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  1. Feari

    Useful NPCs on the secret base

    Pc, bed (to heal), and daycare sounds amazing... Maybe not a mart, because they wouldn't know what to sell... This would be a useful home. Convenient for those who have their bases up in the mountains also ~
  2. Feari

    Preview Decorations

    Yeah I didn't know what they looked like so I bought them all
  3. Feari

    The Breeding Guide

    thank you for this you absolute babe, also, the brace things, can u use it three times on one poke so u can decide the 3 ivs? or is it a hold item, so one? since the other parent will be holding everstone, most likely
  4. Feari

    Amnesia brace improvement suggestion

    make a new brace which auto fills evs! 252 252 slots! woooooooooo
  5. Feari

    Rework Amnesia Brace

    If it were tradable pokemmo would not gain as much money as desperate people would buy it. If it were tradable there will always be them floating around, people who've bought them, traded away, then quit would have been used for 2+people when only one person bought it (the guy who quit). Making vanity items tradable gives more profit to pokemmo team as people want to sell Vanity items for pokeyen, thus buying RP points! Making the none, fancy looking items but useful items unreadable makes users buy them separately
  6. Feari

    Donator Status : Increase Payday and NPC Payout

    I don't support this - money should be hard to get. Implementing this would just decrease the value of money, making new users worthless, and making it slightly more unfair to them, defeating Brock gets you like $840pokeyen, if you increase the payout, you don't even need to kill more than two Fearows to earn this amount with Payday. It would be harder/more frustrating for new users to build/buy their team - users quitting. If they do implement this, then setting the delay on receiving the next egg from the old man would be pointless, since it's kind of the same objective. If they allow this, remove the delay!

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