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  1. Battle Animations when?

    Could you give us a super vague estimate of roughly what % of moves will have effects? Also are you prioritizing things you anticipate to be frequently used moves, or simply going through them based on what is most easy to complete? Either way Shu, do your best! I super appreciate shiny new animations.
  2. Legendary Breeding

    It's most likely that the legendaries we have access to will not be the ludicrously strong ones, think of things more like the Regi trio instead of something like Deoxys straight off the bat. OOPS DOUBLE POST
  3. Legendary Breeding

    Can you tell us roughly what vain / type of meddling you have discussed? Keeping in mind nothing is confirmed. Because currently we /can/ change IV's of pokemon for Hidden Power etc but it's hardly optimal, when you say change their IV's do you mean we will be able to somehow, for example, at least get 31 Speed with a legendary pokemon reliably? Or was it going to more likely be a re-randomisation of IV's Or can you simply not discuss it at all atm :c muh curiousity Oh yea, also, if legendaries are one time obtainable how is Manaphy / Phione going to work, people would have to sacrifice their Manaphy to get a Phione, I pressume with the ability to change legendary stats we can't just catch multiple of them, so what goes on in that case? OOPS DOUBLE POST
  4. >Implies about my capability to play pokemon games >bases this off the fact I disagreed with him on forums Hmmm..... Btw, about your Quagsire, it can't get Egg moves from the gen 4 / 5 either, so what? your quagsire also can't magically change its IV's or nature, you can't just magically have the all-powerful shiny quagsire that can be everything you could ever want. Why can't you just be happy you have a competitive Quagsire, even if it doesn't have unaware Water Absorb is hardly a bad ability. The fact you have a shiny is a trophey, not a "I don't have to work for my copetitive pokemon" Voucher, 90% of shiny pokemon in the game are completely noncompetitive stat and egg move wise.
  5. How does it seem Unfair? Anyone is gonna want stuff handed to them, remember there's also new egg moves in gen 4/5 as well as new abilities, there's going to need to be new pokemon bred and I don't think complaining about that is warranted. This is a game where stuff isn't handed to you for free and stuff is supposed to have value, its an MMO afterall, I doubt /sensible/ players will quit over such a petty reason, the reason being that they actually have to do some work, which is incredibly minor honestly, in order to get a huge power spike or a new strategy with the abilities. Besides most abilities will wararnt entire new movesets on pokemon, which means you'll want TM's and new egg moves, and even new IV spreads. For instance, Banette can run a new set with the addition of trickroom but it's ideal stats are 0 speed Brave nature, normal Banettes don't have those stats so I had to rebreed. It's just a matter of fact, You actually have to play the game to get a little bit of what you want, I think that's entirely fair and if people quit over that... Boo-hoo? it just means they have 0 patience
  6. As darkshade said, if we could just do it to old pokemon then we could just buy the pill etc off GTL, no incentive to go do the new dungeons ourselves. I will say though I'm genuinely sad there'll be no dungeon at launch :c
  7. *nod* As long as there is a way to avoid hidden abilities if someone would prefer, then all should be well I think.
  8. Oops, edited to be more readable. What about if we don't want Hidden ability for one reason or another? will ability pill let us swap to a normal ability?
  9. So it's likely that these are the three main ways it can go; You caught a HA Female Poke, breed whatever you want with it, the child has the Hidden Ability from the mother You caught a HA Male poke, breed it with a Ditto and select Female child so you can chain breed now with the female female retaining the HA You caught a HA Genderless / exclusively Male poke, breed it with dittos until satisfied ? It's a super niche situation, but what if we DON'T want the hidden ability? will ability pill allow us to turn it to a normal ability then?
  10. That would need to be minorly edited, as with that priority system Ditto with Imposter would be valid for passing on an ability to genderless pokemon that don't have it normally, but it could work just fine like that other than the ditto thing.
  11. Oops! you're right, it'd have to be between two pokemon of the same species. (or Ditto) having it limited to the Mother only though would be difficult for Hidden Ability genderless pokemon, such as Analytic Starmie etc, also then there's Male only pokemon like Taurus. How do you propose it could work factoring in stuff like that?
  12. Perhaps this could be solved by adding a NPC dialogue to the old man in the event where one Pokemon has a Hidden Ability and the other does not, such as: You attempt to breed a Hidden Ability pokemon with a Non-Hidden ability pokemon >"Are you curious which ability your egg might receive?" If Yes, go to step 3, if No then select ability randomly between all possible abilities Old Man: "If you had to guess, which Pokemon do you think the egg will take after more? [Pokemon A] or [Pokemon B]?" >You select which one you think the egg will take after more, lets pretend I chose [Pokemon A]. >"Are you sure?" Confirmation dialogue Old Man: "[Pokemon A]? I was thinking the same thing, let's look forward to the outcome then!" Egg is now set to have the ability type the selected Pokemon did (If you selected the Hidden Ability it is the HA, if not then it just randomises between non HA abilities) Ofc this is just a quick idea and the dialogue etc is whatever, but something like this might be nice to just have as part of the breeding system for hidden abilities.
  13. Darkshade, how's discussion about how you're handling Hidden Abilities going?
  14. Baton Pass?

