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  1. Update.

    In short term yea defo would prefer Legendary Dungeons and Moves etc being added, but this is a long-term thing that is good to get out of the way earlier rather than later probably. Although I have no interest in android at all personally, so I couldn't care less if it didn't exist but eh i don't mind waiting a while more I guess. I'm sad about it but i'll live with it.
  2. Can Phenomena only Pokemon not be so.

    I dunno why you're being so condescending, this seems actually super cancerous to deal with. It's entirely valid feedback and from what I can tell it seems pretty accurate that finding Alomamola is abnormally difficult compared to other Phenomenon encounters. If the info here isn't too incorrect apart from minor mistakes then I'd agree that Alomamola spawn rates should be upped in some way.
  3. Update.

    Keep up the good work! Super excited to move closer to having all moves / abilities / items implemented step by step.
  4. Update.

    Will it be likely that whenever Android is pushed there will be few content updates until it is polished enough to leave beta as otherwise that could be adding more problems to the Android version? outside of bug-fixes etc for Android, or will we still be able to receive content updates for PC during the beta. I appreciate you communicating with us though, really helps us understand what's going on at the moment.
  5. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    1) If a "Noob" does not have a certain pokemon and set, I do not see what the difference would be between them going to catch it in a dungeon vs. going to catch it in another location to get the right ability, I admit it is minorly less convenient than getting a regular ability poke, but it's not going to be hard to purchase a poke with its HA off GTL like you do now. 2) Rebreeding does not exist "Just to stay relevant", it is the primary money sink in the game that helps prevent inflation, it is what value is tied to and by that I mean if we have hidden abilities added and simply tied to Ability Pills then a pokemon with a HA and a pokemon with no HA will be the same value, and a lower value due to the supply being higher for both. It does, on top of this, help giving you future projects to do even if you have no current pokemon you have an interest for. I genuinely see the complaint that you have to rebreed a pokemon with it's hidden ability akin to complaining you have to breed a garchomp from scratch when it is added and can't just "Ability pill" a garchomp into existence. they fill virtually the same role in terms of longevity. 3) It's incredibly unlikely that a person would have literally every pokemon in the game, you're correct, however most players aren't interested in 90% of the game's pokemon, however there's a high chance they'd be interested in a specific HA version of a pokemon, so in the case where they never made the original pokemon as they had no interest then it isn't rebreeding but at the same time is an example of how it can add longevity as it can add interest in a pokemon that you had no interest in before. 4) "people" please remember that minorities often have the loudest voice, i'd imagine a very large part of the player base doesn't particularly mind this philosophy however the people who do mind ofc are going to make the most comments on the forums. keep this in mind before just assuming that most of the playerbase is in agreement either way on this debate. Also, You know that sometimes what the players want in the short term is bad for the game long-term right? you can be snarky and insulting with your impersonation of the response all you want, but it's incredibly likely that they did consider this and decided after careful consideration that it is probably not a good idea. Also no one is forcing you to make these HA pokemon, you do what you want because you want it enough, clearly you want the HA pokemon if you are willing to write essays and circlejerk about it on the forums (at least i'd hope) so why are you so opposed to investing some of your money / time in game, which it wouldn't even take that much more than a normal pokemon, to make a new HA poke? It's such a minor lazy issue I can't personally empathize with your complaints. 5) I dunno what you're talking about that shit on long term players, also lmao the game has never been so dead, Unova brought a lot of players back and a lot of them are still waiting in the wings, as soon as dungeons are added they'll come back again, times after updates will be a spike in players followed by a gradual decline till next update. If you're referring to the genderless pokemon breeding change as shitting on old players I will agree it crashed a market, but the market was founded on the fact it was just asinine to breed your own pokemon for, and is a very similar kind of change you are asking for which is quality of life because of something that makes it difficult to breed a pokemon in terms of time and money, except genderless pokes were far FAR harder than this and definitely warranted the change (Unlike HA pokes imo)
  6. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

  7. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

  8. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    Would you feel like dropping a teaser for us by telling us which region (if there is a specific one) that the first dungeon will be?
  9. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    Will dungeons be accesible regardless of which region you are in, e.g. if you have only completed Kanto is there a chance of a dungeon being released that requires you to have done the entire story in either Hoenn / Unova to access? or will they be accessible regardless of which region(s) you've finished entirely, e.g. by a boat or something
  10. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    Thank you for communicating so clearly. however what do you mean "Mostly Skills", is that referring to Moves or Abilities I can't quite tell. Realized you meant Moves since you mentioned Abilities separately before, thanks again for answering.
  11. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    I'm super happy this is finally happening, but I am curious will this be the core focus of development for quite a while now or will we still be getting progression of adding more abilities, move functionality, battle items and eventually dungeons? or are they on hiatus until Android version is polished up for the most part.
  12. What exactly is PokeMMO?

    You play the games Emerald, Fire red and Black / White in the presence of others in a seamless environment where you can trade, battle etc with them and travel between the regions similar to how ash does in the anime. There are differences to the original games, for instance the stats and learnsets for moves are based on the most recent games, not the games the regions are set in and some things are different to normal due to the level of implementation, e.g. currently some moves and abiulities aren't coded in yet and some pokemon aren't available yet. E.g. Garchomp or Zoroark aren't available yet, nor are legendaries and stuff like Draco Meteor isn't available yet. It's kinda fun, tournaments happen that often reward a shiny pokemon or lotsa money. Hope you enjoy it?
  13. No Bidoofs?

    First we get Bidoof, Milotic and Legendaries as followers and repetitive screen shakes Then we get an honest to goodness update on April 1st + Bidoof followers This year we get hats and no bidoofs You rascal devs, you got us again, we have been truly bamboozled again.
  14. Vanity Item Suggestions

    @Darkshade Did the Snowflake hairclip not end up working out well in practice? or just been super busy with all this stuff. They look neat as heck, is the Bug catcher net colourable btw?
  15. I have a doubt.

    What kinda stuff is maximum priority right now out of curiousity? has the security problem scare blown over then and shifted back to gameplay stuffs?

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