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  1. git gud me xD Thank You for your advice ^^
  2. Name: OPlateu Render: Kurumi Tokisaki (Spirit Form) Donations: 50k.
  3. Character: Yoshino from Date a LiveName: OPlateu Text: EV Trainer Banner Render: this and add more details and renders make it look fun and stuff Text: OPlateu's EV/Level Center & Breeding Service About the gibs: I'm hawt AF
  4. Character: Ayasaki HayateName: OPlateu Text: EV Trainer
  5. but it would be nice for our eyes to see something new
  6. Follow me I'll follow back *wink*

  7. I also use moemon but I have the Icons of the actual Pokemon at the same time if you're interested here's what I did I hope this helps So basically the Pokemon in a battle and view is moemon but their overall icon is the actual pokemon if you are confused :p First I enabled the Gen 6 Icon mod I believe only enable the Icon mod not the Shiny front back and non shiny front back mod The thread of the mod can be found link below [MOD] Animated battle sprites from X/Y & OR/AS Author: GigoloimCabrio Then after restarting the client I enabled the
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