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    When Sinnoh region?

    As other players have rightfully said: there is no ETA on the implementation of Sinnoh. The reason that certain Sinnoh-originating Pokemon are obtainable by players currently is either because they evolved from generation 1-3 pokemon (e.g. Weavile / Froslass) or they were obtainable in Unova's post-game areas (e.g. Hippodown / Lucario) and are unrelated to the implementation of Sinnoh itself.
  2. Matoka

    Shiny Pokémon

    Shiny Pokemon are simply incredibly rare in PokeMMO and you may simply end up being unlucky, unfortunately. It is worth noting that chances to encounter things are simply the average, and do not guarantee you will encounter it upon hitting that threshold, it is simply the average number the average person needs. You can either be extremely lucky or extremely unlucky in this case. If you wish to hunt for Shiny Pokemon then I suggest using Sweet Scent to encounter hordes which speeds up the number of pokemon you encounter in the same period of time drastically. Donator Status will also increase your encounter rate for Shiny Pokemon by 10% of their current chance, as will Shiny Charms which last for one hour of play time(and stack with Donator Status' bonus) and are a consumable item added in the most recent update which you can either obtain by playing the event or trading with other players. As the question has been answered I will be locking this thread, If you still have a need to declare that "Shiny Rate Is Fair" then I personally recommend this player-made thread for Shiny discussion / reports. Happy hunting.
  3. With the Lunar New Year event there was a new type of consumable added to the game in the form of Charms. Since these are brand new in terms of their effects I will be explaining what they do here in order to help remove some confusion / misinformation surrounding them here. What is a Charm and what do they do? Charms are consumable items that can be activated to grant a bonus of some form for their duration. A Charm's duration will pause while you are logged out of the game, when taking a break during use simply log out to maintain their duration. Charms give lower-strength versions of their bonuses to players in a Link with the user of a Charm. All of the current charms added with the Lunar New Year event last one hour. If you would be affected by multiple versions of the same Charm category (e.g. EXP) only the strongest one will effect you. There are currently four categories of charms in the game, which are: EXP Charm Riches Charm Item Magnet Charm Shiny Charm EXP Charm The EXP Charm will increase the amount of Experience Pokemon in your party obtain, and stacks in an additive manner with other sources. Riches Charm The Riches Charm will increase the Pokeyen you receive from Trainer battles, and stacks in a multiplicative manner with other sources. Item Magnet Charm The Item Magnet Charm will increase the chances of you finding an item after battles against wild Pokemon, such as random Repels or Pokeballs etc. This Charm also increases the chance of a Pokemon finding an item through the ability Pickup. Shiny Charm The Shiny Charm increases the chances of you encountering a Shiny Pokemon and stacks with other effects which influence this rate. For examples of how this percentage increase would change the rates numerically here are some calculations for those interested: Spanish French Português
  4. Matoka

    New charm items

    For any further questions about the new Charms in the game, I made a thread to answer them here: I will be locking this thread as a result.
  5. Matoka

    New charm items

    Here's some numbers for anyone who's curious! If I got anything wrong, please readily correct me I'm only human but I believe this is accurate: If we presume 1/30,000 = Shiny Rate... Normal Rate: 1/30,000 = 0.00003333333 (0.0033% chance with rounding to 4 decimal places) Just Shiny Charm: (1 (base rate) x 1.1 (Shiny Charm 10%)) / 30,000 = 0.00003666666 (0.0037% chance with rounding) Just Donator Status: (1 (base rate) x 1.1 (Donator Status 10%)) / 30,000 = 0.00003666666 (0.0037% chance with rounding) Just Shared Shiny Charm via Link: (1 (base rate) x 1.05 (Shared Shiny Charm 5%)) / 30,000 = 0.000035 (0.0035% chance) Shiny Charm + Donator Status: (1 (base rate) x 1.1 (Shiny Charm 10%) x 1.1 (Donator Status 10%)) / 30,000 = 0.00004033333 (0.004% chance with rounding) Shared Shiny Charm + Donator Status: (1 (base rate) x 1.05 (Shared Shiny Charm 5%) x 1.1 (Donator Status 10%)) / 30,000 = 0.0000385 (0.0039% chance with rounding) This means on AVERAGE the number of pokemon you would need to encounter to find a shiny would be: Normal: 30000 Shiny Charm (10%): 27273 Donator Status (10%): 27273 Shared Shiny Charm (5%) + Donator Status (10%): 25974 Shiny Charm (10%) + Donator Status (10%): 24793
  6. Matoka

    What is a true Pokémon Master?

