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  1. Sinnoh will be released when it is ready to be released, you will get information of when this may be whenever the time is ready.
  2. *Looks at your username* Whenever MMO's have been around for longer periods of times names, when restricted to non-special characters, do tend to end up becoming monopolised (I.E. you're stuck with trash gibberish names or XxNamexX etc, and gibberish names result in namebans too) so I can see the merit of this but I do believe that periodically PokeMMO does name purges on inactive characters that have no significant progress in game. While this would definitely open the floodgates for a huge number of new names, this issue could instead be a consequence of the name purges maybe being too infrequent (or too lenient in regards to what is required to protect that name from being freed up). But as the user I replied to's name shows, this also opens the floodgate to a bunch of 420 or 69 references, both of which would require name bans for being drug references and sexual references respectively, and then players would try to validate it by saying that staff are just assuming what the numbers represent and it's totally for other entirely innocent reasons that they have those numbers etc. Underscores seem pretty harmless at first glance, however.
  3. Maybe the real Jumpeon was the friends you made along the way. (There's no actual Jumpeon incase anyone is genuinely unsure)
  4. In order to prevent Hydreigon entering Ubers Hydreigon has had Draco Meteor removed from its learnset. as GaloisField mentioned this is for balance reasons and is unlikely to be changed anytime in the near future.
  5. I do not believe the level of the Pokemon with these abilities are relevant for Quick Feet / No Guard, nor will they be affected by having a status condition (other than being fainted, which will prevent their function- and they must of course be at the front of the party to take effect). I believe that any items that impact encounter rates should work in tandem, however I have not extensively tested this but I don't recall hearing anything about them not working. These abilities specifically both cause 10% changes (10% less frequent for Quick Feet, 10% more frequent for No Guard).
  6. Whenever Sinnoh is going to be released you will be informed via the announcement section on our forums, No one is aware of any exact date currently for when it may come out. All we can ask is that you be patient in the mean time.
  7. Thank you to everyone who participated today for this event! I can now announce the winners: In third place with 167 points is MarieJoanne! In second place with 169 points is Vrakie! In first place with a total of 171 points is penyou! Congratulations, you've won the grand prize! I will be contacting you shortly to arrange your prize's details!
  8. Staff will be waiting on the bottom floor of Chargestone Cave on Channel 1. You can see where to find us in the spoiler below:
  9. Yes, it increases the duration of Sandstorm from 5 turns to 8 turns. This works regardless of if the move is summoned by Sandstorm or the ability Sandstream. Comparable rocks (damp, heat, icy) do the same thing for their respective weather effects too.
  10. Event will start in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Hope to see you then!
  11. Who knows, we'll know if such a thing occurs when Sinnoh is released.
  12. Do not spread misinformation, no moderator provided you this information. If/when a release date for Sinnoh is revealed it will be through the announcements section of our forums.
  13. Pumpking will be available to fight 1 hour 45 minutes after this post (at 00:00 UTC, 31st of October). Until then you are being given time to collect candy.
  14. There will be no individual iterations of game patches between timezones, whenever the Halloween Update is launched it will affect all players at the same time. No timezone will get access to it earlier or later than another timezone. (unless you're asleep when it comes out, I guess). There is no further information on exactly when the Halloween Event will come out, I'm sure everyone's exciting but thank you for being patient.
  15. This year's Halloween event is not live yet. There will be an announcement on the forums here whenever it is released: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/4-announcements/
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