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  1. I think I got (I quitted after 14 Candies, I opened two boxes and after seeing the crappy rewards I dumped the event and continued with the storyline... Auch, really bad event...) x3 Max Potion Hyper Potion? A friend got: x3 Max Revive x1 Rare Candy He was in the event more than I, he got few candies, but not even good enough to remember them. Honestly, I waited so much for an event, and this was highly dissapointing... Does all events are/will be like this?
  2. ~~~~Few Maxed IV Shop~~~~ Sometimes I do stuff without actually wanting those stuffs, those times I will come and share what I made to see who is interested in buying them (I have a price in mind, close to what I spent on them, Pokeballs, Braces, Daycare price, I don't usually mind much about time), you can offer here on the Thread or send me a message in the profile or a private one, if you want an specifiq Ability, then let me know, I will change it for you. Some Pokemon are easier to find and catch, others are just a pain to look for... Meowth Lv1 EV: 0 IV: 31/31/31/17/31/16 Nature: Lax
  3. TLT96

    Vanity Thread

    Sorry, This is a whole costume, so I can't just type Head, Back, Hands... How come we don't have a Pokemon Ranger outfit? but we do have Team Rocket, is this a conspiracy to turn us all into Pokemon thieves? Rangers. Example Male. Example Female.
  4. I play with a friend with VMWare (Virtual Machine), but after reading that message "PokeMMO can't run in a VM, so you won't be able to use it." I feel that probably isn't allowed? We could use Phone+PC, but PC+PC feels better. Should we stop or is it ok?
  5. Hell yeah, I always have 99 regular Pokeballs in each Pokemon game because I don't like the others (well, I could like it, but seems better to have everyone caught with the same one) I still don't know each ball effects because I only use the classic one :s But it would be weird to see an only "Master Ball catchable" with a regular ball. (and would it return that ball to you? I guess it shouldn't because you would spam Master Ball on everyone) The problem would be cannon wise? in few Manga they can be moved and recaught if that helps.
  6. Who cares, I didn't played enough, but I wonder what did I had? Well, I'm back but this time I came to stay more time, looking for ways to play with a friend in the same PC, I'm really hyped about this, the IV EV display is great, I bet last time I played I didn't knew what they were, but now I have basic knowledge (I don't know which enemies give which EV, but sure I know that they give them) Well, I wish I could change my account name (mostly for log in, because I got a new character since the last one wasn't there, I know I could just create another account, but I always hated people that do that, filling the database and taking posible usernames for others.)
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