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  1. vandetta miss you my friend :( add me with your new main

    1. Vandetta


      Get online first >_<

  2. I shall now keep ur parasect for perpetuality if u dont get online ._.

    1. fredrichnietze


      it's not my fault! i dont have internet ;-;

    2. Vandetta


      U dont have internet u say ._.

      How are u online now ._.

    3. fredrichnietze
  3. Ur sig needs moah "fggt" in it

  4. Mikro where are thou :OOOOOOO

    1. iosifman


      im here vand,where are you?

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ur a mod :DDDD

    1. RyukoNotsunaga
    2. fredrichnietze
    3. Vandetta


      I knew u would be a mod someday , i was right >:D

  6.   Guys im pretty sure Amanu wins  lol
  7. i knw I was just joking :D I am bored  lol :3 Srry if i offended you ^^
  8. lol just read throught the whole thread  Thinknice goodluck with ur flirting  haha
  9. Wow , Grace ur introduction might become thread of the year :OOOOOOO Congrats :O
  10. From reading this thread , i noticed that ThinkNice is OP at flirting :'D
  11. Micro im bored , do something funny :l

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vandetta


      Nuuuu , i want comedey stuffs :O

    3. fredrichnietze


      try escape from sobibor

    4. Vandetta


      u wot fred .-.

  12. Hades?

    1. KingBowser
    2. Vandetta


      Awesome :O

      I see ur team members going greek mythology on forums XD

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