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  1. IGN : lilyek Country : France
  2. Yo, when do you wanna go

  3. Your image links within your shards tutor guide have expired.

    1. Hotarubi


      Did you fixed this?

  4. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Scream mask (or costume), death's scythe and Jason's mask for halloween.
  5. Shuckle #1

  6. Sweet scent ocarina.

    Ok, so what about a consumable sweet scent ocarina which for example will be destroyed after 100 uses ? Or like the old vs seeker which needs a huge amount of steps to reload after XX uses (for an amazing reward point cost like 2K) ?
  7. Sweet scent ocarina.

    You can say the same thing for HM ocarina, so no comment. Not really, you still need leppa if you don't want to come back to poke center for your false sweep or horde's killer pokemon. Also leppa are still usefull for metronome tournament. This is the goal since we already need to grind hard.
  8. Sweet scent ocarina.

    Hello, since there are HM's ocarinas, I think it would be cool to have a Sweet scent ocarina. I think a lot of people will buy it, so there are benefits for everybody, money for you, easiest farming for us. Advantages : - One more free slot in party. - Faster EVs training. - Easiest shiny hunting. - Leppa berry price reduced for buyers. Disadvantages : - Leppa berry price reduced for resellers.
  9. Shards tutor guide.

  10. Shards tutor guide.

    Updated.   Thanks to Drewzki96 for the new listing.
  11. Fidelity card

    Oh sorry I didn't seen it.
  12. Fidelity card

    That's why there should be a minimum of mandatory tasks that should be completed to get the reward.
  13. Fidelity card

    I thought of a daily reward system, reseted every 1st of the month as it can be seen in many MMOs especially on smartphone. Example : [spoiler][/spoiler] It's simple, every day when a player connects to the game, a box of the "calendar" is checked to signal its presence, a second is checked if it also connects the next day etc. However, it would surely set up a system where a player must be connected at least one hour on the game to prevent some of those who login only for rewards. For rewards, this will possibly be, money, BP, items, etc. Example : - Day 1: $ 10,000. - Day 2: 1,000 BP . - Day 3 : 1x Silk Scarf . - Day 8: $ 20,000. - Day 9: 2,000 BP . ... - Last day of month : 250 RP.     In this way, the loyal players of the game are rewarded.
  14. [LC] Little Cup general guide.

    You can also buy vitamins with Battle Point (200 BP each), which takes as much time as EVing with the "classical" method. But yes Amnesia Brace is good to refine EVs.
  15. [LC] Little Cup general guide.

    Updated.     If someone wanna help me to adding, correcting things, etc, you are more than welcome.

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