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  1. Likewise pal, i hear there all sorts of new Pokemon in there now, and a whole new region. I can't wait.
  2. : It's been a while since i last played, So long i forgot my password. I've Been gone for about a year. I think i may be coming back, for those who know me just wanted say it's great to see you again. for those who don't know me nice to meet you.
  3. Hello Pokemmo Trainers, Im not actually new here, some of you may already know me, My other account for the Pokemmo Series Was glitching and was experiencing some problems But i made new so this is where i stay now. Anyways Just wanted to re-introduce in here and If any of you would like to battle or see me in-game. my I-G info is in my profile. Thanks For taking the time out to view my post and See you in game....
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