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  1. The biggest issue I have with this game is that the only part I actually find enjoyable is comp, but it's too ridiculously expensive or tedious to make a new comp poke. Making a change to make Swords Dance more affordable would be one small change to make things a little bit less of a pain in the ass, and it's the little changes that this game needs right now. The core mechanics of a fun game are there, it just needs some tweaking. 75k is definitely way too much for a single move though.
  2. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-424286137 I am become death
  3. and I thought I was drunk lmao
  4. that sounds expensive though I still gotta save up for a Porshe Boxster, which means ramen noodles and cheap pizza every night lmao I thought that might be the issue though.
  5. 19, got like 14 days til I turn 20. and no A buddy I work with suggested some kind of protein powder, does that stuff actually help?
  6. 8 months of moderate exercise and 3 months of working construction and I still weigh as much as I did when I was 14 how 2 gain muscle plz help
  7. You've got good taste Pink Floyd is better though
  8. did we ever figure out exactly what it was and how it worked 2lazy to read entire thread
  9. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/21-trash/
  10. gtfo I was just getting into Linux when I got a job TLDR: me making excuses to hide the fact that I can't even install Arch
  11. GUYS DESU VIEWED MY PAGE, BIG BROTHER HAS NOTICED ME I can go back to being rip peacefully now, with no regrets
  12. Gizmo Inactive Developer ^^^^^^^ you already quit tho EDIT: have I ever told you your avatar is fucking adorable
  13. My theme is completely fucking ruined, and I never even got to finish it god dammit. What a fucking waste. On the bright side, the new website actually looks a whole lot better, so all I'll have to do is change the colors to make it match my computer's theme. I don't come here often enough to waste that kind of time on it though. Overall 7/10 design. Looks a little bland, kinda like a mobile page, but that's not uncommon for websites/apps these days, and the simplicity of it does make it easier to use. I think I mostly dislike it just because it's white and I'm used to all my forums being dark(Either because I recolor them myself, or they're already dark. It's easier on my eyes.) old picture of my theme. Can't show any of the changes I made since then though, because it's completely broken now.
  14. Congrats on becoming staff~

  15. I didn't want to say it myself cause it would make me look like I'm fishing for attention, but you guys nailed it on the head
  16. I'm already remembered how I'd like to be remembered: Nobody knows who I am.   Someday you will realize your dream young one, someday.  Giving people false hope is fun Edit: Ryuko, you're fucking awesome, I'll always remember you.  Needs more o3o though
  17. lmao that flinch on altaria adding insult to injury
  18. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-327149284 I AM THE BATON PASS KING
  19. let me just say this is a terrible idea and you should feel bad about it r u evn a real kat Regardless, welcome back
  20. DaftKitteh


    You're very rude, and you sound like you have a false sense of entitlement.  Typically I welcome people to the game, because it's cool to see new faces, but I don't think you'd really be welcome here.  As for your problem, it's probably your internet connection.  I didn't update the game for ages and it still finished updating in under 10 minutes.  Check your internet connection, restart your router etc. 
  21.   [spoiler] [/spoiler] Problem solved, use Linux   In all seriousness it's actually not a bad idea.  The OSBuddy client for OSRS had one and it was infinitely useful because I always had the notepad in the client.  Whenever I started the game, it would open the notepad in the sidebar as opposed to me having to navigate to where the .txt was, open it, edit it, and minimize/maximize the window all the time.  Little conveniences add up to a better game.  
  22. Akshit, don't you think you're being a bit optimistic there? Edit: Op, good idea.  If it makes EV training easier(Allowing for two kills in one battle = more EVs per battle) then it'd be a great addition to the game.
  23. I remember talking with someone a while back about this and it was suggested that it be advertised in the login message.  Just a short two lines that shows up in the chat box whenever you first login which mentions the Forums and/or Teamspeak would probably bring a lot more people there.  If nothing else, it lets users know that we do have a forum board/Teamspeak. 
  24. Yes, however because you're breeding Parent A with Parent B, you get Child A.  Child A is neither of the parents, so technically it's not the same Pokemon, making it impossible to obtain Egg Moves on Parent A/B(Excluding moves that are able to be learned via TM) after they've been removed, which is why they're added to the Move Relearner. A quote from the Move Reminder's Bulbapedia page:   This seems to imply that the intention of the NPC was in fact to make unobtainable moves obtainable again.  I don't disagree with you, I'd like to see this suggestion implemented too, but since they are able to be learned from the BP tutor, I don't think adding their moves to the Move Relearner fits with the intended purpose of the NPC.  Lore is also important when making an MMO.  I also don't disagree with your remark about taking a lot of time.  BP is much easier and more fun to get now than it used to be though.  I think a better solution would be a discount service added to the BP tutor, where you get a discount for buying a move a second time, but that's just like, my opinion man.  Perhaps even lowering the BP cost of outrageously expensive moves(Iirc Surf on Pikachu is 25k(?)).
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