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  1. 3 trees

    1. Zehkar


      bro get on discord

    2. Instagramlol


      What's your discord id

    3. Zehkar


      Zehkar#1080 hurry up bro I’m losing interest

  2. ive heard volt switch and uturn also dont work
  3. never heard of bobby raps sounds dope tho
  4. Well I ran it on a clean install of win10 and it worked fine. But there was only like 500 people online so I'm just not gonna play it. thanks for helping tho
  5. I did the reinstall but its still not working. I ran the game on my shitty laptop and got 40fps online. about to give up tbh
  6. Ok i did all that but I couldnt figure out how to oc my cpu. the game still is really slow
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