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  1. Matoka

    Johto Starters

    Johto starters are primarily in Hoenn because in the original hoenn games you received them as a reward for pokédex completion. There is method to the madness, sure they weren't in the safari zone but to maintain their value and rarity it's a good place for them. If they're not worth trying to catch then simply don't catch them and buy them off of the GTL, but if you want them enough to chase after them then they are worth the effort to catch. It's quite simple. If everything is common in the game its much more dull than if some things are rare.
  2. Matoka

    Section for particles GTL/PC

    Just because the event ends and certain particles will become unavailable in the future does not mean that the items (use to add particle to any pokemon) and pokemon with the particles themselves (i.e. the ghost pokemon you can find in the wild) will magically cease to exist. You can breed particles around so these will continue to exist, so I personally would say it's definitely worth it to be able to search for them with ease compared to how it normally works. This is especially true if they ever decide to add more particles as well.
  3. If every item unique to Battle-Points were to require only a single purchase, similar to how Eviolite and Choice Band function, then over time Battle-Points just become a resource that stockpiles for players that already have all those items. (Ignoring BP tutor, vitamins and secret base decorations etc) Eventually if a player plays enough, and doesn't automatically sell all their BP items to players and holds them, they will reach a point where they have x6 of each item. With x6 of each non-consumable item you no longer have any demand for any of those items, your Battle-Points you gain now only serve to let you buy an item from the NPC and then sell it to a player. but eventually that player will get x6 of every item, and the next player etc etc, at this point the demand for any of these items is nothing while the supply will just continue to increase, it is actively healthy for the concept of battle-points as a currency if there is something 1) unique to them, 2) desirable and 3) consumable because otherwise BP and these items will become close to worthless. Focus Sash is currently an example of an item that meets these criteria, obviously we all would love a no-strings-attached infinite use focus sash (I love shedinja so it makes me sad in the short-term for obvious reasons that its consumable too) but overall everyone is much happier with a functioning currency, especially one that has as many uses as Battle-Points. Although I really REALLY do understand that its not particularly likely to make a person happy to hear that the reason why something they don't like is the way it is is because it's for the "Greater Good" and its really difficult to get a good balance of these kinda things, but overall I would say Focus Sash (and the others that work the same way) are good choices for this kind of item because they don't feel as "necessary" for majority of pokemon and they don't even necessarily always get consumed in a match so they usually on average do last more than a single match. I don't have my hand anywhere near the cookie jar that is the development decision making of this game, but I would hope to imagine I'm not way off in what I said compared to the likely decision making that went behind this, and no one will know for sure but I (short-term sadly) doubt they will ever be made permanent items
  4. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Please keep in mind this thread was created prior to me having any official staff role in PokeMMO. This thread contains multiple "unofficial" labels and disclaimers that things are subject to change, please keep that in mind. @FNTCZ and anyone else reading this. Estimations are heavily subject to change and taking anything written in this thread as a guaranteed occurrence is something I do not recommend.
  5. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Ah! my bad- I replied to this before I went to sleep and was thinking of Breloom! Lightningvolt is correct. my apologies.
  6. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Soon(tm) It will be included in one of the next few rapid-fire updates we'll be getting I'd imagine (Probably?)
  7. HELP 


  8. Matoka

    Future updates

    Everything referencing future updates on the forum (to my knowledge) I put together into a thread for your convenience, please keep in mind everything is subject to change but this should answer most of your questions.
  9. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    Rough estimate, not confirmed to be that date. 2 weeks prior to that date Kyu said 2 weeks-ish (tm) so I listed the 2 weeks date later as the rough estimate. It's generally later than that, but it's just there as a rough idea.
  10. Matoka

    System of auction

    Moderately off-topic but has the idea of a "Request" esque system on the GTL ever been considered? E.g. you are able to pick through a menu what you want in your Request to be and it will be placed onto the GTL, people are able to submit anything as long as it meets the requirements of your order and then receive their payment instantly. People would have to Deposit their offered Payment (e.g. the 1,400,000 $ they are offering + a 25,000 deposit (they get the deposit back when the order is fulfilled or canceled, just to prevent people making infinite requests for 100$ comp Hydreigons etc). Example: I wish to purchase (for some reason) an Adamant Volcarona but there are none on GTL so I list a request offering to pay 1,400,000$ is made, as long as the following conditions are met: Any pokemon meeting those requirements can be used to fulfill the request, the pokemon is mailed to the person who made the request, the person who supplied the pokemon gets the money that was put into the system when the request was made (the 1,400,000$ in this case) and the deposit of 25,000$ is returned to the person who created the request. That was a bit longer than I expected it to be and I kinda rambled, but the idea still intrigues as currently there are ways to instantly get a pokemon through GTL if you have the cash, but getting instant cash if you have the pokemon desired takes time and this coulda kinda alleviate it maybe? Not at all neccesary in the grand scheme but still. any thoughts?
  11. Matoka


    Abilities and Moves which are available to players, such as how you are able to get Moxie on your Sandile currently, will all be finished having their coding implemented in the next update. So in the next patch your ability will work, there are a lot of moves and abilities still yet to be full implemented and don't work currently either. If you're curious about what other features will be in the update and roughly when it will be released please feel free to read my thread here:
  12. Matoka

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    @Kyu I wanted to ask, we're getting a lot of combat-orientated patches and fixes in the next while, it seems to be a clear Dev goal to patch up what loose ends are still left for it; Something I've seen no mention of that I wanted to ask about is if you have any plans for a "Forfeit option" and/or "Undo selected move" feature alongside (or soon after) the next few battle mechanic patches?
  13. Matoka

    Last Pokemon Theme

    I think he is referring to the theme music for each gym leader which plays when the last pokemon is left, or at least that's what i'm guessing. I don't know if it's implemented, but if it's not then Im guessing this is what he meant. It plays after the gym leader steps in and says the generic "You're doing good, but don't expect me to go down that easily!" huehue xdd line
  14. Matoka

    Future Updates??!!

    In regards to questions referring to future updates my thread contains all of the information that has been revealed by staff up-to-date (to my knowledge). this means that while the thread was created a while ago I have been keeping it update to semi-daily. Anything beyond questions regarding what is upcoming belongs in a different, separate thread in the Suggestion section of the forums and this is why people are not engaging in discussion with you here regarding your ideas for the game. You will be more likely to receive responses after making a new thread for your ideas in the Suggestion topic. for the questions however I hope my thread answered them for you as much as they reasonably could.
  15. Matoka

    Weather Symbols/Icon, Trick Room, Taunt

    Trick room and taunt / encore too i'm guessing?

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