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  1. I'll try to answer you as best I can. As for starmie not being a good lead I would disagree. Although it is "predictiable" well, nearly every pokemon in the game is "predictible". You probably know what every pokemon is going to do and what moves it probably has. Starmie is still a good lead, can pack a punch and has a fast speed stat and although it can be countered, it can still do very well. And although I have not played this game in like 2 weeks since I've been busy with school finals, last I checked entry hazards had not been implemented, otherwise I would include them in suggested lea
  2. Thanks, I'll consider it if I get the time. (: Raped so hard. So since you're just 'trolling' I'll assume you think my guide is actually awesome and you think I'm a much better battler than you. Since after all I have beaten you the last 5 times in a row we've battled. Also you don't play Pokemmo...I don't know even why you're here other than you really don't have much of a life. And thank you for the posts, it's made my guide a lot more popular. (: I might also point out your 'girlfriend' is a 400 pound ugly whale you met over xbox live that lives 300 miles away and you've only act
  3. As eloquently as you put that, I don't see you mentionioning that X, Y, and Z is wrong or bad, or parts A and B have "more fluff than a flaffy during winter". What exactly do you find wrong, bad, or pooped about this guide? Furthermore, you see the title of this guide? See how it says /basic/ team building? This guide isn't meant for the super1337pro smogon community. but for so many of the new players who are just starting out learning about competitive battling here on Pokemmo. Also, Pokemmo has a different metagame than smogon; it's a very unique mix of gen 1 and part of gen 2 with gen 3 e
  4. Oh lol, that should be Steelix* not snorlax. Thanks, my bad and changed. xD And I will add wallbreaker once I get the time. (:
  5. Added info on Revenge Killers, Checks, Counters, Lures, and Predicting as requested by several members. (:
  6. Although he maybe can't do both at the same time, both versions are certainly viable* which is why I am still including him in offensive and defensive threats.
  7. Because honostly at least in the games I've played. I've never once seen him in a competitive game and honostly I don't see him being anymore threatening than like gengar or dusclops. Like all he could do is shadow ball and wil-o-wisp something and then get killed. He is to slow and has to poor defenses in my opinion to really be considered a common "threat". I'll add him anyways though because I guess it helps to be prepared. xD And added those other three, thanks. (: Really like slowbro he should be in both because he has offensive potential with calm minds and of course is also very bu
  8. Yeah, I'll think add those if I get the time. Haha, I actually also forgot him on the defensive threats lol. Thanks. xD And thanks for the likes everyone as well. (:
  9. Thanks, Aragorn's guide is here. Really his is just a list of pokemon of which type are available and the different physical and special sweepers available in the game, and some other basic info on typing and Evs/Ivs. Not actually how to make a competitive team, which is what I tried to do with mine. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/4096-how-to-pick-your-best-team/
  10. Well I literally wrote the entire thing from memory so I'm 100% sure I didn't plagerize. =/
  11. Yeah sorry, that should be Kabutops* and although its pretty uncommon it could be seen in swift swim teams.
  12. Introduction: Hey I'm Havok, and this is jackass my team building guide. To many times on this forum I have seen people ask for advice on their teams, and nothing rustles my jimmies more than when people respond giving pooped advice like "You should add a water type" or "If X pokemon dies your team is swept by Y". I think most of us can probably move beyond the strategic knowledge of a 10 year old. So far in Pokemmo I would say I have been decently successful with a few different teams, and have battled many very good, and too many /terrible/ teams. The point of this guide is to hopefully
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