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  1. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    @OrangeManiac hope youre not sleeping during week 1, dont want too easy of a win
  2. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    Great draft, cant wait to see half my players either get injured or suspended. Fun shit ahead
  3. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    Today, 2 hrs from right now
  4. Splatoon

    Flight, too ez also debating getting a switch (somehow) and just play the absolute fuck out of splatoon 2. Is it worth?
  5. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    where the rest of the teams at tho?
  6. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    Sweet, thinking about doing a live draft where everyone would join something like discord and announce picks?
  7. NFL Fantasy Football League!

    Ign:DynamicPyro team name: Atlanta Talonflames IF theres a buy in, put me as maybe and ill find a way to grab 500k. Poor af in-game
  8. Happy birthday m8

    1. Pyroface


      haha thanks man

    2. EmanuelPKK


      Happy birthday

  9. MMA/UFC Discussion

    Not so sure about that lawler cerrone decision, cowboy got rocked round 1, but round 2-3 seemed like he was all over lawler Edit: also lets be real
  10. Getting close to 1,000 hours....

    Ive heard of worse cases of people going near 4k+ hours with no shinies, and they were daily players that were fully commited to the game at the time. Now all they do is log and commit to a shiny and grind till they get it eventually. I came across my after 2.3k hours, shiny geodude while everstone farming and not even a week later, a shiny slowpoke from hp EVing. Both accidents. Now run along and grind until unova comes out.
  11. [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

    Holy shit, that looks amazing man!! Thank you so much!
  12. WWE Thread

    Idm that really, I think if they get him just right, he could be the next Kane/Big Show way back in the attitude era. but imo, it's just one big push for him to then have reigns 'overcome the odds' and win at Fastlane. Then Fatal 4-way with taker, Goldberg, lesnar, reigns at wrestlemania
  13. WWE Thread

    isnt it always though? also mfw they're still trying to push Roman 'the guy' Reigns

    LF falcons defensive coordinator, reported missing in the second half. Last seen on roof of stadium with lady Gaga. srsly how tf you blow a 21-0 lead

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