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  1. Tell me this was all just a bad dream

    1. BubbIegum


      I don't know.

  2. Oh holy shit, a moderator. :c   Welcome to the game, and the forums. 
  3. 'Holy cow!' I liked you before I even read more than 2 words. Welcome, I suppose. ^_^
  4. BubbIegum

    Ok. Hello!

    'Like most of you,' How about ... No? Most of 'us' here aren't new players, we are here to introduce the few new players who post here, such as yourself.   It is nice to meet you, however, PokMok. I am feeling pumped for the Double XP Weekend for the game known by many, loved by many, and hated by a fudge load, Runescape. Yourself?  ^_^
  5. BubbIegum


      What did I ever do to you? ;n;
  6. BubbIegum


    Welcome, I believe that your profile picture is Mikasa. I just watched Episode 5 when Eren gets eaten. ):
  7. I know, thank you for pointing that out. I just wanted to tell the truth and stop lying to people, even if they do hate me.
  8. I am not pretending to be a female. I was on the PokeMMO Teamspeak 3 Server and spoke. I had several witnesses as they too did not believe me.
  9. That was me trying to make myself look like a male. 
  10. Thanks for the kind support, even though I think you may have been being sarcastic. The picture at the end scared me because it was so big.
  11. I think this is in the wrong section, deepinthot. If I recall correctly, threads like this should be in the General Discussion section.
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