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  1. Someone will have to fact check this, I was under the impression that Return had the potential to be stronger than Frustration. tfw I got all my comps with return to 100% happiness thinking it was better. EDIT: I mean from a certain viewpoint the happiness system makes sense.  Pokemon are like pets, and if you treat your pet so badly it's at 0% happiness it's gonna be damn happy when you give it away, which could cause the happiness to raise.  This is a pretty good way of making this issue a little less annoying.  With things like Eevee you only have to get the pokemon up to 87% happiness once then you're done after it evolves.  However with Return/Frustration every time you trade the Pokemon or it gains/loses happiness you need to do whatever to lower/raise the happiness of that Pokemon.  Although at the same time I like the mechanic, happiness just needs to be a bit easier to modify but I'm sure that issue has already been made apparent.
  2. jesus christ that's really cool EDIT: I don't get why that's the thumbnail though
  3. Happy to have you here controversy.  I came here from Oldschool Runescape a little over a year ago, and while this game isn't as grind-heavy it still feels very rewarding when you accomplish something.  Welcome to the PokeMMO community and I hope you enjoy your stay o7
  4. if it's something I would see at any decent public place where I could take my family without being embarrassed I'd consider it appropriate enough to post.  In this case you'd see a girl in a bikini if you went to a beach, swimming pool, or lived really anywhere on the coast, which are all family appropriate places. tl dr if it's appropriate I wont remove it Edit:  If anyone replies with suggestive remarks those will be removed though, and if it becomes more trouble than it's worth then it'll likely be removed, but people of off-topic have shown that they can be mature in this thread at least so I doubt that'll be an issue.
  5. this topic inspired me to start working out and stuff, so gonna take progress pics to see where im at in a month or two.  I'm skinny thanks to a high metabolism or something, so I never really saw a reason to exercise but seeing how you guys manage to fit working out into your busy schedules makes me realize I should just get up and do it
  6. I won't delete them from here if they follow the rules here  and here, however the POYT thread is off limits.  If you want to post a picture of the progress of your fitness routine or w/e I have no issues with it, but it does need to be kept PG-13, and of course harassment will not be allowed period.  I'd also like to warn that you should make sure any pictures you post here aren't able to be google image searched back to say your facebook or some other personal account like that if you value your privacy.
  7. The three IVs that are passed down are random, unless you brace a stat.  You can brace two stats, one from each parent, or if like in your example one of the parents is everstoned, you can brace one stat and then 2 other IVs will be randomly selected to pass down to the child if I remember correctly.  The remaining 3 IVs would be averaged
  8. I've been looking for a dark theme like this for a while now, and you've done a lovely job in making this one.  I'll be downloading it later tonight and will probably never change it \o/
  9.   Thank you both for the information, I've updated the guide with this info.
  10. In depth details of the process; [spoiler] Forretress 1 :     Parents 1         ditto 1;                 28-30                     26-27                 21-23 (bracing)                 12-13                 24-25                 7-8                      father 1 ("Impish"(everstoning; free))                 20-23                 28-31                 1-4                 23-26                 30-31                 5-8       Offspring 1 ("Impish"(everstoned; free)"Female"(5k)                 19-27                 25-31                 21-23 (braced; 15k)                 21-29                 21-29                 7 # I forgot to screenshot this set of pokes              Parents 2         mother = Offspring 1 ("Impish"(everstoning; free))             19-27             25-31             21-23             21-29             21-29             7                  father = (see "Ledyba_Breed")         # I used a ledyba here because I needed to pass Light Screen to pineco             19-28             24-26             24-28             12-19             29-30             20-23 (bracing; 15k) Screenshot; [spoiler] [/spoiler]     Ledyba_Breed [spoiler]         mother ledyba             17-21             15-19             25-29             22-26             20-27             20-24 (bracing)                      father trapinch             20-24             25-29             25-29             10-14             25-29             10-14         Ledyba_Offspring (Male; 5k)         19-28         24-26         24-28         12-19         29-30         20-23 Screenshot; [spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]     Final_Offspring ("Impish"(everstoned twice; free) "Female"(had to buy gender twice; 10k))         23-24         25         21-26         17-18         24-29         22         Braces used = 3; 45k ~Total Cost~ 55k and two Everstones My breeds definitely aren't the best, but they're evidence that a useable comp can be made for really cheap.  
