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  1. Dead for almost a year, come back and EV train great shiny to end the year... guess ill go RIP again
  2. Pull me out, gonna have to pass on this one, sorry guys
  3. @OrangeManiac hope youre not sleeping during week 1, dont want too easy of a win
  4. Great draft, cant wait to see half my players either get injured or suspended. Fun shit ahead
  5. Pyroface


    Flight, too ez also debating getting a switch (somehow) and just play the absolute fuck out of splatoon 2. Is it worth?
  6. where the rest of the teams at tho?
  7. Sweet, thinking about doing a live draft where everyone would join something like discord and announce picks?
  8. Ign:DynamicPyro team name: Atlanta Talonflames IF theres a buy in, put me as maybe and ill find a way to grab 500k. Poor af in-game
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