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  1. Likewise, The pleasure is all mine.
  2. This makes me feel very..Blue. Kukuku..Good job~
  3. Kokuro


    Welcome to hell~ Don't forget the sunscreen! <3
  4. Kokuro


    Pterdactyls aren't technically dinosaurs, they're actually flying reptiles. Your logic is a fraud..Gg =P
  5. Sooooo...I figured I'd start off by saying that this is actually my second introduction, hense the "Again". I'm recently returning to pokemmo and the forums after a long, medical hiatus followed by alot of other grave personal issues. (Yeah Fml and all that nonsense). My Name is 空ろ 孤独な Utsuro, Kodokuna, I'm 17 years old and started playing pokemmo a little over two - two and a half years ago, (It's been hard for me to remember anything let alone keep track of that). I'm interested in settling in once more! Anyways, talks cheap, and you forum trolls are oh so busy; So...Ciao-su!
  6. だから、最後は静かに私は待つと見て、開始されます...

    1. Kyosuke


      貴方は、大親友です。 ♥

  7. Kokuro


    Welcome to ...this.
  8. Welcome to the beginning of the end, Enjoy.
  9. MMm pizza..wait wasn't I supposed to welcome you or something..?,
  10. Kokuro


    Welcome to euphoria, home of real life trolls!
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of ah.. [email protected]#% nobody's got time for this.
  12. Heylo and welcome (Totally late to the convo but thats what being sick does to you) Anyhow, Purple is the best color, Enough said -Ciao-su.
  13. Heylo and welcome, Please someone contact the CDC...We need to contain the Channel one Outbreak pandemic! Ciao-su
  14. Heylo, Welcome to MMO And/Or the corresponding forums, Have a great time ~ Ciao-su.
  15. If everything in your world came crashing down, What would you do?

    1. FuzionBurst


      i wouldnt give up :D, id keep fighting, hold my head up :D

  16. Corvus in lunam saltat ~

    1. Kokuro


      Because Translations are always perfect.

    2. Bishav


      Corvus jumped in Lunamar

      Google translate I tell you

    3. Kokuro


      The raven dances in the moonlight, Fail.. translated to...The crow dances on the moon < Win.

  17. Read from start to finish...My sides. Welcome to (All of this) Pokemmo, May you find your way in the darkness~
  18. Morte Et Dabo

    1. Bishav


      Is it latin or french?

    2. BlueSpectre


      Is a mystery

    3. Akshit


      Both French and latin...

      It is firstly French meaning "Death and Dabo" and Dabo is latin meaning "I will"

  19. I think i saw you that one time....   [spoiler]...at band camp..[/spoiler]   Also heylo and welcome.
  20. Kokuro


    Heylo welcome to the forums   [spoiler]Run away quickly it's a trap!!![/spoiler]
  21. Heylo, Welcome to Bikini bottom, home of Wieny Hut Jr.
  22. Heylo. Welcome back to the abyss.
  23. Heylo. Welcome to this swirling vortex of space and wasted time. Enjoy!
  24. Heylo, Welcome to the deep-blue tenta filled sea of doom and destiny.
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