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  1. Hello, I'm not a big fan of the default UI configuration, especially not on high resolution screens. After tinkering a bit with the XML files, I found a few easy improvements. I didn't find a thread like this, except for this one. But it appears to be bit outdated. And there is more to improve than just the inventory window. Though, much appreciation for the author for sharing his knowledge. Also, it doesn't look like the developers will improve client customization anytime soon (that GUI library is quite outdated though...). So here goes. What is XML? XML is an encoding format used to structure and describe data for software and human reading. In our case, it is used to describe GUI configuration. Values are placed between so called tags. <tag>value</tag> The two tags (the opening <tag> and the closing </tag>) make up what is called an element. The element serves as a "description" of the value which it contains (in this case the text "value"). The XML in the GUI configuration files are a little more complicated, but the same concept applies. In these files, you will find something like this. <param name="minWidth"><int>530</int></param> The element <param> contains another element <int> (which is called nesting). The two elements describe a minimum width value of 530. You can open any XML file in your browser to see how this nesting concept works. You can expand parent elements to see what child elements they contain. How can I edit XML? Editing XML files requires a text editor, like Windows's default notepad. Not a word processor like Microsoft Word. I recommend using Sublime Text. Where can I find the XML files? Navigate to your PokeMMO directory (from now on referred to as PokeMMO/), where your PokeMMO.exe and PokeMMO.sh files are located. The files we are editing are found in PokeMMO/data/themes/default/ui. Please backup the PokeMMO/data/themes/default directory before making changed to it. So before you start: You have access to a text editor You have access to the XML files in PokeMMO/data/themes/default/ui You have backed up the PokeMMO/data/themes/default directory You have your game open Some sidenotes: Everytime the game updates, the XML files are reset to their default settings. You have to edit the XML files again. Do not overwrite XML files of a new update with your old editted files. Sometimes the structure of the XML files changes (new lines are added or some are removed) which could mess up your client. Because the XML files are subject to change, I can't rely on giving line numbers in this tutorial. You will have to search for the correct elements. After editing the XML files, make sure you save it, and press CTRL+F5 (or CMD+F5 for mac) in game to refresh your theme (reload GUI configuration), applying your changes. Increasing window sizes can hit the FPS quite hard. Don't increase it too much if you have a low end system. Resizing the inventory window Resizing shop windows Resizing PC window Fitting PC box buttons I might add more customization as I go along. Please feel free to make suggestions or imrpovements. Thanks for reading.
  2. You can also make the frame a little wider. /data/themes/default/ui/pc.xml, line 146. Increase the integer between <int></int>. Don't recommend it, but it works.
  3. Solist

    GTL Public API

    Hello, I would like to see a public API for GTL data, which would allow for community made third party applications to interact with it. From a players/customers point of view, I would simply like to see a more friendly UI for the GTL. Longer lists, pretty sprites, faster and more specific filtering, etc. I also often find myself just logging in to organize my listings and look for some breeders or profitable deals. It would be very convenient if I could do this from my phone or browser with some community made app. This ease of access would greatly improve my, and probably many others, overall experience with the game. From the development team/business point of view, I would argue that there is a lot of unused (development) expertise and creativity within the community. In my opinion, exposing an API to tap into these resources would be a great trade off. Obviously, I don't know much about the state of the backend, so I find it hard to estimate how much effort it would take to set up and maintain such an API. But from my experience, even for big monolithic systems, it was never too hard. There are plenty open source projects to help with this. And I'm sure experienced developers from the community could advice. Also, the GTL domain does not include that much business logic subject to change, as far as I know. I doubt it would require much maintenance. In return, you get a bunch of free UX and development resources to contribute to the games experience (In my opinion, this is reason enough to expose much more of the games data). I'm aware that a request for an API has been made before. It was deemed too much work to develop and maintain. And there were other priorities. Which is why I suggest just limiting it to GTL data. Perhaps even hand pick some community members to work with a sandboxed version of the database to let them create this API. I imagine three endpoints: /api/v1/auth - for authentication/authorization /api/v1/gtl/item - for working with item listings /api/v1/gtl/pokemon - for working with pokemon listings So for example. I make a GET request to https://pokemmo.eu/api/v1/gtl/item?offset=0?limit=2 Which responds with 2 listings. Or something along those lines. Then just let the community's creativity go to work with this. Thanks for reading.
  4. Immunities seem to work well. The AI is very predictable when it comes to what moves they pick. They don't predict switches very well, and don't consider possible immunities on your team, afaik. So far, Curse Snorlax and Substitute/Disable Gengar has been almost impossible for them to crack. Other than occasional crit, they never faint. I only use a few leppa berries to replenish sub or curse pp. I also like Volt Absorb Jolteon and bulky Substitute/Dragon Dance Gyarados. Because replenishing pp also costs money, I'm trying a team which focuses on setting up entry hazards without taking much damage. After which I will just keep switching in immunities and resistances. The AI never removes entry hazards, they seem oblivious, and they switch often. I'm finding myself hardly attacking and hardly losing any hp, while they gradually kill themselves. Skarmory is very effective with Roost and Whirlwind. An exploitable AI characteristic is the fact that they will exclusively go for either attacking moves, or a healing move. You don't have to worry about them setting up, or status moves. They will spam something super effective against whatever you have in the battle at the moment, or their strongest stab move. I found immunities abuse this quite well.
  5. Make sure the ports are not blocked by your firewall, and that they are forwarded to your local ip via the modem. What else have you tried?
  6. Reinstall. Or try opening/forwarding TCP port 2106 and 7777.
  7. Solist

