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  1. You mispell my name in your Sig credits, and then say "make me another one", Where are the Please? and thankyou? Wheres the respect?...On a side note please excuse my tardiness with the release of the sigs, Works been busy, I'll try and get a couple done 2maro night and wenesday is my next day off so all should be done by wenesday night. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Greetings, So first i'd like to state that i'm the worst ever at this, My crappy weavile sig can attest to this. However for my own self amusement and potentially yours (As you probably will laugh at how bad they are) Anyways continueing... I can do pretty simple animations (Although I've only done it once... Ever)..(This is usually where someone inserts a bunch of examples buttttt...I'm too lazy sooo) Request and you shall recieve~  The mystery is more fun right? Kukuku..

  3. I can't complain about the breeding system, It gives me more purpose instead of spamming the same two pokemon in the daycare. I actively have to seek out more pokemon and even play some catch mmo which is fun. (On a plus side more time in the grass=more chance of finding a shiny) After I've completed a project i feel good about it because I know the end product is perfect and that I litterally did the best one could potentially do. If you don't have enough time then don't breed a 6x31, go catch pokemon till you get 2 with decent iv's and merge them...(Omg it doesn't have to be perfect??) A 2x or 3x 31 can perform pretty well, and 6x31 was a rare occurance before..So why complain honestly? Go play any mmorpg based game, they all have one thing in common...Grinding..And well if you look at those forums (There are crying kids there too) so your cries are ignored. Go tell your mother about it, she might listen a bit more~

  4. I love when threads are created like this, I always wonder if they exhausted all resources trying to figure it out prior. I'm sure the all knowing GodGoogle could tell you..And would probably be less effort than creating a thread to wait for a response..But that's just my opinion. (If you can't figure out something very simple in a videogame how on this green earth do you function in society? Rip humanity)

  5. Grind for hours training assorted comps to have the meta flip upside down with an update and have them become meaningless, Brood, get raise new ones, Breed yourself a 6x31; Because that's obviously completely nessesary. complain and moan, Act like a normal person then have all the crackheads that patrol channel chat attack you, because the white night is real. Create a team, Be the leader and role play as a ruthless tyrant (Ruining a few dozen potential friendships is always fun). Just a start..I'd rather not write a book although if it is your request i most certainly will. Ciao-su.

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