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  1. If I recall correctly these were erased from the game, they are not "no longer obtainable" in the same way as the other limited time availability things, they just don't exist for anyone anymore as opposed to being available to only a select few. Just clarifying.
  2. BP Move Tutors can also be found in the Battle Subway in Unova, which is found in Nimbasa City. It costs the same no matter where you go for each move. Screenshots of Directions for Nimbasa City's tutor
  3. Swarms in Unova have just been incorporated into the route's base encounter rates. (for most of them, a few such as Scyther have not, if I recall correctly). Hippopotas is just a rare encounter in the sand at Desert Resort. Your pokedex will give you specific details of if it requires a swarm or not, e.g. Hippopotas is just a regular rare encounter. However you see that for Kangaskhan, it has specific entries to say if it has a Swarm or not. Lastly, for Alomamola, Phenomenon encounters (and some other special cases) have the Rarity column as "Special" to show they are, well, special encounter types. Zorua for instance is a non-phenomenon example of a "Special" encounter too, as is Feebas.
  4. No, but you are given them by NPC's in Unova anyway so enjoy your sparkly rocks
  5. To quote Kyu from the patch notes: Lucky Egg / Amulet Coin are now Charm-type consumable items Lucky Egg has been split into two items: Lucky Egg (+100% EXP / 1 hour), and Lucky Egg (Small) (+50% / 30 minutes) Increased the availability of Lucky Eggs I do not have access to the chance for a wild Chansey to hold a lucky egg, but I would assume that the increased availability of lucky eggs is referring to such a change (so I believe they hold them more frequently now to balance out their consumable nature somewhat). If I am wrong on this I will correct this post, though. Lucky Eggs are still found on Chansey, the new Lucky Egg (Small) can be found on wild Pelliper at a low chance.
  6. I recommend Banette instead, it has 100% chance to flee at any level due to being ghost type and can learn Thief. For lower levels you can also use Shuppet, ofc. I don't think it's attack stat is so high you are guaranteed to OHKO meowth either. Edit: This would definitely belong in General discussion, Competitive Assistance is for PvP related things, farming items is 100% PvE and should have been posted in general discussion. If you wish I can move your thread there for you.
  7. First off, in regard to people being "Lucky" and "Unlucky" it is possible to attempt to normalise rates but you can never fully remove variance in a desirable way. The number of people who encounter a shiny and then another one in the same day are very very low, we only remember them because of observational bias (we tend to remember unusual things we have heard / seen, but don't remember the "Normal" occurrences). What you have described is akin to "Bad Luck Protection" where upon failing to obtain something through RNG after a certain number of tries the game begins to adjust the chance of you finding that thing until it gets very likely and basically says "okay that's enough, you're about due a shiny" and pops one out. Bad luck protection, if considered as a feature, would likely result in the base rate for Shinies being nerfed (e.g. from 1/30,000 --> 1/60,000 or something) but cause each encounter you find to increase the chance you find a shiny until after about 30,000 attempts it starts to become not that rare until you finally find on and the rate resets back to the 1/60,000 so you're unlikely to find a shiny. But this has some problems: First off, what we are talking about is a problem exclusive to people who are extremely Lucky or Unlucky, which is an astronomically small portion of the playerbase. This typically means that a change is less necessary because it isn't affecting majority of the playerbase. (it at least makes it a lower priority issue). If Bad Luck Protection (BLP) is added then shiny hunters etc will start to manipulate their behaviour to maximise their shiny chances. After finding a shiny pokemon they won't bother shiny hunting and will go back to training their pokemon by EV training on x5 Hordes etc for a while until they feel like they've gotten enough encounters to get a somewhat decent shiny rate. After this they will just go to a rare shiny location and hunt there for a period of time and eventually find it. This could be mitigated by having the BLP be species based, but then it's impractical and doesn't help anyone and becomes super difficult to balance, to the point where I don't think it's actually feasible to balance. This still doesn't prevent someone from finding two shinies in a row, it just makes it less likely, and makes it less likely you'll go your entire life without finding one. But RNG will always be RNG, it'll just make you more upset at the super duper lucky people because it's even more unlikely than currently (so you get envious) and it will make people who still don't find shinies for ages feel upset because they'll start thinking their BLP is bugged or they are the most unlucky person in the world. This last one is something players don't really consider but in order to track how many pokemon a person has encountered in order to contribute to BLP it means every character server-side has to have memory allocated to counting how many things they've encountered, taking up extra memory for every character is something that typically wants to be avoided if at all possible for the sake of efficiency, and we can't store it client side because then people cheat. (though I'm no coder / developer etc so I could be wrong on how much this matters in practice however). Lastly, you've mentioned that typically it is the luckiest player and not the hardest working players that will find shinies, this is true in low sample sizes (and for common shinies) but to find a consistent number of shinies which are not commons (like Tentacruel, Rattata etc) a player has to devote time and effort to hunting in a spot for a very long time and investing resources (e.g. Leppas) These people find far more shinies than anyone even with extreme luck (if the lucky people don't even hunt in the first place). Again, observational bias is a very real thing.
