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  1. This is no longer true, Vitamins can be used all the way 252 in PokeMMO (just tested before posting to make sure I'm not crazy) Vitamins as far as I understand are meant to be the "I don't want to spend time, so I'll spend money instead" method for EV training, also in regards to "early game EV training areas" I feel like it's probably not a good idea to try to rail-road new players into EV training or understanding those kind of mechanics until post-story mode as they won't have access to the things that make it worth EV training a pokemon (most story-mode caught pokes are not very good, and your starters are guaranteed to be meh). but that's a different topic. I am just trying to understand what the feature you are suggesting is supposed to fill in terms of a niche, but you just keep describing the niche that vitamins already fill but saying that they're too expensive to warrant use ("What I want is a money sink at the cost of time consumption reduced to be a viable solution"). I'm not nitpicking your suggestion to be mean, I am just trying to understand why vitamins do not accomplish this for you. It's also difficult to cite the "Expensive money sink to save time" option as being "too expensive' because by design they are usually meant to be expensive to dissuade you from using them casually and therefore encourage you to do them yourself if you don't have massive amounts of cash to use on literal "luxury" items, but I'll leave this thread be for now despite my curiosity.
  2. Swarms existed before their normal locations were added to the game (in other regions), it is very old content few people use anymore so my memory is somewhat iffy but Kanto TV's will tell you if a swarm is occuring. (or at least they should.)
  3. That's a 33% increase, I wouldn't call a 33% a "slight" increase personally.
  4. So you want the benefit of vitamins, but cheaper?
  5. This just sounds like Vitamins with extra steps, is there something that Vitamins do not accomplish that you are looking for as a feature?
  6. SoonTM PatienceTM Closing thread cause It has devolved (as most threads of this nature do).
  7. Regardless of people wanting / not wanting mega evolutions in the game they would only be added alongside Generation 6 / 7 game content, which currently has no announced plans to be added, so if they ever are implemented into PokeMMO it would undoubtedly be a very long time into the future. I highly doubt that Mega Evolutions would ever be added before their respective games are, this isn't an official statement on the matter as I can't say for certain either way, but I am just saying this to dissuade having any expectations of them being available in the game for a long long time.
  8. Permanent benefits that are useful to literally everyone are generally unhealthy for the game, as they become a complete necessity in order to be anywhere near optimal, I would imagine this is one reason why Lucky Egg was decreased to the current benefit it gives. Regardless, suggestions belong in the suggestion sub-section of our forums which you can find here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/ I will be locking this thread as a result.
  9. Infinite TM use is unhealthy for the economy of an MMO, TM's would effectively become worthless as you would only require one of them (and everyone can easily get one of them via story) so no one would buy or sell TMs anymore. I am fairly sure this was deliberately kept to being consumable for these reasons. (same reason why you don't get consumable hold items back after duels vs. players unlike in handhelds, such as Focus Sash, Berries, etc).
  10. As Linfanz has directed you to the best way to hopefully get sorted out I will be locking this thread. c:
  11. These are not contradictory things, many people who do things to help people may not end up being liked by those people (e.g. kids hating teachers for making them do work) and that is something most of us brace ourselves for. This statement is vague, I am going to presume you mean in terms of how we handle situations as staff (e.g. rule enforcement etc.), apologies if I have misunderstood This is ultimately unavoidable in the sense that some staff members have higher tolerances for certain kinds of behaviour before they say to themselves "Okay this crossed a line, this person deserves a mute for what they said." etc. as it is a subjective judgement, however if you believe that a staff member is excessive in either direction (too strict / lenient) then please remember you can bring this up with other staff members, this also goes for cases like believing that staff are abusing their powers in certain ways as we are not immune to the rules we ourselves have to enforce, including such things as not scamming or harassing players. Any staff member that attempts to close this thread will likely get flak from the community for doing so, while this thread hasn't derailed it has definitely turned into a very tense discussion and is attracting people who seem to be unhappy with various ways that staff are apparently acting, I am willing to be the person that receives flak for closing this thread as I do believe it has run its course (the poll is unlikely to skew drastically to the point of giving a different impression) and valid complaints should not be posted in this poll thread but should be taken through the appropriate channels (preferably with evidence) if you genuinely believe there are problems that should be resolved with supposedly misbehaving staff. So, while I understand people will likely be quite unhappy with me for this, I will be locking this thread for the above mentioned reasons.
  12. Hello, I am unsure what is the issue as the screenshots you have provided are incredibly small (I cannot tell what is going on at all in them), would you mind re-uploading them in a higher resolution? If you are referring to some form of bug in-game however, I would instead ask that you post it here with your new screenshots: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/ If this is indeed some form of bug I will be locking this thread after confirmation that this is indeed a bug report and continuing this discussion in the appropriate section as general discussion is not the place for such reports. c:
  13. There are several pokemon which can be seen through NPC battles but not obtained for the Pokedex, there is no current way to obtain the Sinnoh fossil Pokémon at this time. All non-legendary pokemon native to Kanto, Hoenn, Johto (Through Hoenn+Sevii Islands), and Unova are obtainable while some Sinnoh native pokemon are obtainable through end-game Unova areas however this is not all of them. These missing non-legendary pokemon will be included in a future patch. c:
  14. Any comment that critiques this idea in a manner that discourages it will obviously seem somewhat heartless, but suggestions should be viewed in an objective manner where possible, and keeping both of these in mind I do just want to mention the following: As XelaKerbert mentioned this would create a precedent, it would give people the idea that if anyone who plays pokemmo frequently passes away they should have something created for them as a memorial. As morbid as it is to think about Roxxass is likely not the first person who played PokeMMO regularly and then proceeded to pass away, however no player has received something like this in the past, if only Roxxass were to receive something then it would be special treatment and there would likely be hostility unfairly pointed towards people if they refused to do it for other prominent members of the community if they happen to pass away after this precedent had been set. And as Bearminator mentioned the existence of this memorial will always be bittersweet, to the people closest to Roxxass seeing people walk around with an item which effectively translates to "Roxxass has died" could bee seen as a painful reminder more than it does a heartwarming gesture, if the item were released in a similar manner to most new cosmetics it would be being monetised which is a whole other moral can of worms, but things like releasing it through the Pokémart's cosmetic section would make it incredibly cheap to obtain and something along these lines should not be a common / borderline worthless item in my opinion. And lastly because unfortunately the internet is not always a well behaved place this could lead to people trying to get cosmetics dedicated to themselves created while they are still alive, as scummy as it sounds, the only real way this could be prevented is by having to go to such lengths as doing ID checks and asking for certificates of death etc. from the family of the deceased, which is a very tactless request to make but would still necessary to avoid abuse by less savoury people and scammers. Again, I completely understand that it is saddening to hear words against such a suggestion but my personal opinion is that if you wish to commemorate a person's passing you should do it in an organic manner that doesn't really on something like in-game cosmetics, community created events like the tournament currently being organised in my personal opinion are much more sincere to the person as it is the people that knew them in life working together to honour their friends passing rather than putting a vanity item in circulation that will likely be used by more people who have no idea who Roxxass was at all compared to the people that actually knew them while they were still around.
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