    People who use gimmick mons and PU-level pokemon in OU but still win anyway, clearly.
  7. Matoka

    Least liked staff member

    I see the answer is me as I am not even on the list...
  8. Matoka

    Ironman Mode

    To my knowledge nothing is stopping someone from self-imposing these rules upon themselves currently and thus I cannot personally see much benefit to the creation of this game-mode. The creation of a setting that would do this to characters could also be potentially harmful if done by accident (usually by newer players) and would as a result likely be made toggle-able to allow this to be fixed, at which point it goes back around to being a voluntary set of self-imposed rules since you could just turn it off if you wanted anyway.
  9. Matoka

    Basic GTL observations over 3 months

    Wish Granted In terms of Supply and Demand, yes it is hypothetically possible that an increase in the price of RP-bought items could be due to a decrease in their supply due to less people donating and adding them to the economy, but there are two other possibilities: Firstly, the demand for them could have increased, if the number of players who are investment savvy and used to playing the GTL and farming items / Pokeyen efficiently increases then the number of people who are capable of purchasing these items (for these now increased prices) will increase, and therefore there will be more demand and thus price increases further until an equilibrium is met. The second one is the possibility of Pokeyen inflation, RP is tied to real-world currency and thus is going to USUALLY be more stable than in-game currencies which you can generate by beating up some kid and his rattata or literally printing your own money with Payday, thus the supply of Pokeyen in circulation would logically go up if the amount being removed from the game by money sinks (NPC vendors, Move deleter, name changer, Breeding supplies etc) was overall less than is being added to the game. If demand remained the same but the supply of Pokeyen went up then technically speaking the pokeyen would be worth "less" than it used to be, thus people would be asking for a higher amount of Pokeyen for RP items than they used to, as RP's value is stable while Pokeyen's value is potentially decreasing. These are just hypothetical possibilities and realistically speaking when looking at a market that isn't being moderated where the prices of everything is decided on by the player (the only real influence on item value is NPC vendor sell / buy price as well as the GTL listing fees) then it becomes impossible to look at one set data, spot a correlation and then state that it MUST be because of X, when in reality it's likely 20% X 50% Y, 25% Z, and 5% "who knows what", etc.
  10. Any move learnable via TM Move can be passed on via egg move instead of teaching it as a TM. In this case because Delibird is in Water 1 + Field Egg Groups and can learn Avalanche by breeding with Smeargle (which can Sketch it off of Jynx or Vanilluxe) and the resulting child Delibird will know Avalanche. Then simply gender confirm Male and breed your Male Delibird with a Female Mudkip and the resulting child will know Avalanche. Edit: how did I miss Lightningvolt's post, oops, looks like I'm not needed here
  11. Matoka

    hidden abilities

    *You will however be able to recycle your competitive Wooper when breeding a Hidden Ability one in some form to help cut down the cost of breeding significantly next time.
  12. Matoka

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    I'm happy with your enthusiasm to play here on PokeMMO, but I do want to just recommend that you also look after your health while playing, drink plenty of water, stretch and make sure you get at least some sleep. I'm sure you know your own limits but after seeing headlines of people in MMO's dying from neglecting themselves while playing it does always make me a little concerned to read things like this.
  13. Matoka

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Dungeons were never "Off schedule" afaik, the things which have been worked on before them were simply considered to be more urgent and therefore were higher priority than dungeons, such as the aforementioned RMT resurgence, and stuff like y'know making the video game work (Unova introduced a lot of moves, abilities, held items, etc). Dungeons will be added when they are finished. When will they be finished? Whenever everything else that is higher priority is finished and enough time has been spent to finish the dungeons themselves. The reason ETA's for things like this aren't feasible is because things sometimes happen that no one can see coming that causes something to require fixing or changing that ends up becoming higher priority and therefore pushes back any previous ETA on when a dungeon would be finished (Things like bugs, exploits, an increase in botting or RMT, etc.)
  14. Matoka

    Wide Lens?

    It boosts the accuracy of a move by 10% of its normal accuracy. For instance: A move like sleep powder has 75% accuracy, a 10% increase on this would add 7.5% to the 75% which would result in 82.5% accurate sleep powder, etc.
  15. Matoka

    Hi merry christmas

    @Millionminds This is a set of system requirements for PokeMMO, it should be mostly up to date. I hope this helps you determine if your computer is capable of running PokeMMO. c:
  16. Matoka

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Volvo Give DIRETIDE
  17. Matoka

    Kill Horde instantly Feature

    2 Stats x (15 seconds x (252 / 10 EVs) ) = 756 seconds (or 12.6 minutes) It doesn't take quite as long as 15 seconds for all 5 pokemon to die after surf / EQ etc but you get my point, it adds up. Also factor in how many pokemon are being EV trained every day, this time adds up and it makes them (albeit artificially) more time consuming to EV train a pokemon, or in other words it requires more work to EV train a pokemon. Lets take things to the extreme to help understand what I mean by value, lets pretend that you could click a single button if you owned a pokemon with sweet scent and also owned a pokemon with Surf / Earthquake etc. Pressing this button INSTANTLY perfectly EV trains your pokemon how you want it. If this was the case, there would be no difference in value between a pokemon that has not been EV trained and one which has (well, okay, technically the one that hadn't been trained in this hypothetical scenario would be more desirable because you wouldn't need to use Berries to remove EV's in order to customize it, but that's besides the point). EV training is part of creating competitive pokemon and requires work, and time, which are the only things that you can invest in this video game and ultimately speaking the time it takes to create something (or at least what the buyer of the item perceives to be the time required to create it) is what determines the value of the item. Please do remember Hordes are the FAST option for EV training, you used to have to encounter pidgeys in route 1 over and over in single battles to EV train speed, now you can just defeat hordes of persian. this is MUCH faster than it used to be, this IS the convenient option but it was just made to be not so convenient that it effectively makes EV trained vs. non ev Trained pokemon completely irrelevant in terms of price difference.
  18. Matoka