  8. This should be capable of being accomplished with graphics mods, in the same way we can currently mod our game to have .gifs of the 3D models for pokemon from Gen 6+ it should also be possible for a mod to replace the sprites with generation 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 sprites. There's no HG/SS sprites for pokemon that appeared in Unova though, which means you'd either have to find fan-made ones or just be fine with them looking slightly different. I am unsure if such a mod exists, but if there is you would be able to find it here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ PokeMMO will likely never offer this as a built-in default option, however, as Mods can accomplish this. Best of luck finding the mod you're lucking for! c:
  9. This thread has derailed so I will be closing it. To summarise, level caps are primarily in place to encourage people to have multiple pokemon on their team instead of 1 singular pokemon with all the experience and levels. This is done in part to better tutorialize how to build teams, which is required for end-game content and PvP. So, yes, the game is harder on purpose in these regards.
  10. It's worth noting that everyone finds free things appealing, but most games that offer daily log-in rewards often tend to offer things in a way that incentivises / requires you to log-in daily to progress, which is a skinner-box design. these games also tend to be balanced around the assumption that you will have those items, meaning you typically aren't getting an advantaged from those items but they're rather just giving you the baseline resources needed to progress in the game. Daily log-in items for PokeMMO would be a complicated feature to do right as we do not have many items that would be appropriate at base. They'd likely have to be untradeable / unsellable otherwise they are just contributing to inflation and/or become problematic due to alts. If we give out X amount of Pokeballs or other seemingly trivial things then that can often contribute to 100% of a player's requirements easily, which means they aren't spending in-game cash on these items, which means less money is leaving the economy which lessens the amount that inflation is kept in check. as pokemmo was not balanced around the idea of freebies from the initial concept stage (unlike most of the skinner-box MMO's that utilise log-in bonuses) the game is balanced around what you can currently obtain reasonably, giving powerups or bonuses or freebies would either: A) Result in the game just being easier for no real reason, or: B) we have to make the game harder to balance out the bonuses, but then it feels like you need to log in every day to get those bonuses or you're just behind and thus we've become a skinnerbox MMO. For the reasons above I am unsure if PokeMMO is a good candidate for such features, even though I agree at first glance the concept of free things is indeed appealing.
  11. If you wish to play Anything-Goes or Ubers may I recommend Showdown , PokeMMO does not permit sub-level 50 pokemon in Tournament Mode PvP because gimmicks like Level 1 Rattatas are considered non-competitive. I strongly disagree that a 6 Legendary Team would result in unique counters to these teams, they would be immensely centralising depending on what is available at the time and lead to what basically equates to mirror matches. When you offer things that are this large of a power spike and then place them beside alternatives in team building, you aren't given a real choice- It's the illusion of choice, few pokemon can validate their place on a team next to Uber Pokemon. I don't understand what is hypocritical about what you mentioned, Uber Pokemon not being available (and as a result an Uber tier not existing) are not hypocrisy, it's pretty close to the opposite of hypocrisy. Sinnoh is on the horizon and will actively change every metagame in a significant way, and on top of that not all change is good change. When a tier becomes stale potential bans to break the rut it is stuck in are carefully considered, introducing things haphazardly does not create an interesting metagame it just makes chaos. Additionally your suggestion is entirely irrelevant to current PvP tiers as Uber Pokemon by their very nature would not be available in any current PvP tier, which means they wouldn't change the OU / UU / NU / LC metagames whatsoever. BoltBlades12 I understand you want Uber pokemon in the game, you have made it very obvious and there's nothing inherently wrong with that, but in future please edit your pre-existing threads which are requesting ubers be added to the game to include new points (such as what have been brought up in this thread). This thread does not contain enough substance to merit existing separately from your other thread(s) requesting Ubers be added to the game, if Ubers were made available to players then they would indeed go in the Uber's Tier by default as it already exists (despite nothing available being placed into it) and thus this suggestion is sort of already in the game (It's just irrelevant). In light of the above points I will be locking this thread, if you have reasons why you believe these points necessitate a separate thread from your previous ones which have requested Ubers be made available feel free to message me about it over the forums.
  12. Matoka

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    As others have mentioned, please use the suggestion box for requests to add things to the game. You can find the suggestion box here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/
  13. Economy stuff belongs in the trade corner, I will be locking this thread. I doubt there will be much long-term impact from this personally (and also suspect it'll go back to normal very shortly).
  14. Hello! When trying to re-claim an old account please do so on the support request section of our forums which can be found here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ Someone will help you as soon as they are able, I am closing this thread as support requests do not belong in General Discussion. Best of luck recovering your account and welcome back. c:
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