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  1. Welcome to my imagination. Some of you might remember me and my work from a couple of years ago. Since then I have been practising and improving on my style of gfx. I make all sorts of GFX from Signature sets to Posters/Banners. I even sometimes make pixels and gifs among other things. My themes range to anything from cute to dark. ++ Many many more.
  2. come back please

  3. been forever still love my sig. just wanted to thank you again.

  4. i still love you

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    2. YumiLove


      Learn what?

    3. YumiLove


      So you "pretend" to be a creep?

    4. Malorne


      i'm disappointed Orange... very, very disappointed.

  5. omg, you made me extremely happy.. Vulpix *.* Ily. <3
  6. Could you make me one? ^_^ I want you to be creative and just make me something supah cute!   ♪ Background: you choose   ♪ Colour theme: pinks or whatever fits   ♪ Character(s): Here <3   ♪ Text: anything that fits   ♪ Team: ANFU   ♪ Anything else: Animated text would be nice ^_^
  7. Ily *.* That is amazing!! Thank youuu sooo much <3
  8. New and improved base. Cuteness *.* Also.. we look good ;]
  9. Oh woow ... your gallery is ridicoulus !!! Did you create them all by yourself ? :o Such a great work ... I love to watch them .. all my favourite animes and games :/ soo cool !

    1. YumiLove


      Yea I did^^ And aww thank you ^_^ <3

    2. D4NTH3M4N


      # I would fall in love for you, please make an avatar banner for me. Im such a big anime and LoL fan :3

      eXo Kira (kira - light yagami) Maining Katarina xD Sandstoooorm

    3. YumiLove


      If you would like me to make you something, please fill out a request on my thread ^_^

  10. Don't kill me xd

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    2. CyrusZathen


      She eats the food silly -,-

    3. meLANcholy


      That's why it's called a "Joke"

    4. CyrusZathen


      But that why is called "Joke is stupid"

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