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  1. Soon™

    I found this: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/announcement/30-generation-5-move-progress/
  2. Soon™

    for players they do, for NPC's they don't I was also confused prior, but for players (at least in PvP) they work.
  3. Previously we had ways of generating money that were what prices for Braces and what people sold Everstones for were priced against, these two items are the main corner stones of the economy. However one is a money sink with fixed price and the other is user priced and traded between players. We are being encouraged to trade between one another for Pokemon, Everstones, TMs, etc etc and that encourages a healthy economy and I want a healthy economy but wouldn't nerfing the methods of generating cash without tweaking the fixed prices of items lead to big deflation since no major methods of generating pokeyen were added with Unvoa? The main source of generating money prior to Unova was "Island" runs where you would use Amulet Coin and VS. Seeker to make money by rematching the Seveii Island trainers for a fair sum, this was nerfed quite harsly with Unova which means money is being added to the game far slower yet the demand for things that remove money from the game (TMs, Braces, Pokeballs) etc has gone up due to their required use with the new pokemon in order to catch / breed / make their move sets. I'm not particularly well learned in economy but if the main sources of adding cash to the game are nerfed, and the prices of things that remove that cash aren't also lowered won't we probably start having the value of the currency go up as less of it will exist, this means that today we can buy roughly 5 everstones for 100,000$ however we may eventually reach a point where it can buy 6 or 7 because people start listing them for lower because people will have less money on them and therefore the demand for everstones won't be high enough where people want to buy them at 20k each. This is fine on its own as the price of Everstones shifts naturally to match the supply and demand on the server and how much people want to pay, but Breeding braces / Pokeballs / TMs / Breeding gender selection costs -DO NOT- which means proportionally over time breeding as a concept will become more "expensive" relatively to how much pokeyen we have on our character. If this happens ( i know it is hardly going to be an overnight thing) will we see NPC sold items adjust in price for the new values of Pokeyen? TL;DR: Will we gain less Pokeyen now but Lose the same amount in money sinks, over time we'll have less money in general but NPC items don't adjust for that.
  4. Soon™

    First I wanna say I'm not what you could call a good representation of a competitive player so I can't comment that much in that regard I do also feel a tad sad that a lot of new toys aren't working and Zoroark isn't added yet. and some moves are being weirdly, the update isn't perfect, I still like it but it does indeed have a lot to fix / improve upon. HOWEVER: Part of me is happy that the PvP side isn't functioning 100% yet and X Y Z aren't implemented in terms of Abilities and Moves because that means I don't feel super rushed to pump out 50 new com pokemon in a few days, it gives me time to slowly breed them in preparation for when they work, and the ones I need immediately are fewer in number and therefore more reasonable to get out in time. I definitely am on the side of "I wish everything worked" but I am just looking on the bright side of some things not being added yet, beside s it takes a while to get all the pokemon in order to breed with to begin with and level things up for egg moves, find TM's etc etc. Just looking on the bright side I guess. (though the Tier lists meaning jack certainly isn't the best, e.g. stuff like good old Whimsicott for instance being in UU while Jumpluff is in NU despite Whimsicott being objectively worse without its ability for the most part etc)
  5. Frequently asked questions.

    Is there a reason that there is new music elements in Kanto / Hoenn? I hear random noises that don't seem to be part of the regular theme tunes and I thought I fixed it but it's back again. Is this a bug or a feature? haven't been able to find out anything about it. (I'd love an option to turn it off if it is a feature)
  6. I see it may have just been a bug with an outdated client, i updated my client and it seemed to fix the random noises. Feel free to lock.
  7. The game seems to be trying to drum along in tune with the music and... It's subjective but I really dislike it, it sounds super off and is actually louder than the in game music. can we turn this off? it seems new to this patch. I notice it most in Kanto / Hoenn.
  8. Move Braces / Everstones to a new item tab

    It's from a different menu, the menu I was using does not have these features, as I said it's minor but I think would be a nice change. You are looking at the bag, as Munya said I am clicking on the empty-item slot on a pokemon's summary to give an item.
  9. My idea is that instead of just being in "Items" that Braces and Everstones are moved to a tab called "Breeding Items" or the like, that way I don't have to keep scrolling through all of my regular items to find a brace. It's a minor thing, but it would be a quality of life addition. would appreciate this being changed. Thank you for reading.
  10. That applies to Alomamola too? (you didn't mention water, but I'll just assume that's included.)
  11. Do pokemon that were exclusive to them in the handholds such as Alomamola / Audino / Emolga appear in the grass regularly at a small chance or something? or are they just not obtainable.

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