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  1. TLDR: Just play the game and don't be a piece of shit, karmas can be a uguu
  2. Ill take. You wanna bump aerun and gasai to 500k?
  3. You got time to post on the forums, but not time to make my sigs
  4. hit up @Elcoolio for the strats also https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen8randombattle-1189090255
  5. Might wanna get more than 1 HOF entry before u say that
  6. I agree with all ur choices bar 3. Chomp is still s-tier imo becasue it still excels at being the scariest mon in the meta. Once u get +2 u can sweep through so many teams. Sala to a- is probably not warranted since he is arguably the best one turn killer in the meta and with a sick ability/ great mixed and special sets I feel like he deserves A tier. Last is haryi which I agree needs a bump up but a little higher. He’s a tr top who can run a multiple of offensives sets as well as having the 3 key support moves that top has. Although he may not help his teammates as much through intimidate and last as long through bulk, he more than makes up for it in raw offensive power. A- for haryi imo. Also the council idea would be pretty cool if people were down
  7. When the roast to your manager signup post gets more likes then the actual post.
  8. IGN: Imabetheverybest Reason: Won the last 2 PSLs I participated in(refer to the sig). Ask any of these past psl hosts, managers, or greats @Elcoolio @DoctorPBC @Toast @Gunthug @OrangeManiac @[email protected] @Aerun @Fabbroo I am in fact the hype. Carried my team in season 7 all the way to finals (caterpies#1) and never once have been the factor for an activity decision. Pretty knowledgeable on all the tiers/formats and want to give a shot managing. Other random stuff: I got to give @Zigh @OrangeManiac @iJulian a chance to get best doubles players
  9. Little late on the reply for this, the tournament has been cancelled due to the lack of players showing up. Prize pool will be put towards a standard style invitational or psl midseason hype. Although we did have a small tournament with everyone that did show up so congrats to Smbee for winning and titoooooooooooooooo for taking second https://challonge.com/l8yrdtrq . This thread may be closed now. #orangeisbad
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