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  1. Oops, when I said that I meant that because we AREN'T talking about outside of 99-100 that it should be fine, I was half asleep when I wrote that. My bad. I worded everything weirdly, goodness. My bad, short rephrasing: This fixes the issues staff had with it in the past, similar to what you said gillan ALSO said... etc, the main point outside of it was maybe just having an NPC trigger evolutions via "Level up flag" rather than fiddling with levels. I really oopsied there, my bad.
  2. As staff have said before this will not be implemented because it allows illegal movesets outside of 99-100. However as Gilan said it would be nice if we had some way to do it from 100 to 99 since that would never cause something illegal, although the only purpose of that would be levelup evolutions for pokemon that are level 100 already (e.g. Level 100 Caterpie can never become Metapod). so maybe this'll be added? However even in response to that I think it would be better to just add an NPC that can just trigger the evolution of a pokemon that can evolve through level up at level 100 rather than alter levels at all.
  3. Can confirm Dragonite, not sure about Skitty and Teddiursa.
  4. Is @RacheLucario Okay? I get they like Pidgey... but isn't this bordering on sheer madness? do we need an intervention? Also calling Dunsparce "Dumbsparce" was going too far... Too far.
  5. Donators are donating to keep food on dev's tables, not to make the video game easier- that is just a side benefit as thanks. I personally don't think we should keep slapping things onto Donator status.
  6. *Shrug* Unfortunate, not much that can be done though. Not to come across as rude but it's an unfortunate "Deal with it" issue, too much of the code is based on 3D so it can't be made into 2D. I hope you can get used to the Unova region and feel okay while playing it :(
  7. I was like 6 years old, and it's QUITE early in the game, you rarely buy 99 pokeballs at that stage.
  8. First and only shiny in the wild in an official pokemon game was a Shiny Drowzee in pokemon Gold, I was young and didn't know what shinies were but I knew it was clearly special but it was so early in the game I had no pokeballs so i just sat and admired it for a bit.. Then flee, slightly disappointed.
  9. I'd more so like to know if it will be at ALL possible, even if it is the "Inefficient" way, to give older pokemon their new abilities, or will everything require re-breeding?
  10. I'm redoing mine: Buff: Octillery Nerf: Chansey Delete; Baton Pass Clause ITS BEEN LONG ENOUGH SHEEPLE, AT LEAST TEST THE BATON PASS CLAUSE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE No but seriously, we getting U-Turn and Volt Switch may as well get used to it with some lighthearted baton passing
  11. Perhaps make it where clicking "Buy Everstones" from her simply opens the GTL and auto searches "Everstone", therefore introducing people to GTL while also saving time? Seems to fix your concern with it since from there they can just search other items, helps tutorialize it, right?
  12. Does tactically nerfing an Uber to bring it down to OU count? hue. Not that I'd care about that tbh... Buff: Octillery Nerf: Skarmory Delete: Tentacool line (THE WATERS ARE SAFE NOW)
  13. Blue Text: "Deleted Comments and Locked Threads" Red Text: "Harmless banter among friends"
  14. Chimecho on Mt. Pyre?
  15. No prob! happy to help you list out your dislike of me with clarity any day...? ...huh.