    UI Resizing

    Hello, Most windows that I spend a lot of time on (GTL, PC, inventory, etc) I feel are too small by default. Especially on a system with plenty of screen real estate. I've been fiddling with the XML files a bit trying to scale these windows, and I was able to improve most of them. However the process was not very intuitive, and I'm not too pleased with the result. I suggest making all (or at least most) screens scalable like the chat window. I'm not too familiar with that TWL library, but I reckon it supports dynamic window resizes (?). It works with the chat window. Main reasons for scaling windows: Too many items for this small inventory screen. The name filter is a nice improvement, but a bigger visible overview makes it that much easier to work with. This is what I use at the moment. Finding and dragging items is much easier. PC box tabs overflowing the PC window. I feel this arrow navigation is unnecessary and slow to work with. Definitly not perfect, but I like it more than the default (does seem to cause some framerate issues). Perhaps putting tabs on a new line when overflow occurs would work as well. GTL listings. Because of pagination I didn't try to fiddle with this (is the pagination adjustable?). Having only 10 items with a ton of pages, refreshing each click, doesn't feel very friendly to work with. I'd like to be able to maximize the GTL screen and fit as much listings as I want/memory can handle. Couldn't come up with any non-subjective arguments. But I feel making these windows resizable (or more customizable in general) is not a very difficult improvement to implement. And it would make my experience on this game quite a bit more enjoyable. Cheers Edit: To change sizes of windows shown above (please backup /data/themes/default folder before doing so). /data/themes/default/ui/inventory.xml /data/themes/default/ui/pc.xml Edit values between <int> elements with a text editor (notepad, sublime text, etc). The integer values represent amount of pixels afaik.
  8. Hello, quick question. What happens to current relearnable egg moves when the Unova update goes live?
  9. My listings have reached a point where it becomes quite time consuming to manage them. I regularly check market prices against my own listing prices. But finding the item or pokemon I want to check can take a while with 10 items per page and oldest to newest sorting. A simple search filter, like with the item listings, would solve this problem.        
  10.   My assumption is based on the pokemmo specific mechanic that sleep lasts 1 to 3 turns. 0% chance to wake up turn 1. 50% for the other two. I probably should've tested this before making claims.   I'll also compare both methods fairly when I have some time and report back the results.   Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it.
  11.   I'm not entirely sure about the probability of waking up on your second turn of sleep. I'm assuming 50%. Might need to change some numbers in the guide if this is untrue. If this is true however, then the probability of Ditto using Spore during the battle will be 6.25% (50% to wake up turn 2, 50% for speed tie, 25% to select Spore) if you Spore turn 1.   You make a good point though. Using False Swipe turn 1 will conserve Spore PP and increases the chance of catching it turn 3. In exchange for a 6.25% increased chance of Ditto using Spore. This might be more efficient, provided that your Smeargle does not have any other offensive moves. Although I tried this method, I must admit I quickly went back to a Smeargle with Pay Day for killing Whismur.
  12.   Can't top that. But this one's pretty good.  
  13.   Thanks for pointing out the percentage is 15%. I did not do my research properly. I'll take 15% from a dead pokemon sitting at the front of my party though.     Yes, I was also thinking that might be useful. But I also think such a list is prone to subjective views and changes to the game/metagame. Though, I will gladly add your list to the guide as guideline for players new to Ditto farming. And also mock up a list of my own.
  14. I believe with Pickup, it doesn't work. With Synchronize I'm convinced that it does work. I don't have logs or anything. But I do have alt accounts filled with Ditto's. I own significantly more Adamant Ditto's than any other nature. Enough to convince me that it's worthwhile to use Synchronize this way. But yeah, no reliable data to show you.   Thanks for the feedback folks.
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