  11. didn't pay attention to the sets I was calcing against, 0 Atk Dragonite Focus Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 256-302 (70.7 - 83.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery In this case it'd probably be better to run superpower since focus punch is only gonna work once and, 0 Atk Dragonite Superpower vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 204-242 (56.3 - 66.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery -1 0 Atk Dragonite Superpower vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 136-162 (37.5 - 44.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery two superpowers will do like 93 - 110% damage or something if you take into account that every time you superpower it does - 1 attack and defense EDIT : lel dragonite got banned
  12. Ludicolo Ability: Swift Swim Item: Leftovers Nature: Adamant EV's: Attack: 252, hit at least 101 speed and the rest in HP Moveset: *Thunderpunch *Waterfall *Swords Dance *Rain Dance If you manage to get a Swords Dance and a Rain Dance out Waterfall is going to do some serious damage to everything.  It's really fun but I haven't used it much cause it's kinda frail and needs 2 turns to set up, and still only 2hkos a lot of things.   Dragonite Ability: inner focus Nature: Modest / Mild EVs: Mine is 252 HP 252 Sp Atk, but speed can be added to outspeed whatever threats. Moveset: *Thunderbolt *Ice Beam *Substitute *Focus Punch 0- Atk Dragonite Focus Punch vs. 0 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 228-270 (69 - 81.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Even modest focus punch hurts blissey which would otherwise completely stop sp atk nite.  Mainly this setup is to surprise people. Alternatively I want to try superpower instead of focus punch, but haven't gotten around to it. EDIT : Innerfocus is the only ability for dnite, thanks draekyn o/  
  13. Lanturn 1 Results [spoiler]    parents 1              mother 1;             3-7             x             24-29 (bracing)             25-30             25-30             24-29              father 1;             24-26 (bracing)             x             8-10             22-24             22-24             23-25 Offspring 1 ("female" (cost 5k))         26 (braced father; 15k)         x         24-29 (braced mother; 15k)         26         23-24         23-25              parents 2              mother 2;             26 (bracing; 15k)             x             24-29             26             23-24             23-25              father 2; ("Calm" (Everstoning; free))             4-6             x             30-31             20-23             27-29             30-31 Finished Result ("female"(bought twice;10k) "Calm"(everstoned once; free)"Volt Absorb"(ability pill used; 35k))         26 (braced HP twice; 30k)         x         24-31 (braced once; 15k)         22-24         26-27         28 ~Total Cost~ 90k [/spoiler]
  14. So far the only two pokes I've bred with the new system was Flygon and Metagross. Flygon: [spoiler] Nature: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Stats: [spoiler] [/spoiler] EVs: [spoiler] [/spoiler] IVs: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Moveset: [spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] This one was bred using a jolly female Trapinch that DragonRS had caught as well as a few of my own females, and a 31 speed Surskit I had lying around.  Wish I could've gotten a better Attack IV, but it's done great so far regardless of the average IVs. I have plans of changing this flygons moveset a little now that I've tested it a bit, and I'm gonna be making an entirely new one with a gimmicky moveset. Metagross: [spoiler] Nature: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Stats: [spoiler] [/spoiler] EVs: [spoiler] [/spoiler] IVs: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Moveset: (inb4 scouted ;-; ) [spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] This metagross was made from pure RNG.  The Beldum I'll show in a second was literally the first Beldum I found, and it had beautiful IVs.  Then all I needed was an adamant Ditto with good IVs, and guess what I found on my 17th or so catch \o/ The Metagross breeders(it only took one Beldum and one Ditto): [spoiler] [/spoiler] What I did here was Everstone the adamant Ditto and Brace the Beldums Attack so I'd have even stats all around.  What I didn't know was that 31 HP got directly inherited from Beldum and 31 Defence from Ditto and it came as quite a shock when I saw 30-31 HP and Defense on the baby. EDIT :: Added EVs and Stats.
  15. DaftKitteh


    Shiny starmie is blue, goes fast, and can be comp.  It's a pleasure to meet you my blue friend o/
  16. Cat tails pls DarkShade. Preferably black because it'd look good with my outfit \o/ Which slot the item would go in: Backpack Image of Item: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  17. I think I met you the other day on Teamspeak.  Welcome to PokeMMO Burn. o/
  18. Just me and some old friends hanging out at viridian pond when suddenly me and my nidoqueen became jesus. [spoiler] [/spoiler] This screenshot is old lol, R.I.P. [spoiler] Rip mariah, rip olga, rip Wish [/spoiler]
  19. Damn gilian, this guide is too well thought out for me.  I was just gonna stick two pokes in the fusion machine and "refine" them until I did something right.  I'm gonna bookmark this and use it for reference later, thank you o/
  20. hasn't been a post, so rating on the incredibly simplistic  please note my monitor has a really weird display, so the colors probably look a little different for me than they do for you 
  21. lel brb copyrighting DaftMariahhhh username   EDIT: Done, best username in all of PokeMMO is MINE 
  22. [spoiler]  [/spoiler]  This is how I celebrated 4/20.  I was making a payday/trick/falseswipe/spore smeargle to give away for easter, and named it Nugget 4 20 in celebration, and ended up with 420 xp to the last level needed to get the next sketch for the last move :3 
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