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  1. Ive heard of worse cases of people going near 4k+ hours with no shinies, and they were daily players that were fully commited to the game at the time. Now all they do is log and commit to a shiny and grind till they get it eventually. I came across my after 2.3k hours, shiny geodude while everstone farming and not even a week later, a shiny slowpoke from hp EVing. Both accidents. Now run along and grind until unova comes out.
  2. Holy shit, that looks amazing man!! Thank you so much!
  3. Idm that really, I think if they get him just right, he could be the next Kane/Big Show way back in the attitude era. but imo, it's just one big push for him to then have reigns 'overcome the odds' and win at Fastlane. Then Fatal 4-way with taker, Goldberg, lesnar, reigns at wrestlemania
  4. isnt it always though? also mfw they're still trying to push Roman 'the guy' Reigns
  5. LF falcons defensive coordinator, reported missing in the second half. Last seen on roof of stadium with lady Gaga. srsly how tf you blow a 21-0 lead
  6. The only thing i noticed is just the load times. Whether it being loading into an encounter in the wild, or loading a cutscene. Just bought a new 3ds to replace my older one and i played pokemon on both of them to compare, and it was a little faster to load into things, but was only faster by like a couple seconds. And Kizhaz is right, there is still slowdown in doubles battles, so theres really nothing different between the two. Imo i'd just keep you 3ds until you intend to upgrade, but no rush.
  7. Plowedgy: Pyro, make me sum art k thnx Me: k Still a work in progress and im gonna transfer it digitally anyway, but its a start. Gonna have a sweet background n erythang. You still like Splatoon rite? pls respond
  8. This one so far is a personal favorite, intense match from beginning to end Semjon vs. Flavawhat
  9. Totally didnt miss week 2 cause i was in Kentucky and had no legit recording software >.> oh whats this? Week 3 featuring Maekaaay and Raaidn? Lit
  10. Well, like i said, cant really work my schedule around tournaments or psl matches, sorry about that, but i do livestream, which im doing now, you can watch me suffer with parke and I just shootin' shit
  11. I like it a lot, any chance we could just get an isolated version of the animation in case we were to use it? Just so we dont have a lone swimmer out in the middle of nowhere haha. Other than that its amazing great job!
  12. So, in other words, eliminate the so called 'media market' that spreads 'false' information as your method is far more superior methods compared to most others if you can get a hold of the 'media relations person'. Sounds to me like you're wanting to be the one and only source of information about whats going on in PokeMMO and to be the sole provider of said information to be spread through youtube. Not to sound rude or anything, but dont you feel like there may be a bit of agitation you're putting off towards other people trying to cover the same thing you try to cover?
  13. not sure, just happen to have them along with my downloads of the game and roms, i assumed everyone had them I do not have today's however, work has been getting a bit slow, so i should be getting home earlier to see more sooner matches. If theyre tournament matches, ill consider checking out the tournament replays and possibly record them too. Any specific match you'd want me to check out?
  14. Third video is up, thought about it some, and I'm considering moving over to commentary and play by play recording rather than letting music play in the background, but I'll save that for another video. PokeMMO Community Combat KaynineXL vs CaIeto