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  1. The point about pokeball cost is just incorrect, the cost of Pokeballs used has always been a deduction from overall profit through sales, their prices have not changed drastically (though the number required is no longer required to be 1 due to 100% catch rate). Over time market will see minor price increases for sales of 1x31's and dittos etc to balance this fact out. You are citing the fact that things have not instantly become more profitable over the course of 6 months in a 7 year old economy as "proof" that it "Isn't a valid point". These things take time. All of the pokemon that had been stockpiled into the market from BEFORE the change need to be consumed / removed before the price will have fully readjusted which explains why it takes more than 6 months. Players perceiving this as a bad thing is entirely understandable, it feels tangibly bad because you can look at the before and after and go "I don't like this", but if everything was infinitely easy to catch every pokemon would become worthless as you wouldn't need to spend time taking turns to false swipe + spore, you wouldn't need to spend 1-2 extra turns because it isn't a 100% catch rate, you wouldn't need to invest money into more pokeballs for those extra attempts. All of this makes the pokemon "Easier" to obtain, people pay less for "Easy to obtain" things. Look at Scyther on the GTL (currently 20k+), then compare that to Larvitar (7k+), and then compare that to Timburr (1k+). These are all incredibly prevalent OU Pokemon families, so their demand is arguably equivalent yet their prices on the GTL are drastically different. Scythers are 2,000% the price of Timburr. Why is this? Because Scyther is "Tedious" to catch by comparison to Larvitar, and Larvitar is more "Tedious" to catch than Timburr as it is rarer. You can extrapolate this in general to "What if we made Scyther easier to catch?" The answer is it would drop in price to about the price of Larvitar if it was rare, or to the price of TImburr if it was common. If you want to turn around and tell me that the Timburr market is "Flourishing" you are free to do so of course, but I am free to disagree and say it is a dead market that will never feasibly hold value.
  2. The base calculation, the thing that understood whatever the equivalent of 1+1 = 2, was broken. that is the catch rate fix that happened in December. Some pokeballs were nerfed to be worse than the handhelds for balance reasons, not bug fix reasons. So, to answer your question, "Both" but for different reasons.
  3. As I said before I am very confident Dusk Ball has been intentionally nerfed, along with the other Pokeballs. If It hasn't and this is a mistake I will return and address this, but I am quite confident on my memory regarding this.
  4. Please do mention examples which you believe to be incorrect in terms of catch rate calculations, just remember to factor in any catch rate multiplier changes to Pokeballs and the fact that we use the gen III / gen IV catch rate calculations (last I checked, could be misremembering). If you find discrepancies while taking these both into account I'd be genuinely interested to hear them. Your entire MMO's economy is based around pokemon, if the source of obtaining pokemon is too easy then they become increasingly more cheap, if they become cheaper on an individual level then them combined (into comps) becomes cheaper overall in terms of how players value them. This makes selling pokemon a nightmare which means people to make money will turn to things like selling vanities or shiny pokemon as nothing else will hold any semblance of value. This is just me speculating (no one can truly 100% predict these things), but I do really believe this is a case of unforeseen consequences for something that seems nice in the short-term. And to anyone who complains that a Pokemon-themed MMO has MMO style changes I don't know what to tell you, we don't exactly hide the fact this is an MMO. It's in the name.
  5. I'm pretty sure the ones that got changes are just flat-out custom values for PokeMMO is what I mean.
  6. Too strong, as they are not in line with hand-held catch rate multipliers anymore (they would have been put to what the handheld values were if they were broken as in bugged, but they were moved away which suggests they were broken as in OP)
  7. Going through the old updates this is all I could find written about currently, so me thinking Dusk Ball was nerfed may have been a fever dream of mine. Balancing General Certain balls' rates have been rebalanced: Dive Balls reduced to 3x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1500 Repeat Balls reduced to 2.5x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1500 Timer Balls reduced to 3x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1400 Net Balls reduced to 3x maximum catch rate. Price updated to 1400
  8. I know that there are intentional changes to certain Pokeballs (i.e. they were too strong so got nerfed), however off the top of my head I don't know specifics of how much each were changed.
  9. You're right it's not you can achieve 100% catch rate on pokemon with easy catch rates (e.g. Magikarp, Caterpie, etc), but some pokeballs were nerfed (Including but not limited to Dusk Balls and Repeatballs iirc) because they were a bit too strong.
  10. I do not believe you can breed a Shiny Pokemon with a Non-Shiny Pokemon as Hannahtaylor said, you can only guarantee the offspring will be shiny by breeding two shiny Pokemon together. All other forms of breeding use the same chance to roll shiny of roughly 1/30,000. As the question has been answered I will be locking this thread, if you have any further questions feel free to message me on forums.
  11. Congrats, out of curiosity what is it that gives the "8324" thing, I presume it's a mod that tracks number of encounters for a pokemon?
  12. As mentioned prior, Zekrom is only kept for the storyline battle, and Rayquaza / Mewtwo start a King-of-the-Hill esque PvP minigame, none of these 3 legendary pokemon can be kept after these end. In the future Legendary Pokemon will be available through Dungeons, though which ones are available, which order they are released in, etc are not known. At current there are no other legendaries that can be encountered.
  13. Matoka


    Hello! from I've heard mentioned on the topic before it was considered to be not worth the large amount of development time it would require as it would require a Jailbroken device which many Iphone users don't have. Someone may swoop in and correct me on this at a later date but for now I think it is safe to assume PokeMMO will not be available on Iphones unless something drastic changes. As I have answered this question I'll be locking the thread.
  14. Contests / Raffles / Giveaways do not belong in general discussion, please post it in the relevant sub-sections. I'll be closing this thread as a result.
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