDD and a tuxedo, flat cap or box wont buy someone a shiny or expensive vanity anyways xD but im sure the new people are thankful. its better than nothing for sure.
  11. at least the dude is out here doing his 'mayoral duties' Lets be honest if anyone else were mayor they wouldn't do any of that shit. Reasons why everyone backed out. All I see of Einstein is wanting to do tournaments 2-3 times a night. He can do that as a regular player, I don't get why he has to be mayor to do tournaments and I don't think anyone else understands that either. Plus as mayor you dont have an income, so when Einstein is giving out 20m worth of prizes 2-3 times a night, what happens when his money turns low, hes broke. What will happen to this great Competitive community help? Oh yeah Einstein will do the same thing everyone else who backed out of the voting would do. nothing. Bestfriends is actually out here trying to make 'Mayor of Pokemmo' more than the meme it is. In the end of Einstein itd be a bigger meme than it already is.
  12. He improved the economy by handing stuff out to new players. That’s pretty straight forward and of course it’s a pretty fictional thing because in an online video game how would he actually have statistic on improving the economy. That is absolutely impossible. Best friend wants his campaign and his motives to look legit and to a real life mayor improved economy is a real thing. I completely see why bestfriends ignores this because he already answers it with each of his posts by saying he hands out ‘tuxedos, flat caps’ and whatever else his heart desires. For a fictional game bestfriends makes mayor and he feels like mayor is a true thing. With how much heart he puts the this. I have full respect for it, as weird as it may be sometimes. I believe this is what he truly enjoys.
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