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  1. In order to change Rotom's form you must go to the Secret Room in the Team Plasma building in Eterna City. This however can only be accessed after the Distortion World plot-line has been completed.
  2. Ah, sweet memories, I too recall when Trapinch was OU by usage. good times. good times.
  3. Isn't particularly formatted like a guide IMO, I don't think it requires being moved.
  4. Matoka

    Hatching Twins

    Anything that is "free" but lacks purpose is a potential risk to game balance, this is undoubtedly a novelty feature "for fun", it has not been proposed with any perceived issues that it is being viewed as a solution towards, you are correct that we could have the old man require two party slots, but now the old man requires additional dialogue options and party checks etc. My point was moreso that such features that do "odd" things can require more work than expected, and that unexpected problems can arise. Also, you can edit posts on these forums (which would allow you to avoid double posting in future). Features rarely ever get added that are novelty additions to the game, they usually require a purpose or are quality of life changes that affect something that is largely agreed upon to be a problem, though that's not to say they never happen and again I was just sharing my opinions. I am not saying this will never be added to the game, just that I do not expect it to be added to the game personally.
  5. Matoka

    Hatching Twins

    Twins as a concept are problematic as Pokemon must take up party slots; there is no way to hatch an egg while it is not in your party, should twins hatch when you have 5 pikachus and 1 egg what happens to the twin? We cannot assume the default "Just send it to the PC" as a PC can be full, in which case there is nowhere valid for the egg to spawn. If this is common enough where it matters then it is just extra free things for people, when competitive pokemon are already reasonably priced, which means that's not a good enough concept to warrant its implementation. If this is rare enough where it doesn't matter then its so rare that its probably not worth taking the time to code and implement into the game, on top of the fact that players will definitely think that this is a bug or something if they're unaware of a super rare occurrence that isn't mechanically relevant to anyone. I do not think this suggestion will ever see implementation as any version which is harmless enough to the game to even consider being added would just end up being so mechanically unnecessary that it'd be infinitely low priority to code and add over other features to the game that give tangible benefits.
  6. Hello Skyblader, In order to assist you where possible would you please make a support request in the appropriate section of our forums. A member of staff will deal with your issue there as soon as they are able. You can find a link to it here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  7. As BrokenBulb78 has mentioned, this is the general discussion section of our forums. If you create a thread in the support request section of our forums a member of staff will deal with your issue as soon as they are able. You can find a link to it here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  8. As Suigin said, It is incredibly unlikely that Megas will ever be added to PokeMMO, if they were they would be added as part of a future generation.
  9. Oh come on Razi, this is harmless funsies speculation, that's all there is too it. It can just be fun to speculate and chat regarding this. Though, this probably belongs in the Competitive section of our forums so I will be moving it there (and renaming the title a little bit so it's clear what's being discussed).
  10. Patience, it will come in time. As others have stated news will be announced when it is ready.
  11. Ghosts, Pokemon with the ability Levitate (e.g. Koffing), and Flying types are immune to Arena trap. If you lead with a fast pokemon with one of those traits you can run from Arena Trap pokemon
  12. I cannot accurately recall the exact methods off the top of my head how all of these items were obtained, but the Black Pinstripe Suit was a reward for beating the limited time boss at all and I believe was meant to represent "oh, this character has beaten Pumpking 2019" and thus making it tradeable would diminish it. As I said however, im unsure regarding the other items if they were for similar or for different reasons.
  13. Majority of items that have functionality are tradeable from events, which items are you referring to as untradeable? From what I can recall the vast majority of vanities etc already are tradeable.
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