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  1. Yeah true , I'm tired of getting critted by kingdra
  2. I've been running a hailroom team in mm and most of my matches have been less then 10 turns. I literally just played fishcakes and beat him in 6 turns. Maybe if the mmrwp was reduced for lower elos it'd be fine, but if I beat the #13 player as the #3 player I shouldn't be penalized just for doing it quickly.
  3. Nah they are both b-tiers. Just doc is B+ and Fred is B-
  4. Honestly if we do want to play sd tiers (although im starting lean with forf that we shouldn't) we should hold preseason showcase tourneys. It would give an opportunity to gauge how competitive a tier would be as well as allow mangers to see who can actually play.
  5. I agree that it is more newcomer friendly and easy to get into, I'm just coming from the point that someone might be a lot more skilled then the rest of the roster. If a worlds level player signups vs a roster of newer players they are gonna dominate. Sure anybody can beat them (its Pokémon), but the odds of them just blowing through the rest of the roster kinda makes the tier stale. Its kinda like if in 2015 Frags or Bowser were playing new OU players in verm. Sure they could win but no one sees it as a competitive match. But like I said before Idk who actually plays VGC and as thinknicer said its up to the community, just throwing in my opinion.
  6. IMO vgc in PSL is not a good idea. Last time we played (which I think was 7 but I’ve been dead so I might be wrong ) we had 2 players who were miles ahead in experience and actual success in the format. Although currently idk how many competitive vgc players we have right now (all I know of are orange and zigh), having a tier that encourages dead/random players to put it down as a tier just to get picked is bad. Although if we do have 8+ decent players(top 500 on SD does not count) I would be down.
  7. In Chandelure Snorlax Amoongus Abomasnow Hariyama Reuniclus
  8. In Garchomp Togekiss Amoonguss Hariyama Reuniclus Rotom-Heat
  9. Well they are not doc bad, but pretty close.
  10. Can you teach me how to play doubles? My teammates are pretty bad.
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