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  1. Implement Nasty Plot as tutor

    Mismagius is already in the game, Mismagius is here and now, that's like saying "it can wait" to implement gen 4 abilities on pokemon currently in the game because it originates from sinnoh. You are condemning pokemon to be missing important things that make them usable for 1-3 years because we are arbitrarily saying "It can wait till sinnoh". I don't think moves and abilities should be kept for sinnoh, I think TMs and Pokemon themselves should.
  2. Implement Nasty Plot as tutor

    Currently Mismagius has no reason to be used over Gengar in 99% of cases as one of the few things it had access to that differentiated it from Gengar was Nasty Plot. Cofagrigus is an under-used pokemon that could serve to benefit from having access to Nasty Plot as it is able to use it in addition to Trick Room to be a scary sweeper. Waiting for the addition of an entire region for the access of Nasty Plot on these mons feels pretty bad, I believe saving content for Sinnoh is a good thing but these are intrinsic parts of the pokemon's move sets that should probably be available as without them they lack a good chunk of reason why they can shine on their own merit. I think the main things that should be kept to Sinnoh are the actual pokemon themselves and the TMs / HMs found in Sinnoh, not the breeding moves as 90%+ of those are already available and while you could argue that Mismagius is a gen 4 pokemon from Sinnoh and therefore shouldn't be getting its move then what is the reason that Cofagrigus can't get it? Cofagrigus has nothing to do with Sinnoh at all. I myself am in favour of a move tutor for Nasty Plot being added to the game, or at least making it a special move tutor move or SOMETHING considering that Spiritomb will not be in the game for at least like a year to a year and a half. This just reminds me of the NPC that had a Milktank that was a single level too low to learn Heal Bell and therefore Heal Bell as a move didn't exist in the meta game as we couldn't sketch it or get a Miltank of our own at that point. Feelsbadman.
  3. vanity christmas event

    @Darkshade Did the snowflake make it in this christmas event? ; _ ;
  4. Pokemmo Record Book

    Issue is that i'm 99.999% certain that the devs don't have in-game tracking for a lot of this stuff, and it could be added and start but then if someone has harvested 10,000,000 berries it's not counting towards the current total. The money one is an issue because in the past there have been economy resets where money was cut back, I doubt that would happen again as we are in pretty stable economic times but if it did it would be a bit weird for the record. The "Champion for PvP" thing is an entirely different can of worms, how do you compare the best at pvp for different formats? you cant really. Also in a game where small amounts of RNG can happen the "Champion for PvP' thing would likely not stay on one person very long so it wouldnt really be a record and instead be like musical chairs where people keep swapping it around, you don't go to "beat it" to be on the record book as it would just go away again in like a day or two. Edit: also, for the most money at one point that is an issue because it will tell everyone who is the biggest money bags aka who to spam message begging for cash because they are a walking money bag that can't possibly need it all but obviously isn't a chairty either.
  5. Ordering system for GTL

    You can never prevent low-balling in a free market, however if you make it where the highest offer is always the one displayed initially for your item then why do you care if there are trash requests beneath them? That's like saying we "Ignore" people asking for 1,000,000$ for a random magikarp on the GTL by sorting Cheapest first... It's just the reverse, you'll likely never be able to (Without unwanted side effects) put automatic filters in place for this kinda thing.
  6. Ordering system for GTL

    Probably better to take a poke you want (to sell), put it into the UI and then it goes " The person who will pay the most for that is X who will offer Y and they were looking for Z in your pokemon"
  7. Ordering system for GTL

    I'm not a very smart person when it comes to systems and code but is it possible that maybe something like this would be possible: In order to prevent trash requests showing the top highest offers for an item are shown on GTL first, for instance say I go to sell my 2 x 31 IV Ditto with Speed and Sp. Att, I place the ditto in and it returns the highest paying one that would be happy with the stats of my ditto, it wouldn't matter if there were 2,000 trash requests as only the highest would ever appear unless you looked for lower by scrolling, even if there were 20 people offering 1,000$ for it only the current highest offers, say like 50,000$ would show and who is buying for that much. If you were to combine this with a "Commision fee / deposit" of say like 1,500$ it means that people couldn't make 100's of them without wasting money since while SOME people would sell stuff for that honestly scam-like price they would likely overall lose money trying to do it due to the deposit. I'm probably horrendously over simplifying it or like forgetting a major issue, but hopefully this kinda made sense.
  8. I'm not very artsy but for the love of god please save Maractus. What on earth did they do to this poor grass type's sprite.
  9. A Thank You Thread

    I just wanted to take the time to point out that coming up to the holiday season, when lots of things are going on, the staff decided to release Unova and continue to patch out bugs and add content. Using up their own time on this game for us to enjoy, and Unova must have been a massive undertaking moving from GBA to NDS. With this in mind I want to take the time to show my appreciation for all of the staff that have been working hard on to let us have fun, all of you have been super tentative to our feedback and it shows. You are listening and considering a lot of new things to tweak and fix and we still have exciting stuff just around the corner that is likely going to be in development in some form over the holidays. So in short, Thank you all so much for a fun game that we can all play together and thank you for the huge amount of new content we recently received, and are continuing to receive in the near future. You're all amazing and I'm so impressed to see how polished the game is becoming when compared to when it first started, and how it's been shaped up into a game I can see continue to be played for a lot of years into the future. c:
  10. New System of Ribbons In The Trainer Card

    Yea but one day we will, assuming Pokemmo continues into the infinite beyond in terms of time and new characters, we will reach a day when that name is the last name available.
  11. New System of Ribbons In The Trainer Card

    This is the main reason I wish we could delete old characters, so we won't eventually reach critical mass and only have names like this...
  12. They cannot as it would be a copyright violation. Only players can do this because the staff aren't allowed to have any part in it, otherwise the "game" is encouraging this copyright infringement. It will forever be an optional mod made by the players for the players that the staff will never promote or help with most likely. It's just how this needs to be treated to make sure there's no legal ground for Pokemmo's shutdown by nintendo. (it's complicated, but what I said I think is mostly true.)
  13. Extrasensory - Roselia

    ??? but there is. Let's say you want an HP fire Roserade with Modest Nature. Have the father be be all the IV's you need + Nature + moves (or have them on female) Everstone The mother than has to have all the IV's you need but no nature, have it hold the incense Congrats you have your perfect comp Roserade with HP Fire, Extrasensory, Nature etc
  14. Are you using the free-use deviant art set of sprites that @Eggplant mentioned a while ago? or your own custom stuff?

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