    >Outside AKA basis for argument is outside of Pokemmo, I still want it tested in Pokemmo after all this time. Pokemmo is inherently different than the base games for quite a few reasons, even some that aren't ultra apparent. Please don't point to external stuff as basis, also Belly Drum smeargle isn't even a huge threat, it belly drumming means its focus sash won't work and it can then be just killed on the turn it belly drums since its squishy, sure if it catches you with spore that's unfortunate but that means you send a moderately slow poke out against smeargle, plus grass types / insomnia pokes are immune to spore and there's also taunt. It's not going to be uncommon for a fast Taunt lead like Weavile in a meta where people will wanna set up Stealth Rocks. At the end of the day We are all, including me, theorymon'ing about "It will / won't be broken" and we have no in game basis to judge this off of. With Baton Pass clause it doesn't allow chaining and also we're likely to get team previews in Black / white so it will be easier to spot if a team will have a baton passer and therefore send out a lead accordingly, I do not see how it is any different than other win conditions that "Skilled Players should not be afraid of" like the random Bellydrum Linoone out of nowhere with extreme speed. You certainly make a convincing argument xd I still hold firm on my belief that it warrants being tested after all this time, Why not get some FACTUAL EVIDENCE in pokemmo for your stance so that way we don't have to keep theorymon'ing about baton pass. @LifeStyle It's an inherent part of the game, and little-to-no skill in it is applicable to a lot of things in pokemon, Paraflinching / Breloom Sub-Punch sets / The entire Chansey meme etc. The game also has inherent RNG, the better player doesn't always win in the first place, plus If you are all so assertive of how bad it would be then why do you NOT want to take this time to get evidence to back up your stance so that way people cannot argue with you about it since currently we have no evidence in pokemmo to use at all. We should get a trial to see how it plays out in practice. There are going to be so many things going nuts in BW meta that it's a perfect time to throw it into the pot and test the waters because since it won't be added on its own people won't single mindedly have an influx of baton passers, there's gonna be an equal portion of people playing with other new things (HA sets / new moves / Trick Room teams / Weather Teams) etc. I am going to keep saying this, No one has done a test with Baton pass in years and I think it warrants at least a test. There is little harm in doing it with the launch of Black / White game content as everything will be in chaos anyway and it won't be "Ruining a meta" and if hypothetically it is broken it means we can bury the topic for good and no one will have to argue over it in pokemmo anymore. Can we stop being so afraid of enabling baton pass clause please. For science etc etc
  15. Baton Pass?

    I just want to represent it before Black / white comes out and then everyone is like "BUT MUH TIERS HAVE SETTLED" and therefore say that as a reason for not bothering to test Baton Pass, if we wait too long for the dust to settle after the initial influx of new things to the meta people will whine and say they don't want to temporarily (possibly) upset their meta with Baton pass being added. Plus, I genuinely do not think Baton Pass will be an issue as long as Baton Pass clause is used, I honestly think everyone is too afraid of something without even having seen it in effect in Pokemmo's environment.

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