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  1. amaizing this is great man, thanks i will never usit cause i play all muted but going to downloaded by the way. great work really
  2. good job, very useful
  3. cape brink surfing over the waterfall 52 encounters: trainer: pokeball x 1 Meowth pickup: mystic water x1, water stone x1 , super repel x1
  4. 4xcarbos
  5. capybara power, well done
  6. downloading, thanks for this
  7. thank you i will add it to my collection :D
  8. better is a pokemon with damp and thief in lvl 9? good guide i love this kind of posts are very useful for new players
  9. Name to be displayed: Toxiica Team Tag to be displayed: Aw Mood of the sig (i.e. playful, destructive, serious): anything Render (aka picture): my signature, a swag rattata shiny with sunglasses
  10. can you give some style to my sig? :) nice works i send you a pm
  11. this will make faster the battles? please answer. i mean sience there is no animation so there is no "wait-time" watching the animation
  12. hi, im looking around with google and found this ones (they lack the behind view and i do it)     [spoiler] Muk from hack rom Snake wood   I edit that ugly spikes   [/spoiler] [spoiler]    Mightyena by cheeziespaz deviantart and behind view from me     [/spoiler]   [spoiler]   Glaile by bobby8506 deviantart behind view from me   [/spoiler]  
  13. i send u a pm, i will help u in this if u wish