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  1. I was about to erase the game, but when I saw the XMas update I was hyped, I was reading Coop Instances, Rare drops and my mind was about to explode, I rushed to the game, I misstyped my password and I got locked, I decided to look for a video on Youtube to chill me down but no luck, finally I managed to log in, I saw Santa, it asked me for Link and I randomly invited someone, when I got into the dungeon I was still hyped until I noticed my team was empty, I tought "Oh, ok, lets see what it happens" then the big wave of disapointment started... Really, this was the best we could get? I liked the Coop idea but... What about our freaking Pokemon? I can't believe the whole goal of the game is to get nice Pokemon, train them and... Not using them in this event? Definitely not a great idea... Just wondering if we will get worthy updates or something, because I haven't seen nice ones yet, this is just Pokemon but with an better gameplay related to EV/IV BUT annoyingly online linked... (Is far from being an average "MMO")
  2. Third rule is stupid, same as this game, you could easily spam your way up to 10 posts, useless rule. Anyway, this suggestion is a bit unnecesary. I guess this could be fixed with the suggestion of hiding other players (which a lot of people seem to disagree), I totally agree. Uck, cheaters... Better do something else instead of playing a broken version of a game (go for Minecraft, is perfect for you...) People with programming knowledge could make a better game instead of making mods for this... (The problem is legally using Pokemon, I'm still surprised this game got so far, I still can't believe that they use the resources from the ROMS neither which means that if we ever get new Pokemon, every Pokemon will be 3D due to new GEN ROMS, which also means that the game will require more than 1-2GB to be played) Anyway, they wont give you the original server files because it means that every player could easily know how the game communicates from the Client to the Server (and vice versa) which easies hacking, in order to avoid that, they should make a brand new server for private servers which is a waste of time, we need to wait more than 1 year for nice updates, imagine if they had to do something unrelated to the main game, just don't...
  3. Hell yeah, I want Guild update too, check out my thread: Both of our suggestions can be easily merged :P
  4. Yeah, honestly is just a waste to see other players, this game despite being an MMO, it has no multiplayer features that help you on clearing the game, making seeing other players just stupid (I don't like it, I play the game, I don't talk with people I see, I only help in the chat, but thats all) I know a friend who always send battle matches and friend request, but they aren't usefull neither, so I don't want to see other players... It would be at least cool if other players could use HM and share the effect with you but no, everything is single player (seeing other players doesn't make it better... And doesn't add anything to the game, so make that optional, if sure will save some data from sending to server>client, so good for the hoster, and good for people that don't care about seeing players.)
  5. The worst thing is that it says "x1", why would it say that if it can't be raised? This game sometimes is dissapointing
  6. Right now Teams are not really usefull, only to keep in touch with guildmates, it would be cool if by battling, catching or something else to give you "points" just for showing your activity after joining a team or if you feel wild, add a shop with those points. Otherwise you could add Team Level or Rank which gets raised by the points gathered by guild members. After writting this thread I aslo tought that the Team feature also needs some love, check out these images, not only points are needed, an icon, easier way to join (not just spam "Join our team" and "Can you invite me to your team?") Sorry I found this in spanish (but you get the idea) This is just perfect
  7. I think I got (I quitted after 14 Candies, I opened two boxes and after seeing the crappy rewards I dumped the event and continued with the storyline... Auch, really bad event...) x3 Max Potion Hyper Potion? A friend got: x3 Max Revive x1 Rare Candy He was in the event more than I, he got few candies, but not even good enough to remember them. Honestly, I waited so much for an event, and this was highly dissapointing... Does all events are/will be like this?
  8. Sorry, This is a whole costume, so I can't just type Head, Back, Hands... How come we don't have a Pokemon Ranger outfit? but we do have Team Rocket, is this a conspiracy to turn us all into Pokemon thieves? Rangers. Example Male. Example Female.
  9. I play with a friend with VMWare (Virtual Machine), but after reading that message "PokeMMO can't run in a VM, so you won't be able to use it." I feel that probably isn't allowed? We could use Phone+PC, but PC+PC feels better. Should we stop or is it ok?
  10. Hell yeah, I always have 99 regular Pokeballs in each Pokemon game because I don't like the others (well, I could like it, but seems better to have everyone caught with the same one) I still don't know each ball effects because I only use the classic one :s But it would be weird to see an only "Master Ball catchable" with a regular ball. (and would it return that ball to you? I guess it shouldn't because you would spam Master Ball on everyone) The problem would be cannon wise? in few Manga they can be moved and recaught if that helps.
  11. Who cares, I didn't played enough, but I wonder what did I had? Well, I'm back but this time I came to stay more time, looking for ways to play with a friend in the same PC, I'm really hyped about this, the IV EV display is great, I bet last time I played I didn't knew what they were, but now I have basic knowledge (I don't know which enemies give which EV, but sure I know that they give them) Well, I wish I could change my account name (mostly for log in, because I got a new character since the last one wasn't there, I know I could just create another account, but I always hated people that do that, filling the database and taking posible usernames for others.)
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