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  1. I would very much like to hear your philosophy on why a decision was made to attempt to successfully incorporate time spent per match (in addition to wins / losses) when this was largely a non-contentious issue previously (when it wasn't being factored into rewards from matchmaking in any noticeable way). In many games there are side effects of the faster gameplay styles (aggro) being more efficient for progressing through ladder systems compared to slower styles (control / stall), however artificially compensating the slower gameplay styles by trying to approximate their time invested for
  2. Just to clarify on what was touched on, Destiny Knot does NOT have any effects when breeding. It only offers the mutual attraction status from Cute Charm / Attract.
  3. Hello, If you wish to suggest new vanity items for PokeMMO please post them in the following thread: I will be locking this thread as this does not belong in General Discussion.
  4. After you get to Isle 2 you could exchange 1 Big Mushroom or 2 Small Mushrooms to "Re-Learn" Hypnosis, alternatively.
  5. Whether a pokemon is shiny or not is determined whenever the Egg is handed to you (not when hatched). This probability can be increased with Shiny Charms and/or Donator Status, but is otherwise the aforementioned default rate of 1/30,000. (unless you have bred two shiny pokemon together, which results in the egg being shiny 100% of the time).
  6. Hello, If you have suggestions for features or changes to PokeMMO please post them in the following section of our forums: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/ General Discussion is not the appropriate section for Suggestions, as a result I am locking this thread.
  7. After defeating Crasher Wake, Cynthia will give you the Secret Potion after chasing the Team Galactic Grunt. Use it on the Psyduck north of Solaceon Town and head to Celestic Town. Defeat the Galactic Grunt and Cyrus, then Cynthia's Grandmother will give you HM 03 Surf.
  8. If you have questions please make a ban appeal in the appropriate section of our forums here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/ Your ban will not be discussed outside of this.
  9. Don't worry, I get it confused as well. There's a lot of moves in the game. But yes, Psywave does fixed damage based on your level (similar to Seismic Toss / Night Shade) except it varies by +/- 50% (so at level 100 it does between 50 damage to 150 damage). As this has been sorted out i'll be locking this thread. c:
  10. It only applies to a very few pokemon, there is nothing inherently wrong with some things being more inconvenient to breed than others on paper. Currently the "Convenience" is roughly the following for obtaining perfect IV / Nature mons in my opinion: Female Only Species (e.g. Chansey) Male / Female species (with ones that are more likely to be male than female being more annoying, e.g. Eevee / Starters) Genderless Pokemon (e.g. Magnemite) Shedinja (IMO minorly more annoying than Genderless) Male Only Pokemon (e.g. Hitmontop) Ditto (It just can't breed at all, must be found in th
  11. In addition to what Teddi said (which is all correct) you will not be able to use Ocarinas in certain forms of content. This will likely just be dungeons in the future, but may also apply to other content in the future. (but for normal gameplay in Kanto / Hoenn / Sinnoh / Unova they'll work just fine).
  12. Ah, to clarify what I was referring to was the idea that because mons are not free there's an "unfair" advantage to people with more time etc, as the MMO elements of working to earn things makes it "harder" for newer players / players with less time to play to compete with other players as they'll have less options, less IV's etc etc. That's what I meant by clashing with a perfectly "fair" metagame because aspects outside of PvP are influencing ability to participate etc. and thats the part that clashes with a perfectly fair metagame, I was not referring to concepts like banning things to uber
  13. Before this thread kicks off I would just like to say that quoting things without context (in this case without the message(s) this was in response to) can paint a rather unrepresentative picture; we do not see comments like these in 99% of PvP related discussion or feedback because they are done in a reasonable civil manner, these responses were likely made in response to people being unreasonable in how they tried to discuss things. I cannot speak for all staff as I am just a single person on the team, but at the same time I'm quite confident that we all understand how important PvP is to
  14. They would only be added if Generation 6+ was added, and there are no current plans for Generation 6+ content.
  15. I believe it has indeed been removed from normal encounters for Twist Mountain, the pokedex does not appear to be inaccurate on this point.
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