    Kill Horde instantly Feature

    I may be incorrect on this, but I am fairly sure that the reason hordes do not die instantly is indeed so they take slightly longer. If EV training was instant provided you had the right things the time investment to EV train a pokemon would be virtually nothing, which removes much of the value held in the concept of an EV trained pokemon. You can put on your tinfoil hat and say its so you're "Forced to stay online as long as possible" but since we are not a subscription based game there's no merit to do such a thing, so please believe me it's not that. In regards to pokemon cries? there is no particular reason I can think of why we have to listen to DEEELEEEELEEEELEEEE WHOOOOOP!!!! 5 times every time we defeat a Kriketune horde, but that is a separate suggestion to this one, and would likely deserve it's own thread as it is inherently different to this suggestion. Ultimately since this is a video game where you *can* get anything in this game if you invest enough time, logically if we make things take less of this time it will objectively remove some value from whatever it is you were working towards, this would be the same for EV training as it would for stuff like Berry Farming, Everstones, Breeding, etc etc. The reason they take the time that they do is so they hold value, if you could do them virtually instantly they would just flood the market effectively and lose a lot of value, and that is very bad in a game where the main way people make money is by trading pokemon.
  19. Disclaimer: This is unofficial and is simply me attempting to compile all the info scattered throughout the forum from official sources, which is subject to change, regarding future content coming to the game at some point. This is being made to hopefully alleviate the amount of threads made asking questions that can be answered here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next Update Short-Term Future Update Long-Term Future Update .
  20. Matoka

    Johto Starters

    Johto starters are primarily in Hoenn because in the original hoenn games you received them as a reward for pokédex completion. There is method to the madness, sure they weren't in the safari zone but to maintain their value and rarity it's a good place for them. If they're not worth trying to catch then simply don't catch them and buy them off of the GTL, but if you want them enough to chase after them then they are worth the effort to catch. It's quite simple. If everything is common in the game its much more dull than if some things are rare.
  21. Matoka

    Section for particles GTL/PC

    Just because the event ends and certain particles will become unavailable in the future does not mean that the items (use to add particle to any pokemon) and pokemon with the particles themselves (i.e. the ghost pokemon you can find in the wild) will magically cease to exist. You can breed particles around so these will continue to exist, so I personally would say it's definitely worth it to be able to search for them with ease compared to how it normally works. This is especially true if they ever decide to add more particles as well.
  22. If every item unique to Battle-Points were to require only a single purchase, similar to how Eviolite and Choice Band function, then over time Battle-Points just become a resource that stockpiles for players that already have all those items. (Ignoring BP tutor, vitamins and secret base decorations etc) Eventually if a player plays enough, and doesn't automatically sell all their BP items to players and holds them, they will reach a point where they have x6 of each item. With x6 of each non-consumable item you no longer have any demand for any of those items, your Battle-Points you gain now only serve to let you buy an item from the NPC and then sell it to a player. but eventually that player will get x6 of every item, and the next player etc etc, at this point the demand for any of these items is nothing while the supply will just continue to increase, it is actively healthy for the concept of battle-points as a currency if there is something 1) unique to them, 2) desirable and 3) consumable because otherwise BP and these items will become close to worthless. Focus Sash is currently an example of an item that meets these criteria, obviously we all would love a no-strings-attached infinite use focus sash (I love shedinja so it makes me sad in the short-term for obvious reasons that its consumable too) but overall everyone is much happier with a functioning currency, especially one that has as many uses as Battle-Points. Although I really REALLY do understand that its not particularly likely to make a person happy to hear that the reason why something they don't like is the way it is is because it's for the "Greater Good" and its really difficult to get a good balance of these kinda things, but overall I would say Focus Sash (and the others that work the same way) are good choices for this kind of item because they don't feel as "necessary" for majority of pokemon and they don't even necessarily always get consumed in a match so they usually on average do last more than a single match. I don't have my hand anywhere near the cookie jar that is the development decision making of this game, but I would hope to imagine I'm not way off in what I said compared to the likely decision making that went behind this, and no one will know for sure but I (short-term sadly) doubt they will ever be made permanent items
  23. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Please keep in mind this thread was created prior to me having any official staff role in PokeMMO. This thread contains multiple "unofficial" labels and disclaimers that things are subject to change, please keep that in mind. @FNTCZ and anyone else reading this. Estimations are heavily subject to change and taking anything written in this thread as a guaranteed occurrence is something I do not recommend.
  24. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Ah! my bad- I replied to this before I went to sleep and was thinking of Breloom! Lightningvolt is correct. my apologies.
  25. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Soon(tm) It will be included in one of the next few rapid-fire updates we'll be getting I'd imagine (Probably?)

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