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  1. Welcome back to PokeMMO!
  2. Welcome to the PokeMMO Forum Kelsier I hope you will enjoy your new found addiction to this awesome game.
  3. Blackram

    Hey Guys!

    Hello and Welcome to the PokeMMO Forum!
  4. Not really an Introduction at all...
  5. Blackram


    Nice to meet you FathomX :D
  6. Blackram


    Welcome to the PokeMMO Forum!
  7. Welcome to the Pokemmo forum DarkCaitie and may I say you have an awesome profile picture :D
  8. We of the PokeMMO Forum welcome you with open arms DarkLugia!
  9. Blackram

    I'm back!

    Welcome back Mokyu!
  10. Welcome to the Forums Rimpelkop! I hope you enjoy your stay on this awesome forum full of awesomely talented Pokemon fans.
  11. Blackram

    hey all

    It's a pleasure to meet you DJh4to and welcome to Pokemmo. :D
  12. Blackram


    Welcome to the addiction called PokeMMO! :D
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