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  1. Can confirm, Snarl is available in the game already: I will be locking this suggestion as it is already in the game.
  2. Because a conscious decision has been made that we do not want Ubers as a tier in the game, for many reasons which have all been listed out to you in your past threads and I will not be repeating. You can easily go back and look at them if you've forgotten (at your leisure). Subjective claim, impossible to prove or deny and due to the fact that this is (apparently) a minority viewpoint it is largely irrelevant. We can't simultaneously appeal to people who want things to stay the same and also appeal to people who want things to change. The minority tends to lose because the primary goal is to keep an active player base usually. This is correct, it would indeed take little to not time to implement as a feature, but the issue is not that it's hard to implement it's that it is not wanted in this game currently, based both on previous official statements on the matter (which always cite that changes were done to avoid ubers, often at the advice / consultation of the tier council which are far more knowledgeable on the PvP metagame than either you or I.) and on the seeming majority viewpoint of the playerbase. If you are so confident it is a bad idea and is terrible design the burden of proof lies with you, if you are indeed correct in your assertions you should be able to make a convincing arguement to convince us using facts and proposing systems that do not have more holes in them than Swiss Cheese. You have made numerous threads and each new thread tends to receive the same response. You are unlikely to get much serious discussion on the forums as you are not mentioning anything new in this discussion, you are simply re-stating your opinions and the basis for said opinions once again. The majority of people who have replied to your threads so far have not been convinced, it's unreasonable to expect them to be convinced by you saying it a second time. Nothing in this post is new ground for you, it's all been said before. I am locking this thread because, for the second time, please stop making thinly veiled suggestion topics in general discussion. Please edit this into your suggestion threads if you consider new points for your arguments.
  3. As others have said, there has never been a stated intention to implement Generation 6, 7, or 8 (Alola, Kalos, and Galar), which can be interpreted as they are not planned for PokeMMO. Depending on what changes occur in those games however, some pokemon have may have their base stats or moves they can learn changed, and some changes to abilities and moves may also occur if they are changed in the new games and it is determined to not be unhealthy to the metagame (such as how Knock Off was not buffed because we did not have Megastones or Z-Crystals to mitigate it's usefulness.). As the question has been answered I will be locking thread now.
  4. B2/W2-exclusive Content does not exist in PokeMMO. Encounters are based on Black / White, with the Zoroark / Volcarona / Starter lines being given renewable encounter locations so they can be farmed and Phenomena for Audino / Ducklett / Emolga / Alomamola.
  5. If you believe you have been banned unfairly, please make a post here in Ban Appeals: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/ Your punishment will not be discussed outside of the Ban Appeal section of our forums. I am locking this thread.
  6. If I am understanding correctly that you mailed him several Pokemon and then received Pokéyen for it, then yes that is allowed.
  7. As long as an exchange occurs between only in-game things, such as Pokémon for Pokéyen then it is allowed within game. The only thing disallowed when trading is scamming the other person, or attempting to exchange something in-game for something outside-of-game such as Real-world money or other games etc etc.
  8. As Exodos have said there is currently no availability of new Premier balls, the only ones you can obtain them would be by purchasing them from other players or the GTL (or buying Goodie bags from past events that other players are selling, thus getting them indirectly if you are lucky and the bag gives them to you.) Basically they're only ever available during events.
  9. As others have mentioned, there are several Invisible Kecleon that block people's paths and require the Devon Scope to reveal and then fight (You can catch them, or faint them). Steven will give it to you on Route 120's bridge, there are two Kecleon which are mandatory to beat for story progression if I recall correctly being the one blocking the path to Fortree City and the one blocking the bridge on Route 120. The others can be avoided as they are not mandatory for story progress, but can still be cleared if you want to unlock a little optional area / shortcut sometimes. c:
  10. PokeMMO will not be adding Uber matchmaking, I am able to confidently infer this based off the design philosophy of avoiding distributing anything that would fall into the Ubers tiering where possible, therefore removing the necessity for the tier in practice. I am closing this suggestion.
  11. No longer, or so I've been told.
  12. I wasn't trying to make any excuses, please understand that I said "there is nothing that staff can do currently" because in our current patch we are incapable of doing anything manually, the things you have described would require patches and new features which non-developer staff do not have the ability to add. I am personally not in disagreement with some aspects from what you mentioned being considered and implemented into the game, but I cannot speak for the Devs and I was simply explaining that staff cannot magically snap their fingers and make people play UU / NU more currently in response to the relevant question of "why is it like this currently."
  13. There is a minimum amount of people required before matchmaking can start pairing people up, it's so people don't have the ability to match-fix reliably with a few friends, similar to what you tried to do just to get matchmaking to work. There is little that PokeMMO's staff can currently do in order to alleviate the lack of matchmaking for those tiers, however for Ranked it tends to get more matches than Unranked due to people knowing when it will start, and it being a limited time thing more people tend to take the time to play during that period (which means you'll actually get matches). Players dictate which tiers they play, more people gravitated to OU initially because it had fan-favourites available (Gengar, Salamence, Metagross etc) and that pulls more people to them from NU / UU to play with them and that gradually causes a drop in the number of players in those tiers, causing it to get gradually worse over time. Sadly all I can give for advice is to try and play during peak times and give Ranked a go for those tiers if you want more opportunities to play, that and tournaments for those tiers. And of course, just playing with friends for those tiers. This is an issue but it's one that difficult to solve without basically forcing people to play tiers they may not even wish to.
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