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  1. IGN: Wolfgun TEAM: SÄSS TIMEZONE: GMT - 03:00 TIER: NU
  2. Enable link through whisp (like on team chat) is way more useful, don't you think?
  3. Add a counter/mark making possible to us know the pp's left on moves like sweet scent on this new "shortcurt"
  4. Wolfgun

    HM Buttons

    Yes Eggplant, exactly that.
  5. Wolfgun

    HM Buttons

    Why HM's like Surf, Fly and others have to be like they are currently, in alto-relievo? It's so out of symmetry, disgusting! Make like you guys did to Waterfall recently, or at last teach how can we edit it by urself (like a theme or so)
  6. What about giving Ribbons for the pokémons in the party on the last matches of a official tournament ? (For the 1st and 2nd places) Similar to elite 4 hall of fame..
  7. Well, it does show the right cycle xD
  8. Make it possible to us to know what cycle in game, witouht have to check http://www.pokemmocycle.com
  9. C'mon, It's so annoying to breed it at random since you lose the parents.. Make possible chose btw Male and Female
  10. No matter the opponent when you respect and have fun in the battle.

  11. After a while all pokes looks like this for him Btw, after relog Heracross looks normal again, same for lavitar...
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