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  1. thank you very much! whoah it is extremly expensive! maybe is not worth it... thank you very much
  2. how can i breed a pikachu with volt tackle and save the nature and the stats? i have a very old raichu with volt tackle and im try to breed a prefect pikachu with it, but i dpnt know how to save the stats and the nature and keep the ability (volt tackle) i remenber that after raichu learned the ability his baby will has the ability without using another light ball.. please help me i really want to breed a perfect pikachu with wolt tackle and naive nature.
  3. how can i breed a pikachu with volt tackle and save the nature and the stats?
  4. it looks so cool im gonna try it! its very cool an it works but only with the 3d animation, 2d does'nt work, thats so sad cuz i prefer 2d animation.
  5. hectuko


    add new bugs moves from the other generaions pls, bugs pokemons are very week in this version almost all of them needs a little boost. it would be great to see moves like U-turn, X scissors, bug bite, etc etc. THANK YOU.
  6. hectuko

    Quick Wishlist

    add new bugs moves pls!
  7. If tell me you IGN then I could add you in game. By the way. The GUI topics aint for personal conversations.

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    2. Yuna425


      Okay, you can add Manyuna in to your games friendlist. Do players need to be online to register them in the friendslist. The games there is no player with that name. D:

    3. hectuko


      ok im going to log in

    4. Yuna425


      K added you :)

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