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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOO cue low content post ban so uh, when do I get to play ;_;
  2. Welcome to PokeMMO, you think they do this for the money? cuz that too
  3. This thread literally hurts my brain. Looking at it this way, if I accidentally list my poke/item for way undervalued nobody is at fault for this except me. I've actually done this before listing a shiny magikarp for 10% of the actual cost. It sucks, but users fault for drinking too much before tryna sell something on GTL, no fault for someone seeing it and buying it as quickly as they can. Like Rache said, if they didn't someone else would, instantly. Welcome to the free market bby If user actively tries to deceive other players by listing an item worth 100000 for 1000000 or w/e, they're actively trying to trick other players, therefor malicious intent on the sellers behalf. Personally I still don't believe this should be a serious bannable offense, because stupid mistakes are punished with stupid consequences, but I don't make the rules nor do I care since I'm more cautious with my money than that. Now, before this thread gets removed for being a hazard to peoples brain health, I'd like to ask something: Is buying an item with a price below one of the ones you're selling as a method of combating those dudes who list it for 1 yen lower than yours a bannable offense? Cuz if so I need to know rn lol Edit: Question should also include buying the lowest price item, if said item has a significant price difference between the 2nd lowest price, and re-listing for higher price immediately.
  4. Few remember the days of spamming trade chat with your pokemon and struggling through price negotiations using google translate just to sell 100k worth of pokemon. GTL system is a huge improvement, but I agree with OP, it'd be nice to have more than buy/sell. Trading my 1x31 water breeders for a 1x31 of another egg group would be dank, and adding on to that an auctioning system would be sweet too.
  5. there are regions other than Kanto? real talk, main hub areas similar to runescapes Grand Exchange or Fallout 76s Whitesprings would be dope, but I think the playerbase handles that pretty well. What'd really be nice is some additions to bring players into the hub areas for more than just afking vermilion waters.
  6. Gets a +1 from me, I'd love for all my friends to watch me lose in the most spectacular fashion imaginable.
  7. Gen 1 actually has some pretty solid comps in it, making a gen 1 team entirely possible(and decent) but also limited. I'm not the best at PvP, so this may not be the best team, but imo with your preferences I would start with this team and adjust as necessary. I can't think of any solid gen 1s that get defog to deal with stealth rocks, so keeping entry hazards off the field is an absolute must. Running Starmie instead of gengar would be useful for rapid spin, but gives you pretty heavy electric weakness so you'd have to keep jolteon alive or the team would start to fall apart. Another option would be to run Air Balloon on TTar with ice beam to deal with garchomp stealth rock leads, which is something i'm testing now, but it's kinda niche. You could also use TTar to get stealth rocks on your opponents side, and gengar to block rapid spinners, to even the playing field a little or force opponents to defog. Golbat with Eviolite could also be a pretty decent defogger and wall, but I don't have any experience with it. I know toxic, roost, defog gives you solid utility, but stealth rocks will eat into golbat on the switch in. Another severely underrated Gen 1 is Azumarill Bdrum set. +6 Aqua jet(priority physical water move) can sweep if you play the first half of the game smart, and you take out any jellicents. Bdrum set is super predictable against anyone who knows their shit, but when it works it really fkin works. If I were building a gen 1 team, I would start with the above and change it as I experiment with it and find what works or doesn't in our meta. I wouldn't expect to get much past 625 rating in OU with this team, but with some customization after practicing with it it's a possibility. I have 0 storyline teambuilding experience so I can't really offer much there, but I'd probably trade out Wobbuffet for a starmie/alakazam if I were doing a story run. Overall though, you can beat the storyline with pretty much anything. Edit: I wrote this so drunk, autocorrect practically wrote it for me. Take any advice I give with a whole shaker of salt. Peace
  8. Really wanna know how this story turns out. Had similar shit happen once, accidentally got too lit and listed my shiny karp for 10% of what it was worth. If you decide to throw an event anyways hit me up. It wouldn't be 120m worth, but I could throw a few decent donation prizes together for a fun night of eventing. Best of luck to you~
  9. Kinda off topic cuz I'm sure it hasn't been an idea that's been entertained, but I really wish they'd add a stake system to the matchmaking system. BP rewards are nice, and matchmaking compared to the old verm ch1 system is leaps ahead of where PvP used to be, but I'd love to be able to do 5k, 50k, 500k, 5m stakes when I do matchmaking. I get kinda bored of working my way up to top 100 or close, just for some untradeable items I'll never use, or 1m worth of BP a month. Sucks that our only end game isn't really focused on much.
  10. The biggest issue I have with this game is that the only part I actually find enjoyable is comp, but it's too ridiculously expensive or tedious to make a new comp poke. Making a change to make Swords Dance more affordable would be one small change to make things a little bit less of a pain in the ass, and it's the little changes that this game needs right now. The core mechanics of a fun game are there, it just needs some tweaking. 75k is definitely way too much for a single move though.
  11. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-424286137 I am become death
  12. that sounds expensive though I still gotta save up for a Porshe Boxster, which means ramen noodles and cheap pizza every night lmao I thought that might be the issue though.
  13. 19, got like 14 days til I turn 20. and no A buddy I work with suggested some kind of protein powder, does that stuff actually help?
  14. 8 months of moderate exercise and 3 months of working construction and I still weigh as much as I did when I was 14 how 2 gain muscle plz help
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